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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 11

Whew, that was a hard stage. Let's hope the next stage is easier.

Back in Stage 8

: Ah, you're going to Eientei? Give Eirin a message for me. Tell her that I'll share Ms. Su's poison anytime.

Reimu forgot about that aren't she? Heck, I even almost didn't remember it until I looked back in stage 8 again.

I believe it's time to get tier 4 weapon recipe.

: Ms. Kaguya controls eternity and the 5 divine tresures.

Also really hard to kill thanks to her bullshit full heal.

: And Ms. Eirin is reknowed genius in archery and pharmacy.

And can fully revive and has 2 lethal nukes.

: It must have been quite a hard-fought battle. Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

You don't know half of it.

Aside from getting all tier weapon's recipe, we also get Reimu's, Sakuya's and Youmu's 2nd armor.

All 4th tier equipment requires Youkai Mt. Rock, and yes, it's only available in Youkai Mountain. There's actually a lot of weapon I would like to get: Nitori's Mokou's, Alice's (having resistance to all elements, this will be her weapon throughout the entirety of the game), Reimu's, Marisa's. Better hunt for it I guess.

Thank goodness it's another multi stage place.

BGM: Youkai Mountain

If we still doesn't have Byakuren, she will join us before entering this stage. I don't think it's possible to win against Kaguya and Eirin without Byakuren.

: We're now at the Youkai Mountain.

Reimu.png: It's as stupidly huge as ever, I see. The thought of climbing it is turning me off...

At least it's only 2 stages, and I still prefer to climb this than fighting Kaguya and Eirin again.

Sanae.png: I'm quite accustomed to it.

: Me too.

: There's no need to worry about going back either. Going downstream feels really good and takes no effort.

So, that's what you're doing in the prologue.

Reimu.png: Don't think of me as a kappa, please.

Well... Just use the teleporter.

Reimu.png: Anyway, let's cut the mindless chatter.

Welcome to the Youkai Mountain, this place is definitely easier than Eientei. Perfect place to relieve my stress after Kaguya & Eirin.

Hmm.... Kedama. We still haven't encountered them in the previous stage right?

BGM: Battle 2 (Slow the BGM and you'll get a sad song)

This song will be our battle BGM for the rest of the game. I think it's inferior compared to the first song. Doesn't stop me from humming it though.

Despite having more stats, the enemies here is easier than Eientei's. Nurikabe has 1500 HP, resist stab, light, dark, and thunder, and is weak to water and earth. They hits you for around 70-100 damage, that's it.

What would Youkai Mountain be without crows? Youkai Mountain Crow has 800 HP, 50 EVA, resist earth and weak to thunder and stab. As a crow, they can move first using Swoop to damage you and possibly Daze you, kinda annoying but still fine.

Next we have Great Viper and Penanggalan. Great Viper has 1050 HP, resist earth and blunt, and weak to water and slash. While they can only attack for 80-90 damage, like every snake it is laced with poison, but I'm pretty sure it's poison won't kill you in a turn. Penanggalan has 1000 HP, 50 EVA, immune to earth, resists light, dark, and blunt and weak to thunder and stab. Judging from their appearance, I thought they're weak to fire and light. They can absorb your HP by 100.

Next we have Hariti. She has 1400 HP, resists earth, dark and blunt and weak to light and thunder. She has stats debuff, Area Heal and 100 damage earth based magic. If you want her Area Heal, you need to Charm and hope you'll get lucky. I won't do it right now, but maybe I will later on.

Notice that a lot of enemies here are weak to thunder.

Oh dear, it looks tough. The Gashadokuro has 4000 HP greatly resists dark and stab and weak to fire, light, and blunt. It's normal attack can borderline reach 200 damage, but it's more content to curse or instant death you. It also can charge it attacks, but thankfully I managed to kill it before it can release it. Don't be intimidated with it's HP, it's actually pretty easy to kill.

Next, we have Rafflesia. It has 1600 HP, resist thunder and weak to fire and slash. Despite it's appearance it doesn't attack you that much and will mostly tries to inflict sleep to your party. Sakuya's 3rd tier sword has plant slayer and it's weak to slash. So...

And now I finally encountered Yukkuri Sisters. Aya, Sakuya, do your job.

Thank goodness I put Aya in the frontline.

Hey silver treasure, haven't seen you in a while. I may need to backtrack once I get the key.

Like Eientei, this dungeon doesn't have any gimmick. It's just you, climbing to the very top of the mountain while fighting enemies.

It is pretty big though.

A shortcut, eh?

Blue circle. It is a one use heal that can't be used to save. I still have around 75% MP, maybe I'll use it later.

Don't you think it's a little too early for a cutscene, game?

Looks like someone's been watching Dragonball lately.

Marisa.png: W-What the heck happened here...!?

Byakuren: It does not seem to be anything natural... It appears that a being of massive power destroyed it.

No shit!

