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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 13

The game hid parts of the strongest material in the previous stage. What's more, it's very well hidden.

Our next stages is really close from the Youkai Mountain.

Looks like I commit more genocide.

: My goodness! I see you have subjugated over 2500 youkai. It seems this is an incident beyond our imaginations. The path to resolving it must be exceedingly difficult.

Yeah.. I just murdered the equivalent of the population of a small village. Only in RPG and Dynasty Warrior can we able to kill ludicrous number of enemies.

: As such...  I present to you these recipes in commemoration, I suppose. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

Would you believe if I said killing 2500 youkai is still considered small number.

Some shields, all variant of 3rd elemental armor, damage reduction accesories (that I couldn't possibly make right now), material recipes and Lucky Hat.

Don't forget the recipes for defeating Kanako and Suwako. I couldn't possibly get the 5th tier weapon this early, right?

: As you already know, Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako are the two gods of Moriya. I have heard they possess tremendous power.

Nah, they're actually easier than Cirno and Momiji.

: It must have been quite a hard-fought battle. Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

More elemental weapons and shields, Marisa's, Patchouli's, Aya's, Nitori's, and Alice's 2nd armor.

Meteorite? Is that the 5th tier material? And I need 4 of them?!

Since I don't intent to make anything other than Patchouli's armor, let's head on to the Bhava-Agra.

BGM: Bhava-Agra

We did have a lot of multi stage dungeon lately.

: Mm. It's quite troublesome, but we must get through here to get to heaven... Let's slip through the Sea of Abstruse Clouds quickly.

I'm afraid we can't do that due to it's gimmicks.

Marisa.png: Huh. That's the name of this place I pass through often? Never knew that.

Is this place even in Touhou Hisouten (9,5)? I think we just go to heaven after passing Youkai Mountain.

Reimu.png: Hm, I didn't know that either.

: In any case, we've finally managed to come this far.

Reimu.png: Uh huh...

Reimu.png: I wanted to resolve this quickly... But in the end, we wandered all over Gensokyo and ended up here... Geez...

Me too.

Please, do not let it be like Thunder Plain from Final Fantasy X.

: Thunder, huh. The atmosphere here is as unstable as ever.

Atmosphere... I think I know who the next boss is.

: This is bad. It's not going to have a good effect on my machines for sure.

It's not like the game tries to integrate gameplay with story.

Sanae.png: So let's... get through this quickly...

Reimu.png: Ahh, geez! This is seriously annoying! And this is all because of Tenshi's absurd plotting! Just how should I take it out on her...!

Fight her normally as a difficult boss fight.

Reimu.png: .. Grrrr!

: If you wish to clear your anger... Then we will have to progress towards Lady Tenshi as quickly as possible.

Reimu.png: I know!

Get it? This place is full of thunder.

We're at the last stages of part 2.

I don't think Feets represents heaven's dweller well.

BGM: Battle 2

First we this UFO from Touhou 12 Undefined Fantasy Object. These Bentoras here have 1000 HP, immune to its element and light, and dark and weak to its opposing element. Their attack don't do much damage, although Satori can learn many moves from them.

Next we have Thunderbird and Electric Lizard. The Thunderbird has 1600 HP, immune to earth and thunder, resist light, and weak to water, dark, and stab. They have thunder based skills and Thunder Breath, theirs able to deals 100 damage. The Lizard have 1800 HP, immune to thunder, resist earth, and weak to water. Their normal attack deals 100 damage. Aside from lizard's based skills, they have 1 Million Volt, an attack that does either 1 damage or reduces your HP to 1.

Even if they are thunder element, why are they not weak to earth?

This jerk again?! Tualatin have 1170 HP immune to light and dark, and weak to thunder. Do you love multi target paralysis? I don't.

Despite this place is thunder based, you're expected to bring thunder spells as well.

Next is Plasma and Grey Tower. Plasma has 1100 HP, resist thunder and weak to earth. Their magic does 50 damage, they do however has multi target thunder skills that can be learnt. The Tongue hunter Stand have 900 HP, very high PDEF, resist earth and blunt, and weak to stab and thunder. Aside from having Instant Death laced Blood Slash, they can increase the enemies' SPD, EVA, and give them Perfect Dodge, turning a regular battle into an annoying one.

A ghost? You think it's Reimu's turn to shine right? No. Pathos here has 1300 HP, immune to all physicals, and weak to fire, water and dark. So yeah, it's Byakuren's job. On top of being pretty hard to kill, they can absorb 100 HP from you.

The gimmicks of this stage is electric fences.

You need to find the switch to deactivate it. Like in Muenzuka, activating the switch sometimes it may activate other electric fence located somewhere else.

Golden door, I haven't seen you for like maybe 5 stages?

Activate this switch, go to the top, activate that switch to open the path. That's simple.

