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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 6

Do you know Kimahri Ronso from Final Fantasy X? Blue Cat dude, wield spear, notorious for having shitty blue magic and having no specialty whatsoever?

Well, Satori is like that. For starter, she has HP slightly lower than Marisa's, okay MP, good DEX and POT, average INT, and shit in everything else. Her unique weapon is Eye? What kind of weapon is Eye? it's basically like Marisa's broom, only with slash element. A useless character like her can only equip small armor and shield. Her skills mainly involves statuses and debuff, multi target status and debuff, and yes, it's shittier than Byakuren's. The thing is, that's not her specialty, her specialty is blue magic, she can copy any enemy's skill if she got hit by them. In the earlier version, the learned skill's rate? only 1-10%. In this version, it's been buffed to reasonable rate, but 1% rate? Even if she learns them, she doesn't have the raw power of Marisa or Sakuya to be able to use it effectively. Her last word is Powerful Mind Reading: It allows her to inflict multi-target Control (allows you to control enemies), no thanks, the chance of it hitting are less than none.

At least her commander skills is great right?
Passive: RES +5% (Yeah... it's not)
Support 1: Attack Foresight: Gain Deflect 33% (Actually quite good)
Support 2: Enemy Arts Randomly: uses one enemy skill (Meh)

Anyway, Eye is such a terrible weapon.

Now you go and wield spear instead. I even took the time of buying you a cool spear.

Her skill tree consist of Satori, Trauma, Id, and Third Eye. Satori enhances the rate and the strength of learned skill (it's recommended to take it as it's first skill gives doubles the chance to learn skills), Trauma enhances the chance of inflicting Permanent status effect and strengthen physical skills (yeah, her STR is shit), Id enhances Variety status effect and strengthen physical skill, and Third Eye enhances MP, RES, and reduce cooldown instead. Eye increases her PATK, MATK, IND, ACC, and MP, plus it give her lots of skills. I like how the first skill is Scan when we already have a Bestiary to check enemy's status.

: To extract her enemy's spells and change her mode. It must have been quite a hard-fought battle. Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration.

Too bad playable Satori can't change mode, otherwise she might become useful.

: I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

She say this line before and after commenting on Satori. I don't know why she said it twice, maybe it's a glitch?

Anyway, we got everyone's second tier weapon, Marisa's and Patchouli's unique armor, and some generic shield and armor.

Every second tier weapon requires the tier spefic material, in this case, Celestial Peach. We still don't have any yet, so we'll skip upgrading for now.

Another hard stage.

BGM: Netherworld

Reimu.png: It took quite a while to finally get here.

: So this is the Netherworld... It is my first visit here. Mm, the place is very much like what I had heard.

Marisa.png: There ain't any mist here either, like underground.

: Strictly speaking, this place is isolated from Gensokyo. So the mist not reaching here isn't surprising. ...Or at least, it sounds plausible. After all...

: There is the possibility... That it is because the culprit herself is here.

The game is 1/4 done. So, she's probably innocent.

: Even if that is so... Why would Ms. Yuyuko start an incident like this?

Reimu.png: Don't bother asking us. No one ever knows what that Yuyuko is thinking. If we want to know, we'll have to ask her directly.

Sanae.png: That's right. Whatever the case, it's a fact that the youkai in Gensokyo are suffering. And to resolve that...

: We have to keep going.

Reimu.png: Right.

The Netherworld is a huge stage divided into two section: the hellish lower part, and the majestic upper part. Before we begin...

There is a treasure here. It's at this point where we got accesories that blocks multiple statuses.

Now here's the upper level, as you can see, this place is nicer to look than the lower level and the place is freaking huge.

And yes, the enemy is represented by Ghosts.

BGM: Battle 1

Compare to the previous stage, the enemies here are slightly easier.  Our first batch of enemies are Senpoku-Kanpoku (the frog), and Darkness. The frog has 400 HP, resistance to earth and blunt, and weakness to water and slash. They can use Poison Breath, that's it. Sakuya's first tier sword will overkill them. Darkness has 265 HP, resistance to dark, and weak to light. They have some dark skills. Reimu's light magic can one hit them.

Next we have Mr. Ghosty and Voiuvre. Ghost has 256 HP and weak to light, they're just fodder who try to attack and inflicts confusion. The dragon lady has 460 HP, decent defense, resistance to all 4 element, and weak to dark. They have some pretty dangerous slash type skill that hits for 50-60 damage, and lots of status effect. This enemy introduce you to Dragon enemy in general, tough and hits pretty hard.