: The power of an Oni, then. So suika did this...?

Reimu.png: It's possible... Could this be related to this incident...?

: It doesn't have anything to do with mist, so it shouldn't be, right...?

: Maybe we're dealing with an alliance here...?

Please no. I'm getting tired of dual boss.

Sanae.png: So you mean Ms. Suika and someone who controls mist... You mean they teamed up?

: Hmm... I don't see the connection..

Or probably because they don't have any connection in the first place?

: Well, shall we keep going and find out for ourselves?

???: Is this all your group's doing?

Oh great, it's the guard dog of the Youkai Mountain. Wait! Why is she here early in the stage?!

: Momiji Inubashiri...! What are you doing here...?

: What a foolish question.

: I am the head of the mountain's self-defense force. I came here at once upon sensing the presence of trespassers.

: But I cannot understand... Why Aya Shameimaru and Nitori are amongst them...

: Nahaha...

: Ahaha...

Just continue it. This is too early for a boss fight.

: ...What was that?

: Never mind.

: Is this all your group's doing?

: Of course not.

Do you think a girl like Satori could do that? Not in a million year.

: Then why have you come to the mountain?

: To resolve this incident. The culprit behind it is at the Youkai Mountain. That's why we've come here.

: That's ridiculous. The society here is different from those below. It would be unthinkable for us to threaten them. I'm sure you two are well aware of that fact, Shameimaru and Nitori.

: Well, that's...

: I guess so...

: Furthermore, the mountain has no traces of mist. Surely, the location of incident's culprit would be overflowing with it.

That makes sense actually.

Marisa.png: Havin' no mist is what makes it kinda suspicious.

: Hm. It appears any more talking is meaningless. Feel free to retreat if you wish.

Sure, we'll just gonna go now.

: Otherwise...


Byakuren: Even if the culprit is not among the youkai here... There are still reasons that require us to keep proceeding. We will not retreat.

Hey hey! I'm not ready for another boss fight!

Reimu.png: If you're saying that you'll get in our way... Then we'll be forcing our way through!!

Oh God... This is not happening.

: ...There is no other choice. It will awkward to fight against my kind... But if that is how it will be, then you must be given a warning.

BGM: Boss 1

Oh noooooo!!! I haven't prepare myself for this fight!!!

Nevermind, she's just Meiling on steroid. If you can handle Kaguya and Eirin, I'm certain that you can handle 6000 HP puppy.

Strangely, I don't obtain her bestiary. Oh well, probably the game's glitching.

Reimu.png: A single white wolf tengu is no match for all of us!

She's basically a joke in Touhou.

: If you still wish to proceed from here on, you better be prepared...!

Reimu.png: We were awhile ago.

Even I didn't use my optimal team to defeat you.

: Ugh...!

Momiji immediately exit stage left.

: Heheh. This feels kinda good.

: Hey now. We kinda did a bad thing to Momiji, huh...

She did asking for it.

: Well, with developments as they were, this situation was unavoidable.

Reimu.png: Why are you worried about such silly things?

We still have a stage and a half to go.

3 person formation. Basically a Glass Cannon formation (increases ATK, SPD, MAG while reducing DEF).

We'll be heading to the river side of Youkai Mountain for the rest of this stage.

Before that, I think it's a good time to heal.

BGM: Battle 2

Yet again, the fairies are back. The Helmet Fairies have 1200-1300 HP and weak to dark. They has up to 13 power weapon skill. All the fairies are capable of dealing 90-120 damage. Be careful of the axe and sword fairies. The sword has Meteor Zapper, a strong multi target attack that hits for 100 damage, and the axe has a skill that's capable of dealing 170+ damage.

Next we have Orangutan (I could have sworn Orangutan's fur is not white). They have 1750 HP and weakness to fire and earth. Their attacks is in the range of 100 damage, and they can also boost their PATK and PDEF. Not a fun dude to fight... that is until you realize Sakuya's sword also slays beast.

I think Tanuki are suppose to just like racoon. The Elite Tanuki have 1450 HP and weakness to fire and earth. Their attack just deals 60 damage, but they prefers to give statuses instead. And yes, Sakuya's sword also slays them.

Oh crap! You're here too, huh? Our next Foreign God is Officer Demon. It has 2750 HP, 33 Divine Barrier, resistance to all 4 elements and all physical, near immunity to dark and weak to light. It can move twice and it's dark based attack can deals up to 200 damage. Even Alice won't nullify it's attack.

ankfully this dude is uncommon encounter. I imagine learning it's skill would be a pain in the ass.

There are no treasures that contains Youkai Mt. Rock. So you have to get it from the enemies. The one that drop it are the Crows, Taser Fairies, and Gashadokuro.

Aside from getting 4 Youkai Mt. Rocks, I also got 2 Pretty Mirrors, 2 Rocks, 2 Irons, Bamboo, Skill Ring II, Magic Ring II, Strength Ring II, Endurance Ring II,  Armored Plank (Large Shield), and Mana Shield,.

