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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 8

Whew, we finished another stage. The next stage will be a filler as well. Just great.

But first, let's see what Akyu has now.

: My goodness! I see you have subjugated over 1000 youkai. It seems this incident is unresolvable via ordinary means.

When I refer to hunting enemies as genocide, I wasn't kidding. And 1000 youkai is still a small number.

: In any case. I present to you these recipes in... commemoration, I suppose. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

Yay for genocide~

Our accesories this time is small damage reduction accesories, and advanced version of freeze and Instant Death (hollow star) resisting accesories.

: I heard that Ms. Komachi slaughters the living with vigour and sends them to Hades. It must have been quite a hard-fought battle.

You don't need to exaggerate her THAT much Akyu.

: Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

On top of generic weapon and armors, we got everyone's 3rd tier weapon, and Satori's armor... Something I won't be creating.

Anyway, 3rd tier weapon requires Sunflower Seeds, and you can only get it at Garden of the Sun only. This game really want you to grind.

BGM: Garden of the Sun (Oh my God! I love this BGM)

It's just so ridiculously peaceful.

Sanae.png: Wow, so many pretty sunflowers~. I don't come here very often, so this sea of yellow is new to me~.

Reimu.png: The fairies here are random and gloomy. So I don't come here often myself either.

: How uncaring...

Marisa.png: And now we've got a real bother of a suspect.

: Yes we do. Ms. Yuuka is not someone I would like as an enemy, but she is capable of this...

But I do looking forward to fight her.

: If she really is the culprit, she must be dealt with.

Marisa.png: Aah~... Such a pain.

: By the way, if I may ask... Does she really have the ability to generate the miasma of Makai...?

Who cares? Probably not.

: There are many things left unknown about Makai, and about Yuuka herself. To be honest, we don't know.

: If we want to find out, the only way will be to ask her directly.

Reimu.png: Uh huh.

The Garden of the Sun is just so peaceful. Sunflowers are everywhere, plus unlike Muenzuka, it's easy on the eye.

Our enemies here are represented by dragonfly. I was expecting something like bees, or butterflies. But dragonfly's also fine.

BGM: Battle 1

Aww yeah, Sunflowers. They have 710 HP, resistance to thunder and weak to both slash and fire. Their normal attack only deals 60-70 damage, but they have Sunburst. A very awesome fire skill, it can hit about 100+ damage. Satori must have this skill.

They have the highest chance to drop Sunflower Seed, but don't expect it to drop it like pinatas. Sunflowers are dicks, just like that.

The fairies this time is Sunflower Fairy. All have 900 HP, good PDEF, and weak to dark. They deals around 60-80 damage with their normal attack, but I think they mostly use 1st weapon skills and magic (Though be careful with the axe, it's skill can deal 120 damage).

Elephant!!! It has 1700 HP, and weak to fire and earth. It's probably one of the rarest enemies here. It attack is very painful, maybe its around 100+ damage, and it can charge a multi-target skill that will probably destroy you. Hopefully I won't encounter them in groups.

Next we have Dorotabo, 850 HP, resistance to stab, and weak to light and fire. Their can use bottomless swamp, I don't know what it does, maybe erase? Also, they attack using guns, which means they will slay warrior and magicians (which is half of our party).

Red Tongue, has 750 HP, resist dark and earth, and weak to fire and light. It's attack are unimpressive, but it can cancel any magic. Annoying.

Meet the next enemies, Venom and Toubyou (snake). Venom has 550 HP, resist earth, but ridiculously weak against thunder. Alone,  it's unimpressive, but it can tilt the Land to earth. Toubyou has 590 HP resist earth and blunt, and weak to water and slash. It can Constrict (paraylze), and it's attack is poisonous. Sakuya will behead them with ease.

Later on, you'll start to encounter tougher enemies, like Earth, it has 1400 HP, very high P and MDEF, immune to earth, resist physicals, and weak to thunder. It can move twice, attack for 70-100, and can use Earthquake (multi-target earth skill), if combined with Venom, it can kill you with ease.

Basilisk, the petrifying dragon. it has 1600 HP, high PDEF, resistance to all 4 elements and dark, and weak to light. Despite its high PATK, it mostly use Poison Breath to damage your party. Dangerous if encontered more than one.

Cockatrice!!! Kill it!!! It has 950 HP, resist earth and dark, and weak to thunder, light, and stab. It's very dangerous because it's normal attack may inflict Petrify, and it has Petro Breath (petrify again), and it has decent IND to boot. Never fight it head on without Sanae's RES buff. It's pal, Hanging Gourd is much easier to handle, has 620 HP, resist thunder and stab, and weak to fire and slash. They're just... there.

Great... another dangerous enemies. Killer Mantis has 860 HP, resist earth and slash, and weak to water. While they can only use normal attack, they however, can attack twice for 80 damage apiece. Kill them fast. Succubus has 660 HP, resist dark and slash, and weak to light and stab. Like you expect from Succubus, she will try to Charm you, mostly with great success.

