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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 14

You want me to kill 30 Giant Oarfishes?!

BGM: Bhava-Agra

We're finally here... at one of my most hated stage.

Reimu.png: Yeah we are. Heaven, the final destination.

: All that is left is to search for Lady Tenshi. The end is in sight.

Yeah yeah, celebrate all you want. We're still only 3/4 to this game.

Reimu.png: Yeah. So let's go find that idiot and put an end to this.

Sanae.png: Although honestly...

Do you want to show us the view of the Heaven game?

Sanae.png: This is a beautiful place.

Really? All I see is just clouds. I think the view in Youkai Mountain is better, and the game doesn't forced you to see it.

: The flowers, the clear blue sky, the sea of clouds... It's like Shangri-La.

Forgive me if I don't find any interest in clouds and weird sakura tree. What does a hotel have to do with heaven?

: I would never have thought an underground dweller like me would vew this sight... I must remember to tell my pets of this tale.

Byakuren: The wandering spirits here... The final goal for hermits... So many interesting things.

You're not a hermit Byakuren.

: It's really pretty, butt there isn't a trace of machinery anywhere. I'll pass on living here, I'll get so bored.

Finally, someone with the same taste as I do.

Reimu.png: Hey, you all. We're not here to sightsee. We're here to toss Tenshi into that sea of clouds. Save the sightseeing for after we're done with that.

Heh, I like to see it happening.

: (Our objective appears to be getting more violent...)

Byakuren: Yes, we understand.

Reimu.png: Alright then, it's time to gett rid of all this accumulated anger.

Shame that this place makes me want to rage.

This stage is just Sea of Clouds with yellow tint all over the floor. What's so pretty about this place again?

BGM: Battle 2

Do you know why I hate this stage? Fucking Mindflayers! The Elite Mind Flayers have 1888 HP, high resistance against every elements but thunder and weak to stab. Do you like multi target paraylsis and instant death? I don't. What's more they can deals around 120 damage. Fortunately, Sanae now can move faster than them.

Ah, yes. The warrior and magician of the heaven. That magician is called Mountain Man, he has 1500 HP, and weak to dark. Their magic can deals 130 damage, kill them fast (if you don't like them healing everyone for 500 HP). The Expert has 1700 HP and weak to dark. See his hand? See how he wield two swords? Yeah, he attacks twice (80 damage each). Plus, he can use Petro Breath. Fun times.

Shisa!!!! That piece of shit has 1920 HP, resistance to light, earth, and blunt and weak to fire and dark. That thing is pure support, it has multi target buffs just like Sanae's and it can gives everyone Reflect (it's fun when your magic got reflected), and also have Starlight Barrier (nullifies one attack). Fighting 2 of them is a nightmare. The other guy? Oh, it's just Preta. He has 1250 HP, resist stab and weak to fire and light. His attack is so unremarkable that you will better off ignoring them, probably because he's just a malnourished old man.

Next we have Fujin, he has 2300 HP, immune to thunder, resist blunt, and weak to earth ans stab. That guy has Mokou's fist skills that deals 100+ damage

And then there's Raijin. He has the same attribute as as Fujin (except he has 40 IND). He's pretty much has Reimu's Gohei skills with the same damage.

What the hell is that? The Brontosaurus has 4100 HP, high PDEF, immune to thunder, resists fire and water, and weak to earth. All it does to me is that it will use physical attack, Tail Chop, and other attack which deals 150+ damage (oh, it moves twice as well). Let's hope it doesn't have Thunder Breath.

I'm going to guess the next stage' enemies has an average HP of 2000.

The gimmick is still the same. Electric fences, but with a twist. Let's get to that later, all you need to know is activating that switch turn on the fence on the top while lowering the fence on the left.

And in the next room, we have fences and switch as well that does the same thing (raising the north fence while lowering the east fence).

The right path leads back to the first map.

Going south from there leads- Whoa, that's a lot of feet right there!

Going south from there and activating the switch (Don't worry, this one won't activate other fence) leads to...

Back in Stage 13... Cool, a shortcut.

Going south from the second map leads to another shortcut.

This time, it takes you to the new place in Stage 13 filled with old enemies.

Going throught all that leads you to a treasure chest and golden key.

