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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 9-1

BGM: Battle 1

Come here Sunflower, let me take your seeds, and learn your awesome skill!

Yes! Absolutely worth it! And I got 2 Sunflower Seeds from them.

Also, you can try to inflict the strongest level of Poison. This easily achieved with Satori's Green Eyes and Byakuren buffing Satori's IND.

And then, go to Garden of the Sun's save circle.

: How about this formation? This formation will incresae[sic] defence, resistances, and poison affinity for all 5 members.

: I'll call it 'Poison Shield'!

It is basically one of the best fromation, if not THE best. This formation will turn the front most character into a massive tank, and a bait for the enemies (I think 75% chance to be targeted). Plus, it will greatly reduce poison's damage to a fraction of it. This formation is basically built for Alice as her covering shield targets column, and she's already very tough.

*Facepalm* It's your first line and you make a typo already?

: How does this formation look? This formation will increase the speed of all 5 members.

: I will call it 'Sonic Stream'!

But it reduce DEF and EVA, no thanks (The speed increase is insane though (200-400%)). You get this by scanning 11 enemies with Aya and complete Netherworld.

As always, go to Akyu after completing a stage.

: Ms. Yuuka is a peerless and elegant flower manipulator. Ms. Medicine is famed for her poison that greatly harms the living.

They're nothing once I mitigated Medicine's poison and Yuuka's... I don't know, she has no dangerous skill.

: It must have been quite a hard-fought battle. Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

Aside from very strong shield, we also get Sanae's 2nd armor, Byakuren's armor...

And this accesories. Well, In this game, 3% is high. I'll be having that accesory, as well as Sanae's 3rd tier weapon.

After all that, it's time to visit the last stages of part 1.

BGM: Eientei Outside

If this were Touhou, I think this stage will be stage 3.

Right before visiting Eientei, Mokou will join you if you haven't recruit her yet.

: We have come so far.


: Finally, the coclusion with the true culprits!

And we're still only halfway through the game.

: 'The Full Story Behind the Menacing Mist Incident! Who are the Real Culprits!?' This'll be so exciting~!

Sanae.png: There are still things I can not figure out...

Reimu.png: Like what?

Sanae.png: From what I have heard, during this incident... Eirin has been everywhere, prescribing medicine to all the ailing youkai.

Reimu.png: R-Really?

Sanae.png: Yes. If Eirin really is one of the people behind this, why would she do that...?

That's a good question.

Reimu.png: Hmm...

: Maybe she's testing her medicines on live subjects?

: (Testing... Maybe if it were you.)

Marisa.png: So in the end, we ain't got a clue of her motive.

: Well, obviously. That's exactly why we've come here.

Reimu.png: Uh huh. If the motives are pure, we overlook. Else, we punish. That's all that matters.

Hmm... I thought you always punish the culprit regardless of their motives.

: (Is that really fine, I wonder...)

Marisa.png: Ah? The heck is this...?

The main gimmick of this stage.

: The architecture... just changed?

How did you know? We've just entered this place.

: This is one of Reisen and Eirin's tricks, huh?

: That hallucination...! It is divided into 'A' and 'B' routes!

: ('A' route...? 'B' route...?)

Just call it left and right routes.

Reimu.png: Since they've prepared such an elaborate trap, they can't be innocent.

Sanae.png: Should we plit into two groups to proceed? In that case, even if one side is a trap... If we split up, one group at least will surely get to Kaguya's location.

Party split. This is the gimmick of this place. Woe to those who never leveled up other characters.

: That would be prudent.

: What if both sides are a trap?

Marisa.png: We push through.

: (There isn't an answer for that...)

We'll make it ourselves!

Reimu.png: All right.

At least we still have up to 6 member each group.

So soon? I thought the channel will get switched halfway through the stage.

Hello there fellow NEET.

Kaguya: 'Shock Revelation! Lies or Truth!?' 'Grilled Chicken Saleswoman in Night-Sparrow Meat Scandal!' 'Human Village in Uproar Over the News!'

Eirin: You're reading that shady newspaper again?

They can't be the culprits right? A doctor should be saving lives, not ending them.

Eirin: It was called Bunbunmaru Newspaper, correct? Good grief, we actually subscribe to this...?

Kaguya: We don't have a subscription to it. We didn't even request for it, it was just placed here.

Free newspaper!

Eirin: Then there's even less reason to read it...

Kaguya: But there's nothing else to do.

You got an HDTV that is bigger than mine...

Eirin: *sigh*

Eirin: Well, with the situation as it is now... (We must not make any careless moves anyway...)

Suddenly, Eirin senses something.

Kaguya: What's the matter, Eirin?

Eirin: ...Some tresspassers have entered the premises.

Kaguya: Tresspassers? Then could that mean...


Eirin: Yes. The Hakurei shrine maiden has finally arrived.

Eirin: Undonge, Tewi. Come in.

,: Yes. / Yea.

We got our incoming boss squads. One that shoots bullets, and loves misdirection, and one who's a trickster and fight unortodox. 

Eirin: ...

Eirin: ...Well, fine.

Eirin: Ahem. The Hakurei shrine maiden has currently invaded Eientei. You two will need to defend the area... To prevent them from reaching the princess. Use all your strength to repel the invaders!

I'm guessing they each blocks one path.