Oh boy, Hresvelgr. It has 975 HP, 50 EVA, immune to earth, resistance to dark and blunt, and weak to light and stab. It can move twice, has some dangerous bird skills, that deals around 50-70 damage, can inflict instant death, and can turn dead character into zombie whilst raising its EVA. Tough business all around, if you meet two of them, run!

I miss one enemy on the upper level, Natural Killer, it has 300 HP, great resistance to physical attack, and crippling weakness to fire and water. It can absorb HP by 50.

On the lower section, we meet Always, and Beheaded Ksitigarbha. They're unremarkable. Always (What kind of name is that?) has 300 HP, resistance to earth, and weakness to thunder and stab. They have like, some stab based skill. The statue has 333 HP, 120 PDEF, immunity to light and dark, resistance to slash and stab, and weakness to earth. Their attack are unremarkable, but they can inflict silence on hit, and thier high resistance mean it will stay on battle for quite some time.

Shade is another one of the hardest enemy here. It has 750 HP, immunity to dark, resistance to all physicals, and weakness to light. It can move twice and has some dangerous dark breath, and dark multi-target spell that deals 30-60 to everyone. Caution is advised when fighting them.

Then we have Shugenja, the resident magician. He has 385 HP and weak to dark. He can inflict Silence, and use Mass Heal to heal everyone, not fun.

His warrior counterpart is Swordsman. He has 425 HP and weakness to dark. He has some slash skill (Headsplitter) that may reduce PDEF, and one that hits everyone for 30-40 damage.

For the record, my current damage is around 50-200 when not hitting weaknesses.

You can either go down using a teleporter or a cracked floor... But most of the time, it's recommended to use cracked floor.

Like this path for example, you need to go down through nearby cracked floor to go to the place beyond the fence.

At least it's not completely hidden like a certain treasure in stage 5.

Another golder door, this separates the second part of this stage.

Launch Earrings, +10 IND, incredibly useful for buffer.

Got both the Gold and Silver Key.

After this point, we started to encounter stronger enemies.

Zaqqum, not dangerous, but annoying. 444 HP, resistance to elec and stab, and weak to fire. It can inflict silence, drains your HP, and use panic (inflict confusion) on counter.

I believe they may has the highest chance to drop Celestial Peach. But don't expect them to drop it like Pinatas.

Next, we have Soul and Dropper. Soul has 199 HP, great resistance to dark and all 3 physicals, and weakness to light. It can use Fire stone, which deals 50 damage, silence, and may possess people (Inflict Control while killing itself) when low on HP. Though you probably won't encounter it as Reimu one hit them. Dropper has 369 HP, and weakness to fire. it has Nasal Breath, which inflicts Paralysis on a line, can use Scream to cancel magic like Horus, and may inflict Great Confusion with its normal attack. Easy to kill, annoying to fight.

That's a lot of Angels. Angel has 420 HP, great MDEF, resistance to all 4 elements, greatly resists light and weak to dark. They have a light spell and a column targetting light + slash skill, both deals around 50 damage. Their high magic resistance means Marisa won't be able to damage them effectively.

Cerberus, the third dangerous enemy. It has 888 HP, resistance to fire, and weakness to water and earth. The game sometimes takes the enemy sprite too literally. Because it has like 3 head, it can attack 3 times. I think it can deal around 30-40 damage.

Hey, I thought Demon don't exist in this level! Infant Demon has 472 HP, resist dark and weak to light. They have a spear, which means they have basic spear skills and a single target dark attack. It deals around 50 damage.

The item's drop rate seems to be lower here. I believe I may missed some accesories, probably from that zombie bird jerk. Anyway, I got Nimble Ring I, Endurance Ring I, Echo Amulet, Daybreak Amulet (greatly increasing resistance for one element whilst giving weakness to the opposite), Shield of Darkness, Herald Shield, Strength Ring I ,3 Rocks, 2 Irons, 2 Magic Medals, and 3 Celestial Peaches. (I'm swimming in Rocks and Irons right now)

I still haven't got any character specific materials from the enemies. I think it's drop rate may be lower than normal materials.

Another Medium shield, it's pretty decent actually.

Anyway, we're heading deeper into the Netherworld.

Hey, who changed the channel!? I'm still in the middle of gameplay.

: ...

: I'm... starving...

: Is the food ready yet~!?

: Yes, Lady Yuyuko! I am bringing it now!

: Fried vegetables, and grilled night sparrow.

Grilled night sparrow? That sounds delicious.

: I'm going to dig in-.

: Please do.

