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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 12

BGM: Boss 1

Well, turns out, they're really REALLY good at combining their attack. Perfect Freeze damages everyone for around 100 damage and have a high chance to Freeze you, I mean high chance, I mean even Sanae's RES buff won't completely protect you. After that, Momiji uses Expelle Canaan, a very strong attack that deals 150-300 damage  that has very low accuracy. thing is, you can't dodge if you're freezed. It's guaranteed to kill anyone softened with Perfect Freeze. After this initial move, at any time whether they want to repeat it again, they will signal it with Bomb Refill (I wish I can do that. Cheating shit!)

Note: Despite all my joking, Momiji in the first fight is actually harder. She has Rabies bite which hits 2 times and deals 150 damage and has Nitori's elemental attack that hits for 150+ damage. Now, she's just uses generic sword skills.

Fuck them! Let's go for full offense strategy. Last time we fought 2 11000 HP bosses, now? Two 12000 HP bosses... At least they have weaknesses. Cirno has 70 EVA, Perfect Dodge, greatly regens from water, immune to water and weak to fire. Momiji has pretty solid defense, and is weak to earth. Aside from their surprisingly deadly combination, they only have generic water skills and generic sword skills.

The first thing you want to do is block their combination attack. One of Reimu's barrier will block every Status Effect. Use Aya's commander to make you go first or fill out Reimu's skill tree to have +1000% cast speed for casting barrier because Cirno cast Perfect Freeze really fast. Since I don't have Sanae, wear some EVA increasing equipment and sacrifice a virgin to the RNG God.

Since they have weaknesses, I can use the second stage of my boss killer strategy. Byakuren can turns anyone's weapon elemental attributes into the 4 elements. Combined with her PATK boost, you'll deal ridiculous damage.

I will kill Cirno first since her Perfect Freeze is so fucking annoying, can dodge like bitch, can somehow bypasses Alice defenses (probably the game glitching, as if the game didn't hate me enough already), and has no PDEF.

Momiji, sit!

They're actually the second boss to truly pissed me off.

Two pointless bosses taken care off.

Reimu.png: And that's dealt with.

: I'm going to be scolded by the Lord Tengu~...

And stay down you pesky dog! We don't care if your Lord will punish you! It's your fault for attacking us in the first place!

Cirno: Awww~... That large toad, the frog hat girl, and now these people...

And stay down too! It's your fault for turning inadvertently turning a normal boss fight into one with bullshit one hit kill! I hate this game!

Reimu.png: Frog hat...?

Sanae.png: Oh, are you talking about Lady Suwako?

Marisa.png: I guess she gets punished when she bullies frogs too much.

Reimu.png: Well, that felt good.

Strangely, I don't feel any better after fighting them. I'm still pissed.

Reimu.png: Now, there's still a long way to go.

Stage 11 complete!


It's actually called Circle Nine Form. It's a weird ass formation that has unknown effect. If you want to know it's effect, check the internet.

The girl in the front is supposed to be the bait by having the same bonus as Hakurei Cicrle's bait, but she only has 10% chance to be striked. The second one boost magic and reduces DEF and eliminates EVA completely... yet she has a highest chance to be hit. Third one reduces ATK and MATK, yet it increases SPD. The fourth one increases ATK but reduces SPD. The last one increases MATK, SPD and EVA, but reduces DEF.

In short, this formation is just as stupid as Cirno's.

After that fight, I go back and make Alice's, Nitori's, Reimu's, and Marisa's 4th tier weapon. Later on, I make Mokou's weapon alongside some thunder armor which will be useful in the next stage.

Why did I not use Nitori in that boss fight? Nitori's guns has Slayer to Warrior, plus, she can lace element and ignore perfect dodge if she has enough POW for her Gun (20 to be exact). I can reach the final stage of my boss killer strategy using her.

BGM: Youkai Mountain

Technically, this is stage 12 already, but the sign doesn't come one until you're well over 3/4 into the stage.

BGM: Battle 2

Oh shit! Birds! Thankfully, we're not dealing with Cockatrices, instead we have Basan. They have 1250 HP, 60 EVA, greatly resist fire and earth and weak to water and stab. Alongside Swoop, they have Fire Breath, both deals 100 damage. Between Petro Breath and Fire Breath, which one is more dangerous?