: T-Tewi...! Are you still...!

: But all that mist is everywhere. Those who want to stay healthy shouldn't be so active.

Advice of the year!

Eirin: ...Udonge...

: Y-Yes...!

Eirin: You have to take responsibility for your subordinate's conduct.

You do know that Tewi's the boss in here, right?

: Ehh...?

Eirin: Once this matter is dealt with, you'll be punished!

: Ahaha~

: (Why are you laughing...!)

Eirin: In any case, you shall be guarding the area too, Tewi. This is an order.

: Hmm, okay. Can't do anything if it's an order.

: (That attitude doesn't sit well with me...)

Eirin: Now, go!

At least we know who will we fight next. This should be easy.

Eirin: (Ehehe, it's all going according to the script. The stage has been set perfectly.)

So Eirin, why are you acting like you're the villain?

Kaguya: 'Special Feature! Shrine Maiden Series!' 'The Moriya's Wind Priestess: Her Naked Truths Revealed!' Superhero Series-style Doll Discovered as Her Personal Property!'

Kaguya: Hmm.

Let's change the channel back shall we.

Anyway, the A team (Not to be confused with THAT team) will need a party that is able to strike elementals. So this will be our team A (with Sakuya as added tank and physical)..

B team will need someone who can withsatand physical punishment, strike elemental, and and good at physical. This will be our B team.

Let's begin the dungeon.

Welcome to the Eientei, you will need to navigate it with 2 teams. Note that you cannot change party or equipment once you enter this. If you want to switch between parties, press SELECT.

As you would expect from Eientei, the enemies are represented by rabbits.

BGM: Battle 1

Okay, let's analyze the enemies. The fairies has been replaced with Inabas. Mage Inaba has 880 HP and weak to dark. Their dark based spell will probably won't dent anyone. Blood Slime has 950 HP, immune to blunt, greatly resist the other physical, and weak to fire and ice. This slime is little more troublesome than Inabas, they loves to reduce your physical stats, and absorb your HP by around 80-120, and it can counter physical with absorb. They're pretty much telling you "Use magic to kill me, dumbass!".

Net we have Bamboo Monster and Lunar Virus. Bamboo has 750 HP, resist earth, thunder, light, dark, and stab, and weak to fire and water. It is unassuming at first, but once it starts growing and increase all of it's stats, it will kill your magicians left and right with its attack. Lunar Virus has 660 HP, resist dark and all sort of physicals, weak to light, and will drop dead from fire. It has multi target attack perhaps? I don't know, I always kill it before it got a chance to attack. (E: It inflicts blind)

Iron Mouse, they have 800 HP, pretty high PDEF, resists all type of physicals, and weak to thunder. They attack for 80-100 damage, and those attack inflicts blind, they also have debuffing physical skill.

And I don't have full physical party to kill it... Thank goodness it doesn't escape immediately.

This demonic cart is Oboroguruma. It has 1550 HP, resist slash and stab, and weak to light. It damages you for 100 damage, move twice, has multi-target attack, and Hit and Run, one of my favorite skill (except it used it much better than Satori). Beware of hitting it with physicals, it can reflect physical attack.

And last we have Broom God. They have 800 HP, immune to light and dark, resist stab, and weak to earth and slash. They pretty much have Marisa's Broom skills, unlike Marisa, they hits really hard (80 damage).

A team will mostly travels the outer part of Eientei.

At this stage we will get the second tier of stats raising accesories. It increases certain parameter by 20-30.

We venture deeper into the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Hey, secret passage, it contains Headshot Googles II (ACC +30). Definitely must have for our physical attackers.

After being outside for a while, we finally entered the mansion again.

I believe it is time for us to switch party.

Now it's Byakuren's team turn.

Team B will spend their time mostly inside the mansion itself.

While they do able to go outside, it is only for 1 map.

BGM: Battle 1

Team B will fights mostly physical based enemies that have a weakness against elementals. We'll meet the rest of the Inabas here. They have the same HP as the mage one, and their attack won't be dealing much damage to you (probably because I have Alice). The Vorpal Bunny on the other hand... They have 800 HP, and weakness to fire and earth. While they also don't deals much damage, their attack are laced with instant death, take caution when fighting them.

Now we have... a door and a fish... okay then. The fish (Zeni) has 930 HP, greatly resist water, resist fire, and weak against thunder and slash (Too bad I don't have slash user). It has Acid Spray (Multi target, PDEF reducing skill), and Ice Breath, Breath pierces defenses, so Alice won't be able to block it, only elemental resistance and breath resistance could block it effectively. The door (Mokumokuren) has 777 HP, resist thunder, light, dark, and stab, and weak to earth. It does... I don't know, its just so insignificant that I don't know what they do.

Hello there ugly face, Mai Kubi has 1000 HP, resist stab, and weak to light and dark. They can Magic Cancel, that's it.

Crap! Crocodiles. They have 1100 HP, resist blunt and earth, and is weak to thunder. They can hits for 60-80 damage, and they can attack first with their tail.

Hmm... I see, thank for giving us this clue.

Corridors with multiple rooms, this will be the layout of this mansion.

Come on, don't hide from me treasure, I need +20 MDEF since I can't gain it normally.

Since this dungeon is fairly long, this update will end here. Stay tuned from for my next venture in Eientei.

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