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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 5

Satori, I know you likes pets. But could you find another picture other than cat?

BGM: Former Hell

: It was so hot! That kind of temperature isn't good for a kappa...

: My. The Hell of Blazing Fires, and this place too... It seems the underground isn't affected by this incident at all.

That means they could chill all the time without worries... Lucky them.

: That's because the incident is about mist. It isn't possible for mist to sink to the underground.

Reimu.png: It took quite a detour to get here, though...

Marisa.png: We've still got a ways'ta go. There's the whole Palace of Earth Spirits left after all.

Reimu.png: *sigh*... So annoying.

I think this should be Reimu's catchphrase.

: Hmm... If we had went to Ms. Yuyuko first and forced the truth out from her... That might've faster than this route.

Sanae.png: Let's not speak about ifs.

: We have come all the way here. There is nowhere to go but forward.

Reimu.png: Indeed.

We will spent the next stage inside the Palace.

FIlled with cats picture. Geez... Even cats lovers wouldn't put a picture of cats in their house.


Anyway, the enemies here are represented by a crow. The floor is colored black, crow's feathers are black, they are pretty hard to see here. In fact, there are times when I accidentally touch them when exploring.

The enemies here are on a whole different level than back in stage 4.

BGM: Battle 1

Hey Salamander, I didn't see you back in the previous stage. All the enemies from stage 4 are back in large quantity, you may sometimes face 5 of them in one formation. Salamander has 500, great defense, immunity to fire, resist all sort of physicals, but weak to water. Be careful of their physical and fire attack, that hurts for around 50 damage.

Oh great, Mind Flayer, these guys are the most dangerous enemy here. It has 330 HP, great resistance to all element but thunder and its only weakness is stab. On paper, it has 256 ATK, in practice, its attack only deals 1 damage but has a great chance to inflict Instant Death. Their skill is very dangeous, Mind Blast is a multi target that has a high chance to inflict paralysis despite only dealing 20 damage. It casts Mind Blast pretty fast, they will cast it before Sanae could buff our RES.

Expect a lot of casualty and near party wipe when facing them.

Despite its cute appearance, Nekomata is actually quite dangerous. They have 270 HP, and weakness to fire, light and dark. Their attack maybe only deals 20 damage, but they can use single target and multi target Charm. Wouldn't want a charmed Sakuya to lob our head now, do we?

Horus AKA Hell's Gatekeeper is really annoying to fight. It has 600 HP, decent EVA, resistance to fire and earth, and weakness to water and stab. It can move twice in one turn and they will use Horus Barrier, which cancels your magic for that turn, and it will cast it very fast.

The fires are back, although they only here to block shortcuts.

If I turn off the minimap, would you ever know where I am?

This place is so huge, I need the minimap to explore this palace. I pity those who play the earlier version (earlier version don't have minimap).

Yuck! Satori, you are a disgusting person!

The gimmick is there are some unlit floor, you find an unlit candle and light them on to light the floor as well.

On top of materials, we also get Mokou, Byakuren, and Satori's material, PDEF, MDEF increasing accesories, elemental shields, and the rest status resisting accesories.

A maze of invisible pathways.

They had the audacity to hide a candle inside an invisible path.

Our first Gold Key.

That door below? It's a red herring.

At the underground section, you will encounter a new bunch of enemies.

BGM: Battle 1

Tsuchigumo here has 340 HP, high PDEF, resistance to all sort of physical and weak to earth. As a spider, it can use web to nuke your speed. They maybe deals around 30 damage.

Gobi is rarest enemy here, I only met it once over the course of my genocide. It has 700 HP, resistance to fire and water, and weak to thunder. Be careful of them, they hits for around 50-60 damage, they're the strongest enemy here.

Last, Yin-Yang Orb, 150 HP, resistance to all four element, immunity to light and dark, and no visible weakness. They have Destruction Ray which hits for 50 damage, but they mostly just content on giving you various status.

If the enemies may drop an equipment, I will get it. I obtain every every single one of it, such as Galaxy Ring, Rolex Wristwatch, and The Slicer. For materials, on top of Steel, I got a Rock, 2 Irons, Gold, and another Steel.

Use the golden key to open the rest of the underground.

To obtain this, I have to travel across rooms with invisible path to open a door leading to another invisible room that leads to this room.

I hate invisible path.

The left one contains Arctic Shield.

This one is completely hidden behind invisible path. I hate this.

Please let it be a save room, please let it be a save room.