Oh yeah, you will get a double circle multiple status resisting accesories here along with double circle resistance against light and dark element.

Another shortcut back to the first map. So, in short we have 3 path that leads to Stage 14, west, north, and east (where we started the stage).

And our objective now is to get through this fence. No nearby switch for this fence is in sight.

Do you see the puzzle of this stage now? Now it means you're going to pressing swtiches back and forth while travelling between stage 13 and 14 through the multiple path. If you don't know the solution, this could take an hour to solve. I pity the one who played this game without the minimap.


From the starting position, activate this switch.

Then hike all the way back to the first map of Bhava-agra.

Now, close the path behind you.

Now we finally open the path to the next area. Whatever you do, do NOT die or reset now! If you die, you'll effectively got stuck and must redo all the puzzle again (since you must close the path behind you). So, I will use my ultimate party formation from here on out.

As if closing one path isn't enough, you have to close this one. Do NOT die no matter what!!!

Since she is a major boss. Of course she's going to have pointless filler.

: Bah... So bored. I'm tired of drinking tea by myself...

This is what happens when there's only 2 named character in the heaven (And Iku is sleeping in the Sea of Clouds).

: When are they coming...

You have Eirin's spider-sense as well?!

: T-This sensation...!

What's with the pond?

Hey, if you want to watch them, go watch through MoTK! I swear, a lot of people here has been watching me illegally.

: So the Hakurei shrine maiden and friends are here! I was tiring of waiting.

: (Speaking of which. It's good that they finally decided to hunt for me... But it took them quite a while, didn't it.)

: (If they don't hurry... Another calamity might befall Gensokyo... Hehehe.)

: Now! I wecome[sic] you all to come and defeat me, Tenshi Hinanai!

Okay, she can't be the culprit. Eirin also acted like that and she's not the culprit.

Only one map left to the recovery room, one map of hell! The encounter starts to get ridiculous from here.

Of course, electric fence! It is still easier than previous one.

Mini boss?! Come on...! I don't have for you!

You don't know how many times I groaned here... Look at this! Does this looks like a fun encounter to you!

Thank goodness I took the golden key before.

Whew. Now I can recover and challenge the mini boss.

*sigh* Three angel Foreign Gods with varying degree of strength. Thank goodness Alice can withstand 6 attacks at once.

What do I get? Just a generic sword with massive RES boost. That's kinda useful actually.

I am not grinding for item drops today. The enemies are just not worth grinding for. I got: 2 Magic Medals, Emerald (rare stuff), Iron, Electric Shard, Water Shard, and Gaea Mail. And besides, I don't need any generic weapons.

Since this is a major boss. You need to bring everything you got at her. The stuff you need to bring are Earth resisting equipment (Earth shield, you also got it on Youkai Mountain), physical resisting equipment, some RES, and lots lots of firepower (especially thunder).

Reimu.png: We've finally found you, Tenshi! No... This incident's culprit!

: You're finally here. I waited so long, I was almost going to go back to sleep.

Reimu.png: So you're not denying it. And you were even waiting for us, huh? There is no doubt that you're the mastermind!

Or she is just trying to fight you for lulz...

: Ehehe, indeed. This misty incident... Is all my doing.

I don't care if you're the culprit or not. I'm going to whoop your ass for making me fight all those Mindflayers!

Reimu.png: And that's exactly what we're going to do! We'll beat you up and relieve ourselves of all this anger!

Like she said.

: Ahh, such hostility, such hatred. You're going to give me a lot of fun for sure.

: Such a brazen and impudent attitude. Even though you're the one.

Marisa.png: Speakin' of attitudes... This girl admitted to it easily...

: It's hard to shallow with what happened with Kaguya...

Kinda set off a yellow flag don't you think?

: That's right, you all even wandered that far, didn't you?

: How did you know...?

: I am Tenshi Hinanai. Viewing all of the surface from Bhava-agra is no problem at all.

: So, in other words. The mastermind herself literally adopted a high and mighty stance, mm?

: That's right.

Say no to piracy and illegal survelliance!

: You all were like confused little puppies running everywhere excitedly. Ehehehe.

: Peeping on others is really bad taste...

Sanae.png: (Ms. Aya... you may not be the best person to say that.)

Paparazzi are the worst.