And now, Tengus are fighting us? Give me a break. Weak Tengu has 1350 HP, 70 EVA, perfect dodge, immune to earth, resist blunt, and weak to slash and thunder. They move faster than anyone besides Aya and they deals 70 damage with their strike. Plus, they have Tornado, multi target thunder based attack that deals 50 damage while having pretty high chance to Daze. Our other enemy is Clear Waterfall Avatar, as a dragon, he has 1650 HP, solid PDEF, resistance to all 4 elements, and weak to dark only. He has Zapper based technique, a column based attack that deals statuses, all deals 100 damage. Unfortunately he has Death Zapper as well. Unless you got Sakuya's 4th tier weapon (which slays dragon), you're going to have a problem killing him.

Max HP buffs! The HP is not included though. Menaing you have to heal afterward to benefits the increased Max HP.


This time, your you have to traverse to the Great Toad's Pond.

Which means you have to cross the pond using these water lilies.

What is this? They put a generic spear completely hidden in some secret pathway.

We're now almost reaching the summit.

BGM: Battle 2

We meet new batch of enemies upon reaching this place. First, we have Ancient Battlefield Fire. They have 900 HP, greatly resist fire, resist all physicals, and is weak to water (In fact, Marisa will one hit them). Their attack may be ignored easily, but they can tilt the Land to fire. If they can fill the Land, then they will quickly slaughter you with all sort of fire based move.

Shit! Another enemy that I don't like. Next, we have Wanduyo and Long Arms Long Legs. Wanduyo (the wheel) has 1550 HP, resistance to fire, light, dark, and stab and weak to water. It has Hit and Run (90 damage) and Flash Fire, a multi target  weak (30 damage) fire based attack that has a chance to burn (cancel your turn). Long Arms Long Legs has 2000 HP, 100 IND, resist blunt and weak to stab. This guys REALLY HATES squishy people. They will try to kill them at any chance they got. And no, this is not RNG hating me, they're really specifically target the person with the lowest HP. First, the Long Legs will Sweep them (100 damage + daze), and then the Long Arms will go all Kenshiro against the poor girl (200 damage), and yes, they move twice. This guys are dicks!

And then we have the Earthquake Fish. It has 3300 HP, greatly resist fire, water, and earth, and only weak thunder. As it's name says, it has Earthquake, a multi target earth based spell that deals 100 damage... had I not have Alice.

This fish has Muscle Belt II (HP +60) which unfortunately I did not get.

I think the game tells me that I have enough Youkai Mt. Rock already since this time, I only got one. Aside from it I got 2 Irons, 2 Steels, Fire Shard, Nimble Ring II, Wisdom Ring II, Dexterity Ring II, and Demon Crest Armor.

We finally able to get Youkai Mountain Rock from the treasure. As always, we only get 2 copy of it. The rest we must hunt it from enemies.

There are pathway here. The left one leads to more enemies and treasures, while the right one leads to the correct path.

Nice view.

Down here, I managed to get a new armor and a material.

Using this shortcut, we can reach the summit in just 4 maps instead of 10+ maps. We must have circled the whole mountain, huh?

And then we advance forward to the summit.

Hey, it's stage 12.

: !!

: A-Again...!?

And yet, the tengus don't go after this unknown Dragonball villain.

: It looks completely devastated...

: What could these traces of destruction be...?

Byakuren: I do not know... But this is undoubtedly a very strange situ...

Byakuren: !

What did you find Byakuren?

Sanae.png: Ms. Byakuren? What was that all about...?

Why don't you see it for yourself.

Reimu.png: Don't ask me. Anyway, let's chase after her.

Reimu.png: !

Reimu.png: That's...


Whoa the hell?! I know I hate Chen, but turning her into Yamcha??? Even I would not do that.

Chen: Oww~...

: Such horrible wounds...

: It seems she fell prey to whoever this destroyer is. But why do such things to Chen...?

Okay, someone is in need a taste of a cold, hard 2 handed sword.

: Because of Lady Yukari...?

Reimu.png: Yeah. Yukari was worried about this incident too, so the connection may be there.

: Consequently, the culprit behind this destruction... Has a very high chance of behind the mist too.

And yet, Momiji told us the culprit is not here. She clearly is not sharp.

: Right. Someone who would cause all this violence here... It'll have to be someone on the level of one who would spread this kinda mist.

Reimu.png: So someone who would cause this incident and beat up this ghost cat... Suika...?