I already have enough Youkai Mt. Rock, but I'll take it. This is the second chance for you to obtain Youkai Mt. Rock. The Grey Tower also had it as well.

Don't forget the Silver Chest.

We found the Golden Key at the very end of the right corridor.

Anyway, we open it and we've now arrived at the new location. Of course, we will encounter new enemies.

BGM: Battle 2

This enemy is probably the second strongest enemy here. Slyph has 2500 HP, immune to thunder, and weak to earth and all physicals. It's thunder based skills deals around 100 damage... and it can move twice.

The strongest enemy... is this guy. We're up against yet another Officer Demon. It has 3500 HP, 33 Divine Barrier, near immnunity to dark, resist all 4 elements and physicals, and weak to light. See it's weapons? Yeah, it can attack thrice. Better flee unless you're confident you can beat it.

Jellies, I don't like them. Gelatinous Matter has 2400 HP, immune to blunt, near immunity to thunder, slash, and stab, and weak to fire and water. It can absorb 200 HP from you, and it also has Ultramagnetic Wave, a strong column based electric spell that deals 150 damage.

Bad formation!!! They are one of the most dangerous enemy, the Giant Oarfish. They have 2050 HP, near immunity to water, resist fire, and instead weak to thunder and slash. Yeah, thunder based enemy is weak to thunder. It's main attack is Thunder Breath, unlike the birds, it hurt (150 damage). Plus, they may counter with Thunder Breath if attacked.

I'm farming materials here. I got 2 Irons, 5 Steels, 2 Electric Shards, Fire Shard Gold, Youkai Mt. Rock, Sky Robe, Psycho Dagger, and Autobomb (Small shield).

We need to find yet another Golden Key before we can enter the recovery room.

The fences and it's switch will be located as far away as possible.

Let's leave the next stage for the next update shall we?

Anyway, we got the Golden Key.

And we can enter the save room finally.

The game actually hides a bunch of treasures in this save room.

Like this treasure.

And this Silver Key.

It's an armor that gives good PDEF and EVA as well. Aya should have this.

And another shard.

If you're wondering, this is where the Adamantite Shard is.

One detour at the Hakurei shrine later.

Reimu.png: How's this formation look? This formation increases the resistances of all 5 members. I'll call it 'Neo Hakurei Type'!

We'll definitely need that for the next boss battle.

You'll get this formation by having Reimu's level above 34.

This will be my party for the next fight. You should really gear your party with lots of thunder and shock resisting equipment (You got thunder shield in Youkai Mountain, give it to Alice). Me bringing Satori seems like suicide, but Sakuya can solo this boss with the help of Byakuren. Let's see how it goes.

We have another filler. This time, involving our resident Oarfish.

: This is relaxing~. I have been so busy with work recently... It has been awhile since I could be at ease.

Wished I had free time as well.

: ...Although... While things are at ease here, it seems that the surface is in turnoil. Well, I am off-duty and it is of no matter to me, so I shall take it easy.

Reimu.png: Oh? You're...

: ?

Looks like she won't be getting her free time now.

Reimu.png: That's right, this place is your fortress, huh?

That's because Iku is the only named character (baring Giant Oarfishes) who dwell here.

: You all... My my. It is rare for me to receive visitors here. What business might you have with me...?

Reimu.png: None with you... But with the one beyond. So we'll be passing through here.

: Passing through? Does that mean you wish to go to Bhava-agra...?

No, we're just going to go to your house.

Byakuren: Is there a problem...?

: A problem, well... Heaven is not a place that the living should go to...

If Suika can go screw it to Heaven. Then, should do we.

Marisa.png: Ahh? What, ya gonna stop us?

: Oh no, I am not Heaven's gatekeeper or anything like that. And in any case, I am off-duty anyway.

I guess we'll just be going now. Don't attack us suddenly okay?

: But why would you want to go to Bhava-agra...?

: It's the incident.

: An incident? Ahh, you mean the turmoil at the surface now? Now that you speak about it, Eldest Daughter did...

: Tenshi did... what?

Now that's suspicious.

Reimu.png: That's right, you were basically like Tenshi's underling in that incident... Don't tell me you're in cahoots with her?

No she is not.

: N-No, not at all.

: I am not her subordinate. I am merely a messenger from the Dragon Palace. I would not usually do things that would increase my own workload.

To be fair, that because the named character in Heaven is basically just two of you. Heck, even most groups has like 3-5 members.

: 'I would prefer not to invite more annoying issues.'

Satori could read her. That means she's innocent.

: Ehh!?

: (Ms. Iku is surprisingly lazy, I see...)

: Then what were you about to say earlier...?

: Eldest Daughter has been very interested in the surface. So I was wondering to myself whether she could have possibly done it.

: Well, Satori?

: Is this girl...?

: She seems to be telling the truth. She has no connection to the incident at all, apparently.

: Is that not unfair!?