Reimu.png: So you were sneering at all the hardships we were going through from here... You're really annoying me now!

Reimu.png: There's no mistake, you're definitely the culprit! I'll exterminate you!

Yeah yeah, she heard you the first time around. No need to say the same thing twice.

: (It kind of feels like all she wants is revenge, though...)

I get it, you never fought even once since you're on my team, you never know how annoying those Mindflayers are.

Byakuren: ...I see. I have heard of celestials before... They have entered a state of enlightement and transcended the living world. But I see that there exist a different types now.

Yeah, she's a Foreign God, not Transcendent.

Sanae.png: Ms. Byakuren...?

Byakuren: It seems you need a taste of your own medicine. For all the youkai that have suffered under your scheme...

Watch out Tenshi! Byakuren's gone OOC! You're gonna get your ass whooped so bad!

: Ehehehe, you're getting me all excited.

: At this point, being suspicious won't do anything anyway. We must fight her.

So, get on with it then.

: But first, answer this question. Just why did you start an incident like this...?

: My, such an unrefined question. All it will do is pour water on this glorious battle. If you want me to talk, make me.

Stop thinking like a cliched protagonists and starts thinking like Jack Bauer.

: Hm.

And stop relying on Satori as well.

: ...

: Umm...

Reimu.png: There's no need, we already know.

Because she's just so useless even I started to get tired mocking her.

: Ahahaha, sorry for ruining your golden moment, little girl. But your power will not work on me.

: L-Little girl...!?

Okay, that one is a little out of board!

: And I certainly should not be treated like a child by one with a flat chest!

I get it, you both flat. What I don't get is why anime cliche like that exist.

: What!?

: T-These clothes don't help, I just have a slender...

: Yet you have been called 'The Unshakable Epicenter'...

: Wh-!!

: It seems that moment of anger broke the defenses protecting Tenshi's mind...

Take the chance Satori.

Reimu.png: Hey! I have no interest in your comparisons on who's flatter!

Couldn't say it better myself.

Reimu.png: If you have so much time for useless chatter, then let's settle this, Tenshi!

It's like she knew that I hate pointless conversation.

: Ms. Reimu, wait! I am not...!

Reimu.png: Yes, yes. I'll listen to you aft...

Pissing the boss on the other hand...

: ...How enjoyable. So very enjoyable...

: Ah-ah... Reimu is a genius at infuriating others...

: Now I can do as I please with those I made angry... It'll be so, so enjoyable!!

Hey, hey. No fair cheating!!!

: S-She's mad about something...!

: Well, anyone would be at that.

Sanae.png: Reimu said too much and ended up making things even worse!

Reimu.png: So what? We'll have to trach her a lesson either way, nothing's changed.

Marisa.png: Hm, that's true. War's essentially been declared, so all we gotta so is finish Tenshi off.

: Go ahead, if you think you can do it!

We will alright!

Reimu.png: This will finally settle it all.

You're powerless before the might of Sakuya and Byakuren in gameplay.

: I will be even more serious than before...

Blah blah blah... Less talking more asskicking.

BGM: Boss 2 (I hate this song)

Okay, here we go. Tenshi has 25000 HP, 25 Divine Barrier (she's a Foreign God), regens 777 HP if the Land shifted to Earth, very good defense (this will be the staple of the bosses) immune to earth, resists light and blunt, and weak to slash, thunder and dark (Like Iku, she's weak to dark more so than thunder or slash).

Of course no boss is complete without any bullshit skill.

At the first turn, she will use Magnum Stone Shower, her strongest skill. It is a very powerful multi target earth based attack that deals 300 damage (Only 2 of my character has more than 300 right now). And she always use it twice in turn one.

She always has a chance to do it in any given turn. Though she will never use it twice beyond the first turn.


Like Iku, you need to use Alice's element blocking skill (Spectrum Mystery) set to earth and use it in tandem with Marionette Parrar to fight her. Suddenly, she only deals below 10 damage.

I believe this is her ultimate skill (maybe)? Why didn't the game use it for Magnum Stone Shower.

Denied, bitch!

Like Iku, she suffers from her predictability.

Sakuya's 2nd sword slays Foreign God. I don't need to explain anymore.