Chen: N-No...

Marisa.png: Chen...?

Of course we're not gonna get the answer. It's in the cliche number 145.

Reimu.png: H-Hey...!? Don't collapse before you spill it! Just who is it!?

Chen: .....

: She... has fainted.

Reimu.png: Why did she even wake up then... sheesh.

That's Reimu for you.

Reimu.png: Did you manage to catch anything, Satori?

: I am afraid not... I cannot read those whose senses are turbid.

Satori being useful is like the end of the world.

: She did managed to say something important though.

: She denied Reimu's theory...

: So it isn't Ms. Suika... Then could it be Ms. Yuugi...?

: No, that can't be. Ms. Yuugi is currently stuck underground due to various circumstances. She doesn't come to the surface on a whim either.

She will get unstuck long after this incident is solved.

: Then who could it be...?

My educated guess says it's not Kanako and Suwako.

Byakuren: It is hard to make an accurate judgement, presently. So we will need to keep moving ahead for now.

Reimu.png: Yeah. The culprit's surely here somewhere. Let's go everyone.

: By the way, what should we do to the ghost cat?

Reimu.png: She isn't going to die even if we leave her there.

That's very nice of you Reimu.

Sanae.png: (Ahh, so pitiful...)

Then do something about her! You have High strength heal and a revive spell.

Definite;y our hero.

Just 2 maps left.

Before we go, we should talk to Chen again.

Reimu.png: Chen? Chen? If you're okay, answer me.

Chen: ...

Reimu.png: Yep, totally out of it.

Reimu.png: ...Hm? She's holding some book-like thing... This might be useful in resolving the incident, so I'll borrow it for a bit.

Stealing from the unconscious, she gains a lot of bad karma in this stage alone.

And no, it doesn't help us. It's 4 formation with 3 person in front and 1 in back. The front gets ATK and SPD up while the back gets DEF up and SPD down.

It's pretty well hidden. This shield may be necessary for the next stage.

We passed a waterfall filled with many enemies as our last map.

This formation is fucking stupid, but it makes learning skills (and killing Satori) easier.

Stage 12 is a short stage.

Alice, 2 supports, and 2 attackers. My ultimate jack of all stats strategy. Sanae, the next boss will be your Goddesess, you're going to fight in this one. Nitori, time to show of your new gun.

If we could fly... we would reach this place a lot sooner.

Sanae.png: We well soon reach my shrine. It has certainly taken a long time to get here.

Give or take 4-5 hours maybe. We did circle the whole mountain.

: So we've gotten this far... And still no signs of anything like a culprit...

Truly, this game is very good at making filler.

: It's quite strange that the tengu haven't come to attack either.

Geez, lady, I've got like 50+ Tengu wanting my blood! And you say no tengu still haven't attacked us?! What are you drunk?

: So the greater tengu are allowing this. Or perhaps there's another reason...?

This is why every writer needs an editor.

Reimu.png: If the tengu really were the culprit, letting us do as we please... They wouldn't allow that.

Tengus are innocent. Got it.

Byakuren: If they are allowing it, that must mean that doing so provides value to them. This is merely my conjecture. But perhaps thay want to eliminate the incident's culprit like we do.

Then why is Momiji's trying to stop us?

: In other words, the tengu are unlikely to be suspects...

No shit Satori! I said it first!

: Furthermore, the culprit is most likely not from the moon now.

Good! No fighting cheating bitches then!

Marisa.png: Ahh? Why's that?

: All that is left is the Moriya Shrine and Heaven. Those are not places that Lunarians reside.

: I see.

So Kaguya and Eirin fights us for shit!

: At this point, the options are limited.

: The only possibilies left...

Reimu.png: The two Moriya Shrine gods... and that idiot at Heaven.

Would you believe if the next stage is the last stage of part 2?

Reimu.png: We're not accomplishing anything by staying here.

Oh well, let's fight another dual boss. It's not like I'm tired of them or anything.

While we're waiting for Reimu and co, let's have another filler.

: The weather's good today.

Good for them, the mist doesn't even reaches here.

: Yeah.

: Yeah.

: ...You know. You've been talking like some old hag lately.

: Hm!? That title is far more appropriate for you.

: Hm!?

Never judges people by it's look. Suwako's actually older than Kanako.

: ...

: Let's stop this stupid quarrel.