It's to be note that Youmu has a full frame of animation of her giving the food to Yuyuko and placing her own food. I guess it's better than Reimu's lazy attempt to give cucumbers to Satori's pets.

: By the way, Lady Yuyuko.

: Yes?

: I overheard something as I was buying ingredients. Some people have entered the Netherworld, and appear to be heading toward us.

Wow, do people in Gensokyo make gossip like that?

: Some people...? Hehehe, that must be Reimu.

: (She's aimed well, but she took rather long to act.)

: Is it Reimu? Why would the Hakurei shrine maiden come here...? Lady Yuyuko, you are not starting an incident again, are you...!?

: Ehehe, what do you think?

: ...I do not know. But whatever happens, I am Lady Yuyuko's bodyguard. If enemies were to come, my duty to protect you shall not change.

That's what she paid you for, right? Sometimes, I wish I can skip boss battle.

: I see.

: Anyway, I shall stand guard at Hakugyokurou at once!

: Mm, work hard.

: (I wonder what Yukari will do...?)

No one can read Yukari. Maybe she'll just send her shikigami lackeys to solve it for her.

: In any case... Hehe, this will be fun. Indeed, come right in.

We ended up in another huge room.

Anothe Silver Key, this time I traded it for a Philosopher's Cane, a new Rod.

You can obtain Celestial Peach from the treasures, but you can only get three of them. The rest must be gotten from enemies. The enemies who drops it are Darkness, Swordsman, Zaqqum, Dropper, and Cerberus.

The save room is near.

After a rather long detour, I finally got the last golden key. (Yes, I change my party because my previous one ran out of MP).

The next boss will be troublesome.

So, I make instant death resisting accesories, Mokou's 2nd tier weapon, and Patchouli's armor.

Putting 13 points into Marisa's Laser skill tree gives her magic slayer effect against Giant, Magicians, and warriors. This will be important in the next boss batlle.

Note: After having 25 PLv, the POW next level started to rise by 5 points each level.

Uuuh..... Yeah.... My party's still the same. I don't know why I use Reimu though, she's kinda useless in the next boss fight.

This cutscene will play automatically as we climb the prismriverless stairs.

: We're almost at Hakugyoukurou now.

: We'll be able to settle this with the true cuplrit [sic] soon!

: Sticking to a story always produces results! So exciting~!

Reimu.png This staircase sure is long though. We'll be tired out before we can punish Yuyuko at this rate...

Hm... I guess there's no need for fillers anymore.

Marisa.png: You're... Youmu, aren't ya?

: So it was indeed you all. Whatever reasons you have, however many you may be, I will not let you pass!

: That's not going to do, I'm afraid.

Reimu.png: The culprit behind this is in Hakugyokurou after all. No matter how stubborn you are, we'll get through.

It's 9 vs 1 after all.

: You shouldn't protect the culprit, even if it's your master.

: Even if Lady Yuyuko truly is the culprit, I am her bodyguard.

That's what she paid you, right?

: Even if...? Isn't she the culprit?

: I do not know.

A servant does not need to know everything about the master. All they must do is serve.

: Eh? If you don't know...

Sanae.png: Is she telling the truth, Satori?

: ...

: 'I told you, I really don't know anything.'

: Ehh!?

: It seems she is telling the truth.

Reimu.png: That means Yuyuko is working alone...? This is baffling... I've got a bad feeling about this...

: H-How did you know what I was...!? You mean... this girl...!

: 'She can read my mind!?'

: 'If that's really true, then she must be able to read what I'm thinking now! Lady Yuyuko, you idiot! You iidiot!'

幽々子さまのバカ. Yeeah... I don't speak japanese.

: It's trueee!!

: 'At this rate, everyone will find out that I wet my bed this mor...'

Sanae.png: You...

I guess she's still just a kid.

Marisa.png: *punches Satori in the face*

Yeah! Punch that stupid privacy invader!

Marisa.png: Don't read that kinda thing!

: Ah...

: ...

: Is she angry...?

: Yeah she is...

Thank you Satori, you made this boss fight 5x harder.

: Before it can be revealed...

: Slice? Or smash? Which one do you mean?

Slash, all of her attack are slash elemental.

: Enogh talk!

Youmu tries to slash through them, but thankfully, they managed to dodge.

: You did well to avoid that. However...

: This one will not miss!

Reimu.png: She's up for it. Here's something in return then!

Reimu tries to cast Hakurei Amulet... but it got deflected.

: She sliced Reimu's danmaku apart...

: Konpaku Single Sword Style. The things that my youkai-forged Roukanken cannot cut are next to none!