EDIT: Don't EVER put up a Field Effect against her. She will overwrite any Field Effect with her own, Genesis. This Field gives her 5040 HP regeneration HP per turn, which is something you cannot outdamage outside of special circumstances.

At least she doesn't want make me rage at all.

That didn't took a lot of effort in my part.

Reimu.png: Whew~. That settles everything, Tenshi!

: Yeaaah, I give. I've been completely defeated.

: Ahaha, it was fun.

Reimu.png: You were so antagonistic before, and now you're all happy. It's unsettling.

Don't you see? She's just want to fight you and get beaten up.

: Well, of course. I truly am happy, after all.

Reimu.png: Well, whatever. Now stop this incident.

: I can't do that.

Reimu.png: Huh?

: When I said I was the culprit, I was lying.

No savvy players were surprised by this revelation.

Reimu.png: ...

Reimu.png: Sorry, I didn't hear that well. Could you repeat it for me?

: When I said I was the culprit, I was lying.

She's worse than Kaguya.

Reimu.png: ...I wonder if you can provide a sensible reason for this within 10 seconds...? Why did you do such an ansurd[sic] thing like declaring yourself the culprit...?

: It was an incident. So like, a festival. It's such a fun event, so naturally... I was worried about being left out.

Sure... If you cut down all the bullshit, then the game can be fun.

: So to make sure that my wish would be fulfilled... I figured I had to declare myself the cul...

Reimu.png: DIE!

I hate cheating character. She didn't have a single EVA, yet...

Reimu.png: Hey! Why did you dodge that!? Be obedient and let yourself be beaten up until we're satisfied!

Do you know why carthasis was invented? So that stuff like this won't happen!

: Geez, I said I was sorry. I'll tell you the whole story about the incident, so forgive me already.

You know, Kanako and Suwako already knew the culprit right?

Sanae.png: Ehh...?

: I have to repeat myself? I said I'll tell you all everything about the incident.

We could've just skipped 2 stages had they told us immediately. Assholes!

Marisa.png: H-Hey hey, are ya bein' serious...? Why would ya know all 'bout it...?

: Because I'm Tenshi Hinanai. I can survey all of Gensokyo from here easily.

: (You did say that you were watching all of Gensokyo, indeed...)

Byakuren: In that case, please allow me to ask. Just what is this incident...?

: Ehehe, now listen up and concentrate!

: Ahem. You see...


Reimu.png: ...We see, what?

: Would it be cooler if I struck a pose while I talked?

You're embarassing yourself.

Reimu.png: Just spit it out!

: O-Okay already. You're all so boring, geez...

: Anyway, you see.

: Their base, where the mist pours out, is located at the Forest of Magic.

So close, yet so far. This is what happen when the culprit is a bunch of sue OC.

: Newcomer aquatic gods...

: The Forest of Magic...

: Why would they do such a thing...?

Because they're an assholes.

: That I don't know... A display of their power? An attempt to conquer Gensokyo? Or something else? Whatever the case, it's probably not an objective you'd like.

They're dicks, go beat them up, got it!

Reimu.png: That's definitely true. Those who would make a fool of me, Reimu Hakurei this much... They can't be decent people.

: So we're dealing with multiple culprits here...

: A group of gods... I forsee a tough and fierce battle ahead...

Let me tell you Satori, you don't know half of it.

Reimu.png: They've made a fool of me all this while. I don't care who they are. They'll be punished.

Reimu.png: Grr...

Byakuren: This makes me feel sorry for our opponents...

Don't be! They're just a bunch of assholes.

Reimu.png: In any case, we now know our true final destination. Let's get fired up and deal with them!


Sanae.png: By the way, it was said that they were at The Forest of Magic... But where in that forest could they be...?

: Actually, haven't we already searched there? Are we sure they're there...?

There exist a place called Forest of Magic 2.

: Furthermore, why would aquatic gods be in a forest...

Marisa.png: I know where it is.

Reimu.png: Ehh? Well that's knowledgable of you, Marisa. So where is it?

Reimu.png: Genbu's Swamp...?

Marisa.png: It's a secret swamp that few know about. It wouldn't be weird for some aquatic gods to hang out there.

: Huh, there's a swamp in the forest? I never knew.

That's because that place is exclusively for this game only.

Marisa.png: Yeah!

Stage 14 complete!

Time to actually fight the real culprit!

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