Great... more Foreign God, both of them has 1500 HP, high defense, 25% Divine Barrier, greatly resists all 4 elements and their own element, and weak to their opposite element. Yes, they can move twice, and their attack and skills is in the value of 80-120 damage. Another encounter you definitely don't want to fight.

Our first revive spell. Only Sanae and Mokou have access to revive, and they're rather hard to use (Sanae must consume bomb, while Mokou's Last Word and commander support).

This is the only Sunflower Seed I've gained in this run, only weaker enemies produce Sunflower Seed and you can only meet on the first 5 maps.

Aside from that, I got: 3 Earth Shards, Rock, Pretty Mirror, Blessed Armor, Shrine Charm, Cockatrice Crest, Rabbit's Paw (+1% EXP to party), and Sexy Underwear (Guess who dropped this).

The gimmick here is this colored sunflower. Only a person with the same color as it can pass through here, you can paint yourself with that geyser over there. But it's effect only persist for a few maps. There are 2 colors, orange and purple. You need to remember which path r.equires which color

Besides that, the map's actually easy to navigate... aside from having to remember the colored sunflower.

And then there's this geyser. It erases your current color and acts like a barricade to the 2 part until you shut it down.

Hey, purple geyser.

You can only gain 2 Sunflower Seeds from the treasure chests, the rest you have to hunt it from the enemies yourself.

Purple flowers, I'm your friends.

Ah great, it's blocked by orange sunflowers.

You're gong to encounter maps with patterns like this.

I believe this switch will deactivate the geyser.

The midway shortcut has been opened!

It's just happen that Basilisk is a dragon.

This is the last section, at least this stage doesn't throw lots of dificult encounter here.

That was quick.

This will be Byakuren's weapon for a good amount of time. She needs those IND.

Aside from that, I make Sakuya's 3rd tier weapon, and earth medium and heavy armor (since I have lots of Earth Shard).

You need earth and poison protection, and thunder offense for the next boss. (Why didn't I put Marisa on the front line?)

It's recommended that you invest 5 points in Sanae's snake. Like I said, you need poison protection.

Another boring filler? Can we get straight to our main channel please...?

: Sunflowers are in full bloom~. It feels so pleasant. Now if only this fog wasn't here...

: Konparo~!

: ?

Yeah, it's another filler. Remember when I told you about poison protection?

: I came to visit, Yuuka!

: And a very good day to you. What's the matter?

: Ehehe, I came cuz it's a special occasion today!

: Oh my, what would that be?

: Gensokyo's all covered in mist, right?

It's not great! I've been travelling all across Gensokyo, trying to find the culprit, and still find nothing!

: This mist...? What a strange girl you are. This mist is harmful to us after all, isn't it?

: Yeah, that's why! The thought of being able to feel the same pain as other youkai makes me happy.

: That's why I came to tell you about it!

: I-I see...

: (You did mention that you were learning to socialize with others, correct? And this makes you more like everyone... how cute.)

I don't understand them at all.

The return of Ultimate Sadistic Yuuka. (When the last depiction of  Yuuka I've encountered is a tormented maiden)

: That would be a good learning experience too.

: Yeah!

Reimu.png: No it won't!

Looks like we are back to our main channel.

: Ah! You're...

: Ah, if it isn't Reimu and her companions. A very good afternoon to you.

: We are just her companions!?

Well yeah... Aside from Alice and Satori, you haven't contribute much to the story.

Sanae.png: Now, now, just relax.

: Oh my... It's you, Medicine? What are you doing here...?

: Ah, Alice. I just came here for a visit.

: I see, quite a coincidence.

I hate this type of coincidence.

: Ah! Right! I'm borrowing your dolls for my Doll Liberation Plan!

Ah, yes, Medicine's Doll Liberation Front. Gotta support that Front.

: Ehh...?

Reimu.png: You be quiet! Our business here is with Yuuka.

: My, you're making me blush. What would the matter be?

Reimu.png: I'll get to the point. Are you the culprit?

Definitely not. After so many stages, I figured out this game's pattern. It want me to beat up almost everyone in Gensokyo before giving me the true culprit.

: ...? I don't understand... The culprit of what?

Marisa.png: The incident that's goin' on right now. We came here to interrogate ya as a new suspect.

: Ahh, I see. You mean that. But I am not behind this.

Told ya.

Reimu.png: Really...? Saying that off hand makes it hard to believe.

: And in the first place... The mist is similar to Makai's miasma, and you're the only one in Gensokyo from there.

*Glares at Alice*

: And that is why you have been identified as a suspect. Do you have a defense?

And then she's got pissed, and boss battle ensues. This is the game's story formula!

: I do not need one. It is true that I am originally from Makai. But while the mist is 'similar to Makai's miasma'... It is not the exact same. So I am not related to this.

: Furthermore, I do not have the power to generate mist. And in the first place, why would I do such a silly thing? The only things that interest me are flowers.

Oh well. Do you have any clue as to who our next potential suspect (read: victim) next?

: Well, Satori?

: ...Ah!?

: What's wrong? Don't tell me you can't read her either...?