Cutscene Youmu is so OP. She could do that in-game, but that skill is located at the very end of a certain skill tree... and even then, it only activates 10% of the time. (Or you can get it as a skill at level 24)

Reimu.png: Not bad. But how about this!

Reimu tries to cast it again, but it got deflected again and Youmu immediately counters. Now that's a Level 45 skills, which she is not right now.

: Roukanken for attacking, and Hakurouken for blocking...

: The skill combining offense and defense has no weakness!

That's not how she fights in-game.

Marisa.png: What's goin' on? Youmu's all fired up today...

Sanae.png: This troubling girl is opposing us...

Reimu.png: Grrrr, how brazen of you...!

: Ahem. You haven't forgotten about us, have you, Reimu?

Fighting a boss solo is tantamount to suicide. Even using 2 characters is still troublesome.

Reimu.png: ...I know. Let's do this, everyone!

: Heh heh, understood!

Oh yeah, rock on!

: Hm?

9 against 1 is still unfair though. Do we get to skip this one?

: You are undoubtedly strong.

: But it's far too much of a burden for you to fight all of us alone.

Reimu.png: Now, prepare yourself, Youmu!

Holy shit! Do we get our asses kicked?!

: Wah!?

Reimu.png: T-This is...

: What if she isn't alone, then...?

: T-That voice...!

*sigh* Another dual boss fight.

: This looks fun. Do you mind if I join in?

: Lady Yuyuko, why are you here...? If you've come here, then isn't it pointless for me to be guarding here?

: But it looks so fun. And I'm bored too...

Reimu.png: So the culprit's finally here!

: Culprit? Are you referring to the mist incident? Ehehe...

Reimu.png: !!

Reimu.png: I knew it!

: The incident...?

: You've been staying in the unaffected Netherworld, yet you knew about it...

: There's no mistaking it! You're the one behind all this, Ms. Yuyuko!

: Oh no, you've got it wrong. You see...

Another useful clue. Okay, this may be the only time Satori's ever useful in-story.

: ...I've not seen you before.

: I am the Palace of Earth Spirits master, Satori Komeiji.

: I see. So you're from there...

Marisa.png: What's up with her, Satori? Is Yuyuko the culprit after all?

: ...

: ...!? I-I can't read her...!? Did she... close it off!?

See.... mind reading resistance... told you. Guess we'll do this the hard way again.

Marisa.png: Whaaa...!?

: A person who can do that at will... She isn't normal!

You'll be even surprised again, later on.

: Goodness me... Such an inelegant power would put a damper on all this.

Geez... This is an RPG, not a bullet hell!!!

: Kyah!?

: Ahh!?

Sanae.png: Wah, wah! Y-Yuyuko's getting angry!

Nice work Satori.

Reimu.png: She's a major pain as always...!

: Do not forget about me!

Cutscene protagonists sucks!

: Kyah!

: Gwah!?

: We had no chance if we just keep defending, Reimu!

Let's bring this to more even grounds!

Reimu.png: I know already! Let's go, everyone!

: I will not let you lay a finger on Lady Yuyuko.

: Now then, punishment time begins now.

Let's bring this to the gameplay realm!

BGM: Boss 1

Previously, you need to content with 3500 HP boss. Now, there's two of them with the same HP. Youmu has 3500 HP, high PATK power, and weakness against all 4 element. Yuyuko has 3500 HP, 75 EVA, resist light and dark, and more weak to all 4 elements.

Marisa with warrior slayer works best against Youmu, her spellcard elemental can deal up to 600-700 damage.

Yuyuko will occasionally harass you with Death, and some generic elemental skills. Though she has a spellcard which targets small area, deals 30 damage, and may inflict MDEF down.

Youmu is the only boss that fight like her playable self. She has 3 stances, Manussya (increases ACC and CRT), Asura (increases PATK), and Devaloka (increases PDEF and EVA). Manussya offense involves targetting single enemy with high damage, Asura involves damaging multiple enemy with very low damage, and Devaloka involves damaging enemies in Line with medium damage. In this fight, unbuffed Youmu can deal around 50 damage, with stances, her skills can deals 50-100 damage. Her spellcards will deals around 100-200 damage, which is instant death right now. So she need to go down, fast!

This doesn't take too much turns if we used Marisa's elemental.

The survivor will now gain 2 attack per turn and up their instant death abilities. Yuyuko will use Death more frequently, and Youmu will gain Death Zapper.

On top of having 75 EVA, Yuyuko will also has 30% perfect dodge, which lets her dodge an attack no matter what. This means your attack will miss 3/4 of the time. She is weak to elemental, but her MDEF is 240... so yeah.