: Mmhm.

: More importantly, Kanako. Have you notices yet?

Notice what?

: There's no way you would have noticed without me noticing as well.

: They should be here soon.

: Yeah, they should. You understand, don't you, Suwako?

: Yes, I know, you don't have to speak so acidly about it.

They do know something about the incident.

: I won't reveal anything.

:  I'm counting on you. It'll be less fun if they find out.

Sooo... They're gonna be like those douche from the moon as well, huh? Since Satori absolutely can't read them, I guess we'll do this, Jack Bauer style.

: You're seriously shameless...

Reimu.png: Ah, here's the troublemakers.

Fillers is over folks.

:  You're here.

Time to back to the main channel.

: My, it's you all.

Sanae.png: Lady Kanako, Lady Suwako, I have returned.

Too bad you have to fight them soon after.

: Welcome back, Sanae.

:  Ehehe, looking at the situation here... It seems you shared the present as I asked. ...But why would the sender of the present be here too?

: Good afternoon, Lady Yasaka and Lady Moriya~. Were the cucumbers tasty?

: Thank you, Nitori. Although some had evident bruises.

Remember back in stage 5? Nitori basically gave them chinese brand cucumbers.

: Gah!? You found out!?

: You did mention something about inferior products before.

: Eep!? D-Don't such such necessary...!?

Shoot her in the face!

:  Hmm, inferior products, eh...

Sanae.png: Well, when you let it slip to me, I was always going to tell them anyway.

Instead, we'll let Satori spill it for you.

: Ah... ahahaha!

: I'll bring lots of the cucumbers next time. So please pardon me!

Next fight and the bosses will specifically target you.

:  Good grief, you're really something.

: That's Nitori for you.

: Ahaha.

Sanae.png: Ehehe.

Reimu.png: What're you doing!? You haven't forgotten why we're here, right!?

: Oops, that's right.

: My, what do you mean?

Reimu.png: This incident of course.

: To make a long story short, we set out to resolve the incident, but...

Marisa.png: We went all 'round Gensokyo, and... The remainin' suspects are you two and Tenshi.

: Let's be frank. Are you two the ones behind all of this...?

Definitely no.

: I was wondering... Of course, it isn't us.

: ...

: It would be silly for us to be behind this.

Okay, they have clear alibi. Let's go then.

: Well, that is true...

: It would be illogical.

: So in short, Lady Yasaka and Lady Moriya... They can't be the culprits...?

Reimu.png: ...It's not easy to just accept it like that.

Yeah, because most people will attacks you after giving a clear alibi. They will attack us aren't they?

Byakuren: In that case, there is something else that I wish to enquire about. Is there anything you can tell us about this incident, or the nature of the mist?

: We've been at the Moriya Shrine this whole time, we don't know much about it.

Byakuren: Oh? You are able to see all of Gensokyo with one glance here. Gods of your stature would be able to easily sense it, correct...?

That actually makes a lot of sense. They could easily seen the Organization XIII's hideout.

: Something seems weird...

: (Hmph, see? They're all doubtful now cuz you said it horribly.)

Just says 'the mist is harmful to youkai' like a Captain Obvious.

: (W-What? You agreed to take it in this direction too.)

: (It's all about the way you phrase it. That kind of excuse-like explanation would make anyone suspicious.)

: (You stupid old snake!)

She did whisper all her lines while jumping around, flailing her arms like a frog.

: (W-What did you say!? You only look young, you're just as much of an old hag inside!)

: (Ahh! Y-You know that's my sore spot!)

: (So what!?)

: (Ooh~!)

Sanae.png: Ahh, here we go again...

Marisa.png: Ya have it hard, huh...

Sanae.png: Mm, well... They really do get along very well, though.

There's a unique charm in always bickering partner.

Reimu.png: ...

Reimu.png: You two... are hiding something.

Well, let's fight them then.

: No, not at all.

Reimu.png: You obviously wouldn't say it so easily. Well, give it a try, Satori.

It won't work~ It won't work at all~

: (A try...) Very well.

: ... ...!

Reimu.png: You can't read them, right? yes yes, good work.

And no one's really surprise now. That's how useless she is.

: Ooh... So mean...

Step up your game, Satori!

: Satori Komeiji. Unfortunately for you... Your power will not work.