Nah, only characters that are important to the plot that can't be read.

: Ah, no. I can and have read her mind, but...

: So you mean she doesn't think about anything but flowers? I guess you could say that's exactly like Ms. Yuuka...

: Oh my. You have a mysterious power, mm? So you dare set foot into my mind... Perhaps you need to be taught a little lesson...?

While I don't really like Satori, I don't want to give Satori to Yuuka, who knows what will happen to her.

: Hm, the situation's a bit weird now... What now, Reimu? Maybe we should ask Medicine a few questions too?

Reimu.png: ..I suppose so. Well, Poison Doll?

: Of course it's not me.

: That is not surprising... The mist is not a direct form of poison after all...

Sanae.png: So... We're off the mark here? What shall we do? Look somewhere else, perhaps?

Incoming boss battle!

Sanae.png: Huh?

: Did you think you could interrupt my time of peace and get away with it?

: Ehh!?

: I don't let those who interfere with my love of flowers off so easily.

: Ah, this looks fun! I'm gonna join in! Konparo, konparo~!

Marisa.png: Hey hey. Yuuka's a lost cause, but at least stop Medicine, Alice. You're a dollmaster ain't ya?

I still prefer solo boss fight.

: T-That's asking too much. She's like an artifact spirit. She's not a doll powered by magic. She's a youkai with her own soul. I can't control her.

AKA Tsukumogami.

Reimu.png: What are you saying anyway? This is a great opportunity.


Marisa.png: Ahh''

Reimu.png: We'll beat them up, then make them talk! That's something more befitting of me!

Never change Reimu.

: She's up for it, Ms. Su...

: How interesting...

Oh yeah! A boss fight against Yuuka.

BGM: Boss 1

Compared to Komachi, I don't think you should have a problem with them. Both have 6000 HP, and extremely resist earth (Yuuka immune), Yuuka's weak to thunder while Medi has no weakness has immune to light and dark (damn Tsukumogami! Making Reimu useless).

From the get go, you should activate Sanae's poison barrier.

Almost all of Medicine's attack involves multi target poison and poison gas (debuff EVA, ACC, AGI) that deals 50 damage. The poison gas can be ignored as they don't have EVA.

And Yuuka will use Gensokyo's Reflowering, earth based, multi target attack that deals 60 damage and inflict Daze. Yuuka's PATK is 144, be more careful of her normal attack instead.

With glaring weakness and low HP, Yuuka will be killed long before Medicine. Unlike Yuyuko & Youmu, the last girl standing will not move twice.

Medicine has 200 PDEF and immunity to light and dark, even if you can safely ignore her attack, you'll find out that killing her will be more troublesome than killing Yuuka. (I know, it's ironic)

My strategy is a mess. I should have bought Marisa instead of Reimu, but then again, who will act as a tank? Mokou perhaps?

See those EXP? I got Byakuren's Last Word to increase 190% EXP gained.

Now, I just got this skill. I could have used this skill to lace Sakuya's sword with thunder. *sigh*

Reimu.png: Heheh, we win!

Much easier than Yuyuko & Youmu.

: So this is the pain of exterminated youkai~... I've learnt another thing...

: Hm, it was fun.

Reimu.png: It's time for you to fess up to the truth, then.

: Are you still on about that? I already said it's not me.

Care to lead us on our next suspect?

Sanae.png: But you did say it was similar to Makai's miasma...

: Well, Yuuka?

: ...Fine. I'll tell you one thing.

Life? Alice, you said it was death! Life is a direct contrast of death.

: Life...?

: Or to put it another way, it's from the 'power of controlling life'. Depending on how it is used, it may be able to make things immortal.

Marisa.png: Ahh? Sounds real dangerous...

Marisa.png: Hey, waitaminute...

Sanae.png: Yes, I seem to recall hearing the word 'immortal' somewhere else before...

Hint: Someone in our frontline, expend bomb with her every skill.

: Erm...

: ...The power of Hourai!

: Hourai... So, the culprit is...

: It couldn't be... Kaguya Houraisan!?

: If that was the case, the Eirin... It might well be those two again.

Yep, another dual boss.

: Whatever the case, our next destination should be...

: I see. Eientei is indeed the only place which no one has explored or reported on... So it can only be them.

Reimu.png: It seems we've found the culprits, then... That makes things quick.

Reimu.png: Next stop: Eientei!

Eientei will be part 1 final stages.

: Ah, you're going to Eientei? Give Eirin a message for me. Tell her that I'll share Ms. Su's poison anytime.

Marisa.png: Ya sure are easygoin'...

Reimu.png: All right. I'll tell her, if I remember.

Nah, she won't. You can count on that.

: I'll be here with Meddy for now, so it would be nice if things got quiet.

Reimu.png: You don't have to say more, we're about to leave. Let's get going everyone.

Stage 8 complete!

All rear formation, just like Freeform. It increases DEF and EVA whistl reducing speed.

Somehow, I forgot to equip Sakuya's 3rd tier weapon eventhough I make it... Clumsy NEET

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