Wish I upgraded Nitori's gun... she can lace her bullet with elements, plus one of her gun skill has great accuracy.

Let's see if I can decrease the chance to miss with Sanae's Last Word.

Not bad... not bad at all. Green MISS indicates perfect dodge.

Be careful when killing her though...

Because she has one last (bullshit) trick on her sleeve.

Ressurection Butterfly will inflict Instant Death to everyone at 100% chance whilst reducing their resistance by half. This mean that unless you are very lucky, you WILL get wiped out. To be fair, there are multiple ways to prevent it. Reimu has a barrier that prevent status effect, Mokou's 3-bomb support is an bullshit insurance, Alice can cover an ally, this mean she will be double dead, but the covered character will survive. If will not use it if she's killed indirectly, Yuyuko can be murdered safely under Sakuya's time stop, Nitori's chaser will prevent it to be casted, and lastly, Satori's poison will kill her safely, but that would requires me using Satori, and that just won't happen.

Will you look at that! I am. incredibly lucky. For the record, I didn't give Nitori any instant death resisting equipment. I only half-assedly give 50% death resistance to Reimu despite me having double circle death resistance.

Yeah, I'm surprised as well.

Reimu.png: That settles it! Admit to it, Yuyuko!

: Ooh, that was so bad...

: I told you already, I'm not the culprit...

Reimu.png: That's not convincing...

: No, she seems to be telling the truth. I can just about read it from the area she closed off.

: Yes, see?

Marisa.png: Ahh? What's goin' on, then...? Are we gonna be right back where we started!?

Wrong suspect again. And no, we advance to the next stage.

Sanae.png: That seems to be the case... What can we do?

: Ah, that's right. Do you happen to know anything, Ms. Yuyuko?

: You treated Lady Yuyuko so badly, yet you are shameless enough to ask her that!?

: So what!?

: Eh...?

: I would've told you all what I know, but after having that power used on me... I don't feel like it anymore.

: So Satori had the opposite effect... Now what?

If I were Reimu, I would have stuffed her into a fridge, and sent her back to her Palace. But sadly, that's not the case... and I have to content with Satori until the end of the game.

: (I did not do anything bad, so why do I feel like I am being blamed here...?)

Go away Satori!

: Ah, however. Since yopu're here, I shall give you a parting gift. I'll lend you a little something that will be useful.

Reimu.png: So first, you deny your help, and now you say you're giving 'a little something'... What exactly are you saying?

: You can have Youmu.

Our last party member.

: Huh...? Eh? Wait, Lady Yuyuko!? Why are you...!?

: Ugh!

: 'At this rate, everyone will find out that I wet my bed this mor...'

I guess she still just a kid.

: Awawawa...! You were... watching the whole time...!?

: You can choose to stay here and be punished, or go with Reimu's group. Which will it be.

The answer is simple.

: Understood... I shall go with them...

You better be useful. I don't want to see you be a burden like Satori.

Sanae.png: (Ahh, I feel sorry for her...)

Reimu.png: It doesn't seem like we have a say in this... Well, whatever.

: Erm, well then... Now that this matter with Ms. Yuyuko is settled... I may be dismissed now, correct?

Yes, yes! Please... you're welcome to do so.

Reimu.png: What are you talking about!? You can't go back until we've found the culprit!

Dammit Reimu!

: Ahaha... *sigh*

Sanae.png: (I feel sorry for her too...)

Now she sympathize with her too...? Please Youmu, please don't suck.

: So, now that things have settled down... What do we do now?

Marisa.png: Yeah. We've gotta start from the beginnin' again, but where should we search...?

: How about Muenzuka?

Marisa.png: Your reason is?

: The theory that Yuyuko was behind this may have been off the mark... But the diagnosis of the mist is clearly accurate. So, if we wanted to find out more about the mist... It would be wise to search areas relating to its nature.

Sanae.png: And that would be Muenzuka?

: I see... 'Death', huh... It may be an appropriate place to go next.

Death = shinigami. Shinigami = ...

Reimu.png: It's decided, then. Let's strike while the iron is hot and hurry there.

: Well, Lady Yuyuko. I will be absent from Hakugyokurou for a while.

: Mm, do your best.

: I shall take my leave, then.

: This is a good chance for her to get some experience.

Considering she's level 1...

: Keep growing and maturing, Youmu.

: Now then, let's see what fun is in store from now on .

Stage 6 complete!

You! You must be the culprit! Of course the culprit will be Organization XIII member.

???: ...I see. ...As expected from her.

???: ...I guess this needs to be reported.


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