This valley is huge as well. But unlike the forest where it uses the trees to make a maze, this one uses a river instead.

Yet another secret pathway.

Looks like we ended up in the another side of the river.

There's the silver key.

And we get Youkai Shield, it's actually a decent medium shield. Not bad.

I still prefer to have his cone hat.

Hopefully you started to see where the secret pathways are.

Finally! A real recovery circle.

It took 8 maps to get here, and this shortcut takes us to the second map. We must have circled the whole mountain.

I'm betting the boss must be Momiji again. Ah, whatever. I'm sure I can beat her again without my optimal team.

???: Slash! All the youkai...

So, the next boss is Cirno. Definitely will be easier than Momiji.

Cirno: Defeated!

Cirno: I never see any busybody youkai cuz of the mist. I can play all the pranks and have all the fun I want!


Cirno: Now then. I'll start playing by freezing some frogs, maybe~.

Cirno: That great toad or that frog-hat girl aren't gonna take kindly to that, huh~. I need to be careful~.

Reimu.png: Ah, idiot spotted.

Cirno: What!? Ehre!?

Ah well, let's get this over with. The sooner we beat Cirno, the sooner we can reach the summit.

Reimu.png: Want to be whacked?

: You even come to places like here...

Cirno: Yeah! I'm the strongest, so going really far is no problem!

Marisa.png: What would the strongest be doin' in a place like this, then?

Reimu.png: She's surely up to no good.

Cirno: Yup!

Cirno: Ah, don't tell me. You're here to get in my way, right!?

Nope. But since you're here...

Go ahead, don't blame me if you get your ass beaten.

: Unfortunately, we don't have time for that.

Cirno: Huh? Why?

Byakuren: We are searching for the person behind this incident. So we must keep moving onwards, no matter what stands in our way.

Cirno: What!? That sounds good! I'm gonna mess with you all, then!

I fail to see the logic behind her thinking.

: Huh? Why would you...?

Because she's stupid.

Cirno: That'd be more fun, don't you think!?

Reimu.png: You're really a strange and twisted person, you know...

: (You would be the one to talk...)

Cirno: Besides, there's so few youkai around now! I can play pranks all I want! I don't want the mist to go away!

: That's a fairy for you. All they care about is their own selfish fun.

Reimu.png: Is that how it is? What can you do against all of us?

Gets beaten up. It's all in the script.

Cirno: I'm the strongest! You all aren't a match for me!

: There are trespassers even here?

Speak of the youkai and they shall come.

: That voice...

I'll give her a credit. Even if she's a joke, she's really persistent. Though this means we have a dual boss fight again.

Cirno: What do you want?

: It seems you all did notpay any heed to my warning.

Sanae.png: Naturally. We will not leave the mountain until we have accomplished our goals.

: Then there is nothing left to say. I will not let you throw the mountain into chaos any further...

We're just trying to climb the mountain. We haven't commited any crime except for self defense.

: Cirno too?

Cirno: Ehh? What? Me?

: One or two fairies are nothing to worry about. So I shall let her be.

: The bigger problem is you all. Such dangerous trespassers cannot be left to do as they please.

: Prepare yourselves!

Marisa.png: Ahh? What are ya talkin' about? Ya lost a li'l while ago.

: Hmph! That was just a warning! Nothing more than a threat! But this time, I will use all my strength!

From a puppy strength to a full fledged dog? You're not a doberman!

Byakuren: however, the numerical advantage we possess has not changed. What do you plan to do about that reality?

Yeaaah. She did just indirectly suggest Momiji to team up with Cirno.

: ......

: Fairy, lend me a hand.

Cirno: You were treating me like an idiot just now.

: If that's the case, would you like to incur... The wrath of the mountain tengu, like them?

Cirno: Ehh?

: Perhaps you will be given a little 'rest'.

Cirno: Ooh, that sounds bad...

: But if you assist me now... I will overlook and deal with the matter.

Cirno: Hmm~... I don't really get it, but that sounds best...

Forced teamwork like that won't work on Reimu who... forcibly recruited her allies. My God, they're not so different.

Reimu.png: (completely an idiot...)

: Momiji Inubashiri, you've learned quite a bit. The oh-so-honest white wolf tengu can do things like this occasionally, I see.

: If that isn't irony, I don't know what is. It's certainly rich coming from one known for fabricating her newspaper material.

: ...

Yep, not so different.

: Geez... These two...

Reimu.png: Whatever the case, our goals haven't changed. If you interfere, we will get through by force. No matter how many times you come...

Cirno: This is a new beginning...

: As you wish.

Joke characters like you have no chance to defeat us!

BGM: Boss 1

A guard dog and a fairy. What can they possibly do against us?


What the!?

Ouch ouch ouch!


What just happened?
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