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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Beginning of Part 3

Since we finally knew who the real culprit was, we're going to have a lenghty filler about them.

Our first villain appears to be a turtle goddess who appears to be as lazy and smug as Yukari. She's basically Yukari without without all her scheming.

???: ...I am here, Bio...

And we our next villain appears to be a crocodile goddess who wears the Hulk's hand toy around and able to destroy mountain with her hand. In other words, she's basically Yuugi who replaces her boisterousness with...

: Welcome back, Sis.

I'm starting to hate them the moment I look at them.

: ...

: ...What I found... ...Was the ghost cat... ...She challenged me, so I dealt with her...

Could you please stop talking in ellipsis! Well, I guess I know who I'm going to beat first!

: Dealt with, huh... Knowing you, it must've been horrible for her. I feel sorry for her...

: ...

: ...That is rude of you... ...I showed her a lot of mercy... ...Because the ghost cat was cute...

Hiiii...! Stay away from her you damn lolicon! So yeah, she replaces Yuugi's boisterousness with creepy lolicon tendencies.

: I-I see... (It's a bit scary to see you laugh when you're usually so reticent...)

: I'm guessing the surrounding area became quite a mess too?

I bet the crocodile wouldn't be out of place in Dragonball... except for her creepiness.

: Ooh...

: Geez, sis. You need to learn to restrain yourself a little more.

: ...

: ...I am ashamed...

: ...

Then stop talking in ellipsis you damn creep!

: ...By the way, where did Lithos go...?

: Same as you... Some dog sniffed us out here in the Forest of Magic... She went to meet it. Although I guess she's more of a fox than a dog.

So, Yukari's already know their base too, huh. She could've just told us too instead of sending her fodder to be beaten.

: ...

: ...Fox... cute...

She makes Professor Hojo looks normal.

: ...

???: Excuse me, Lady Biotopos!

Hey, Dave, how's it going?

: ...

: ...Yes...

: What's the matter?

Dave: We have invaders in the Forest of Magic heading towards us.

: Ahh, that. You don't have to worry about anything.

Dave: Oh?

: Lithos already went to play with them.

Dave: Ahh, I see. If Lady Lithos personally went there, then there's nothing to worry about.

You better off replaces Yukari's with Star Trek's Red Shirt and nothing will changes much.

Dave: Do you know about the other matter, then...?

: ...

: ...The other matter...?

: No I don't. Report is, please.

Dave: At once!

Dave: They may have become aware of the Lakebed Temple's existence.

Are you a physics Dave?

: I see. Finally, heh heh.

Dave: Lady Biotopos...?

: Thank you for your report. You may stand down.

Dave: Yes!

Farewell Dave, you will be remembered as the most decent character here.

: ...

You know we're going to have a lot of trouble fighting her. She could any of our character that is not Alice into a coma with that huge hands of her.

: You're right.

: From the masters of Lakebed Temple, Biotopos Euryale Gorgon and Anastasis Stheno Gorgon! Watchturtle! Gatekeeper! And the three servants!

That is one long name! No way I'm going to type them unless forced.

That's an interesting and lazy way to call your servants. Restaurants should make that as well.

: Come!

All you need about them is that they're needle fish, octopus, and shellfish respectively from left to right. They only have 2 dimensional character to speak of and only there to serves as a boss squad.

: We have arrived!

Then, we have a crab that is basically Meiling is crab form.

Someone's been playing Mario recently.

This guy though... is interesting. It's not because he is the only male boss in this game. We'll see about him later on.

: Some insolent individuals who wish to defeat us and stop this incident... Are heading towards the Lakebed Temple.

: ...This plan is a very important ceremony for us who have entered Gensokyo...

: So use all your power to expel the invaders from the premises.

: Matsuba, guard the gate! Genji, protect Genbu's Swamp!

Now we have the order of bosses we're going to fight against.

: We shall then be taking a short break from out jobs.

: In order to police the area.

: Please leave the interior of the temple to us.

Look at their faces. That's the face of an asshole, a dick, and a very smug bitch.

: In that case, the gate's mine.

: I, Genji, shall protect Genbu's Swamp with my life. I will do my best to fulfil all expectations!

That face though. It's like he's just saying "duuuuh...."

: ...

: ...That should be all...

: Yeah. Now then, Hakurei shrine maiden and friends...

Bring it then! Anything to motivate me to keep playing this game.

Now that we finally found the culprit, the game should stop giving me all those pointless filler.

As always, I'm going to take my 5th tier weapon now. Only 2 more tier left.

: Lady Tenshi is a celsetial maiden from Heaven. I have heard that she has extreme supernatural power.

Excuse me? I only takes below 10 damage from her.

: It must have been quite a hard-fought battle. Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

Aside from 5th tier weapon- okay! Why did I get Satori's armor?! I'm fine with having generic elemental shields and armor, but Satori's armor?! Well, at least I also got Byakuren's and Mokou's armor. Both are more useful character than Satori.

Whooo! No more fillers! It's just straight to the Big Bad's lair from here on out.

Stay tuned for the next update as I explore a recycled stage.

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