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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 9-2

BGM: Eientei Outside
Let's continue where we left of.

BGM: Battle 1

Oh dear, this is a troublesome formation. Yaksha is probably the 2nd strongest enemies in this path. They have  1250 HP, resists dark, slash, and blunt, and weak to stab and earth. They can attack for 80-120 damage, and may move twice occasionally. Thank goodness for Alice.

And then we have this creature, this Nightblade God is the strongest enemy here. It has 1650 HP, resistance to all 4 elements, and weak to light and dark. It has the same damage range as Yaksha, but it always move twice, and have a skill that deals more damage the lower it's HP is. If you reduce it to 25%, prepare for 2 of your character to be one shotted. One more thing, it may reflect magic.

Thanks minimap.

What's the point of this place? It contains nothing.


I see, this is an endless corridor isn't it?

Believe it or not, this maze is actually quite easy once you understand the clue: search for a door with the lamp decoration, like this one.

The first one contains the hint and a Protective Choker II (PDEF +20)

While the second one is the finish line. All right! Time to switch team again.

Time for team Reimu to shine!

BGM: Battle 1

Our new enemy is this mech. Gapuuin only has 100 HP, but it has resistance to almost every element except thunder and is weak to thunder and stab. It is not strong per se, it's just very very hard to kill. It has 120 EVA and a high percentage of perfect dodge, making it hard to even land a hit. Don't think you can just run away from it, the RNG will know and it will use Damage Net, it's a field effect that disables escape and slowly damaging it's foe (read: us).

This is my lucky day, I got lots of equipment in here. Like: 2 Steels, 3 Irons, 2 Bamboo, 2 Pretty Mirrors, 2 Magic Medals, Lunar Mail, Spear Mastery, Eternal Robe, and this. Though most of it comes from Reimu's team.

Ah, the indoor section again.

You know what, let's head deeper into the forest (filled with hidden passage).

I believe this is the place where the Inabas pound their mochi, and indeed, this place is swarming with them.

Okay, stage complete, all that left is the boss.

I have to plan a lot for this boss, interestingly, Sanae's actually needed in for both path.

For team A, you need lots of evasion. Sanae can buff EVA, Aya can also do that with her spellcard, and Satori is the commander because her support allows 33% deflect in case something went wrong.

Man, I wish I had a girl who could also increases her EVA besides Sanae and Aya.

For the other team, you need RES (RES or EVA? Pick one), and the ability to take a hit. Reimu can also nullifies any status effect for 1 turn.

Okay, let's begin!

Team A will fight against the carefree trickster.

Where? I didn't see it.

: Finding such a rare thing so luckily again today...

???: You think so?

Geez, you're almsot as dick as Reimu now, Sakuya.

: Ohh! Visitors to the courtyard. Did you all come to play with me?

: Wo don't have time for that. We have business with Kaguya and her companions, so do let us through.

: With the princess...?

: ...Oh, right! I'm on guard duty! And I've found some tresspassers. You'll be dealt with at once.

: My, do you think you can win agains [sic?] this many people alone?

I think the answer is clear.

: I'm feeling lucky today. I'm not going to lose~.

: I see. However, that fortune of yours--

That is one good boast.

: Fine, I'll give you all a taste...

Your fortune is powerless against mine!

BGM: Boss 1

After 2 6000 HP bosses, we have to fight 10000 HP boss. Aside for her HP, she has resistance to dark and no weakness at all.

Her strategy is a little unorthodox. All of her moves are very strong, buthave a low accuracy. And she will always charge her spellcard.

Her spellcard also follows the same pattern, it has very low accuracy, but if it hits, that person will be very freaking dead!

Thank goodness it always miss.

Sakuya's 3rd tier sword slays beast. She will turn the boss she fought against into a mincemeat.

Notice that the EXP gained is noticeably lower than most bosses we fought.

: So you were indeed up to no good.

: Were you unaware? Your power brings luck to those around you as well.

: Is that so~...

: Now, let's keep going.

Meanwhile, in another team.

They'll fight the Disgrace of Lunarian Empire and the Phantom Sixth Player of Eientei.

: You did well to make it this far. Did you enjoy my hallucinations?

Byakuren: I see, this was your work. This makes this one the correct route, perhaps?

: Ehehe, correct.

Byakuren: The other group's situation is quite worrying now...

Nah, they're all fine.

: You're not in position to worry about others now. You all will now be victims of my danmaku.

Not if I can block it!

Byakuren: Your suppositories are not worth worrying over.

: They're not suppositories!

That's kinda OOC for Byakuren, don't you think?

: Geez... I'll test whether your walk matches your big talk, then.

Then I will go through you by force!

BGM: Boss 1

I' going to have trouble with this one. Reisen also has 10000 HP and instead of dark, she resist light instead. This will make Reimu useless offensively.

Most of Reisen's attack are laced with either Permanent effect like sleep/ berserk, or Variety debuff.

This can be easily handled by nuking her IND.

Like Tewi, she can use Concentrate to charge her spellcard. (Damn, why is boss' full portrait is so much better than ours?)

Reisen 2 bombs spellcards, Lunatic Red Eyes damages everyone and has a high chance of causing berserk. It also manages to cut through Alice's defenses, almost killing Byakuren.

Let's put a stop to that.

I thought she was weak to light, turns out, she resist it. Oh well, I took her down the hard way.

That because if you lose in the second battle, you will have to repeat all 2 battle again. Of course the game wouldn't want you to grind against them.

Byakuren: Victory is ours. We shall make our way through.

: You shall not reach where the princess and master is...

Yeah yeah, I know that this is a multi stage dungeon.

I think this is the first time (including Tewi) we ever truly knock out someone.

Byakuren: The hallucination won't end...? This does not look like it will be fun...

Read: The next stage will not be fun.

Byakuren: ...!

Did you hear something?

Byakuren: Did something happen? I felt the barrier trembling... The barrier has not disappeared, but it seems a hole has opened in it. Would that be because we managed to defeat Ms. Reisen?

Byakuren: It appears so.

Don't talk to yourself Byakuren.

Way to rub it in Byakuren. I always knew monks are a dick.

Stage 9 complete!

Cool! Though one line-based skill will pierce everyone.

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