Because they're (probably) canonically the big players who would know Satori. What's with their Nuclear powered bird plan and all?

: So you knew... You closed it off, correct

: Yes. We do get some information from the underground.

: So this is going to get difficult again... Good grief.

At least I came prepared this time.

Byakuren: ...? That is quite odd...

Reimu.png: What is?

She has a point. Satori! You should learn more from Byakuren!

: That's true...

: N-Nobody wants to have their mind read by others, you know?

: Very suspicious, indeed.

Reimu.png: It looks like we'll need to get it out of you by force.

Let's get on with it then. The sooner we'll finish this, the better.

: ...

: ...Hm, there's nothing else we can do, Kanako.

: Apparently. I didn't want to fight, but seeing the shrine maidens' powers would be interesting.

: Yeah.  Maybe Sanae will show us how much she has grown.

Sanae.png: Ehhh!?

I did put you specifically into my team.

Reimu.png: As you wish.

: In that case, let us begin.

: The festivals between gods and humans!

If you had told us, you could spare yourself from the beatdown you'll receive.

BGM: Boss 1

Time for Sanae to face her Goddesses. Suwako has 12000 HP, 50 EVA, resistance to all 7 elements, and weak to physicals. Kanako meanwhile has 18000 HP, high defenses, greatly resist thunder and light, resist all physicals, and weak to dark only. (Shame that I still don't have Byakuren's Dark Sword)

Suwako's typo based attack strikes random character 4 times for 70 damage. The rest of her attack either debuff based, or hits for less than 100 damage.

Kanako can charge hr power, then Face Smash you into oblivion. This is learnable by Satori. The only difference between them is that Satori is a petite useless satori, and Kanako is a Goddess of War. The rest of her attack consist of Onbashira, and Main Cannon, Kanako deals around 100-150 damage.

With the combination of their offenses, they will wipe you out in short order.

That is until you realize that Kanako is weak to Instant Death, something that bosses don't have. Granted, this requires Sakuya to boost her Instant Death attribute, set up Field to increase it's chance, and have Byakuren boost her IND.

While Suwako is weak to Petrify. Her bestiary description even hints at that. But you only able to read it AFTER you beat her.

Bosses can still shrug out status, don't think you have won yet.

I don't need Byakuren elemental boost to reach second stage weakness exploitation.

I'm really lucky she never shrug it off.

Congratulations. You forgot bosses' most basic resistances against status.

Reimu.png: It seems you two are satisfied with our power.

Sanae.png: Ahh, so many mixed feelings inside me...

Be happy with yourself, you bested your Goddesses.

: We were beaten so badly. You did well. It was quite fun.

: Except that there's nothing to reveal to begin with.

Reimu.png: Oh? You still haven't had enough?

: I said it already, didn't I? We aren't already behind this.

: ...She seems to be telling the truth.

They really just asking themselves to be beaten.

:  See, see?

: (Although it feels like she purposely let me read a portion of her mind... It seems they're still hiding something...)

Like who the culprit is? And their hideout's location?

Marisa.png: So all they said 'bout not knowing 'bout the incident...

: It's the truth.

They're still hiding something...

Sanae.png: See, it wasn't Lafy Kanako and Lady SUwako in the end. It was quite a relief.

Reimu.png: Grr... We're always off the mark...!

: But this makes the culprit clear.

: Yes, she's the only one left.

Reimu.png: Yeah. That's our final destination.

Stay tuned for the next update as I explored the Heaven.

Marisa.png: Yeah!

Sanae.png: Well then, Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako.. I shall be leaving again.

: Mm, do your best.

: Take care of yourself.

I think the game's starting to get better with its filler. This part consist of 2 multi stages only.

: What's with that now? I should be leaving the same feeling as you.

:  Well, yeah, but... I'm just a bit worried.

: This is for Sanae too. Let our cute little girl go on her journey. Go with the Hakurei shrine maiden, and discover the truth. It's all for her training as a wind priestess.

Did she just copy, (find and replace) and paste her dialogue from Yuyuko.

: Yeah, I know. I agreed to support your plan after all.

: Besides, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

: Sanae would do well to learn from the shrine maiden of Gensokyo. And most importantly... Watching over them like that is far too fun, don't you think?

...And she phrases something that came out from latin.

: You really are shameless..

Hey, if you want to watch this. Go visit my topic and watch this from there instead!

Stage 12 complete!

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