Yes, it's unfair. That's why it's only effective agianst plot unimportant character.

Reimu.png: Hmm, I see. Anyway, we want to reaffirm that Tenshi's guilty here. So if you understand that, let us go on to Heaven.

Sanae.png: Um, Reimu. We are unfamiliar with Heaven. If she is truly the culprit, then she would likely be in Heaven... But would we be able to find our way around there...?

Oh yeah, I forgot that it's gimmicks is one of the hardest.

Marisa.png: That's true... What should we do, Reimu?

: My, don't we have a perfect guide right here?

That's perfect!

: Ehh? A guide... Ah, that's right!

: Ehh...? You mean... Me...!?

Yeah, I don't want to get lost for over an hour there.

Reimu.png: You're knowledgable about Heaven, right?

: Yes I am, but... I have to refuse.

Oh well...

Sanae.png: W-Why would that be?

: I am presently off-duty.

Marisa.png: Ahh? Lookit the situation here. Give us a hand already.

: But I want to...

Reimu.png: Ahh, geez! Off-duty, off-duty, so!? I, Reimu Hakurei, was even bowing my head to ask for your help!


Reimu.png: You can't read the atmosphere!

: !?

Marisa.png: (Your head wasn't bowed...)

Since when Reimu did ask nicely? It'll be like in a million year.

Great, looks like we pissed her off. Just great.

: H-Huh...? The mood has suddenly...

: I am a dragon messenger. That makes me a professional at reading the atmosphere. Yet, you said such words to me... You said I could not read the atmosphere...?

She did takes her job seriously, huh?

: (There're[sic] professionals at that?)

: Unforgivable! That is the worst insult you could utter!

Somehow, we're really good at pissing people.

Reimu.png: W-Wha!? What are you getting so angry for!?

And there's someone who can't read the atmosphere as well.

: No more excuses! Absolute pierce! My drill, known as the strongest halberd...

I challenge you to pierce Alice's absolute defense!

: Ohh? A drill, huh?

: Now this is getting good. There's no way I'm staying quiet if drills are involved! Is the kappa's latest special production drill stronger...?

Hey, drills are not you business!

It's supposed to be Hina's business!
This doujin is taken from Drill Field by Bococho.

Reimu.png: H-Hey, wait! Nitori!? Why are you adding fuel to the fire!?

: Hehehe, how interesting. I accept your challenge!

The boss battle is inevitable now.

Reimu.png: Ahh!? Her too...

Reimu.png: Grr... Ahh, geez! Whatever!

: I shall teach you all...

This is perfect! You're going to be my target for the final stage of my strategy!

BGM: Boss 1

She is truly powerless against my ultimate strategy.

Iku has 18500 HP, immune to thunder, resist light, and weak to earth and dark. Note that she has more weakness to dark than to earth.

Like Cirno and Momiji. She will try to attempt one woman combination attack. First, she uses Guided Static Shock to damage you and Shock your whole party.

Then, she will unleash Elekiter Dragon Palace to inflict Instant Death against anyone who got shocked, this bypasses any Instant Death resistance. This time, I anticipated this and give almost every Shock and thunder resistance equipment. Poor Sanae got Instant Deathed over and over again despite having the most RES.

Aside from that, she also has Thunderclap, a high end multi target thunder attack, and Mad Thunder, a high end thunder skill that hits thrice and id possibly the one of the strongest spell to learn.

So naturally, I pick it up.

Here's the deal. All of Iku's attack are all thunder based. Alice has a skill that resist a certain element (And one that outright absorb, but that require bomb). Use that in and Marrionette Parrar alternatingly and you suddenly only received 0 damage from her. I love predictable bosses.

Let me demonstrate the final stage of my strategy. It involves Byakuren giving Sakuya's sword Dark elemental (which she fortunately learn in this stage), PATK boost, and having Sakuya equip her 1st tier sword (which carries slayer against Aquans). Suddenly she deals ridiculous damage.

It's really funny how I curbstomp her with Sakuya.

Reimu.png: Geez, that took way too much effort!

Nah, I practicallywipe her ass.

Reimu.png: You're the one who tried to pick a fight.

And we're just defending ourselves.

Sanae.png: (It feels like you started it first though.)

: At least now, I can finally rest in peace...

Maybe I shouldn't overkilled her that much. How am I going to traverse the next stage now?

Reimu.png: She was quite strong...

Marisa.png: Hey, now our guide... She's completely out.

Byakuren: She has lost consciousness.

No shit dude!

Marisa.png: What should we do, Reimu?

Getting lost for one hour it is then.

Reimu.png: S-Shut up! There wasn't any other choice but to beat her up. We'll just look around for her ourselves!

And getting lost for over an hour.

Reimu.png: I'm more than enough! My famous intuition will find her for sure!

Marisa.png: (It hasn't worked much this whole time though...)

Oh well, stage 13 complete!

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