Yay, finally! Save room! Spending the last minutes running away from enemies because I don't have any MP left sucks.

Yes yes, this is almost like the same team I used for the previous boss.

: Expenses are increasing again this month. The Engel coefficient keeps increasing, and we keep receiving peculiar bills...

: Honestly, those children... They're such a headache.

Reimu.png: We're coming in, Satori.

That was quick. I guess she's just that boring and doesn't deserve another filler.

: Good grief.

: Just what are my pets doing, I wonder...

Being beaten to pulp.

Reimu.png: This may be sudden, but Satori! You're coming with us!

: Huh?

Sanae.png: That's too abrupt, Reimu. At least explain the situation.

Sanae.png: ?

: I see. So in order to determine accurately whether Yuyuko Saigyoji is the culprit... You need my power.

Sanae.png: Wah!? How did you know my.

: It seems the rumours were true. She is able to read other people's minds...

Marisa.png: That'll make things quick. So come with us, a'ight?

: I must refuse.

Oh, well. We'll just do it the hard way then.

Marisa.png: Ahh? But why...?

: I can not travel with you all. I have my own duties to fulfil. Furthermore...

Reimu.png: You can do your work anytime, can't you? So don't complain about it and just come with us.

: 'If we don't take the useful item with us, then coming here will be pointless.'

Reimu.png: Ack!

: Who would listen to the request of someone who treats others like objects!?

: Now now, please calm down and...

: 'What should we do... We can't let the sucker get away from us.'

: Gah!

Marisa.png: H-Hey hey...

: 'This's bad... She's started the whole mind reading bit. She's not gonna give it away, right...? If Patchouli finds out 'bout the book I borrowed...'

: W-Wait a minute! Marisa! You went and did...!

: 'Yeah, keep it up! Keep getting angry at her! Then Marisa will be all min...'

: Wahhh!? She's lying! It's all a lie! I wasn't thinking that!

: 'Hah! Good to see her squirm.'

: Hyah!?

: ...Are you picking a fight?

: ...What, you want to go at it?

This is why everyone hates Satori.

: Ugh!?

Sanae.png: Wah!?

: Eep!?

: All of you think such impure thoughts.

Everyone surrounds Satori.

: I have no plans to accompany such...

Reimu.png: ...

Reimu.png: It seems a little girl here needs to be punished...

: Ehh?

Marisa.png: Agreed.

: Eh? Ehh?

Reimu.png: And we'll deliver it now!!

Commence pummeling!

BGM: Boss 1

Compared to the stage, Satori is just a walk in the park and can be beaten with brute force easily. She has 3500 HP (When previous bosses has 2000 + 1500), 30% physical and magical barrier and no resistance or weakness.

She mostly fights like her playable self, mainly she just hits you for piddly 20-40 damage and uses multi-target (weak) debuff.

But after a certain turn, she will change mode. She has fire, water, earth, and thunder mode. This will change her stats, barrier, resistance and weakness, regeneration from Land, and moveset. And oh, she will tilt the Land of her selected element by 50%.

Yo, I heard earth is weak to thunder. So have a chaser fueled with Marisa and Sanae.

Oh Dammit! And I don't have any source for earth based offense and the thunder Land is already tilted completely.

She may charge up a spellcard after a certain turn. Each form has a different ultimate spell. A generic multi target fire skills for fire form, a generic multi target thunder skill for thunder, Petro Breath (multi target earth spell that has a chance a petrify) for earth, an Elixir for water. Yes, it does what you think it is (full heal). So, if she transform into water mode early in the battle, reset.  Those multi target skills are so generic that it only deals 50 damage even when the Land is filled completely for that element.

And so, I killed her without exerting too much effort.

Satori you suck! Both your boss form and your playable.

Reimu.png: Hmph, that completes the punishment!

: Y-You all are horrible...

Marisa.png: So this means you're comin' with us now, Satori.

: Besides, I already refused to earlier...

: The loser serves the winner!

The law of Gensokyo!

: T-That's too unreasonable...

Reimu.png: *glare*

Reimu really did say that in-game.

: Ooh...


: I shall join you all.

Sanae.png: We did it! We now have a reassuring ally, everyone.

Another person forcibly recruited. Just one more and we have a full party.

: Mm, quite. We can finally set our sights on the Netherworld now.

: So all that is left is to question Yuyuko Saigyouji. Do you think it will be easy, though...?

Spoiler: No, it's not.

: Who knows. But we don't have any better ideas anyway. So there's nothing else we can do but try it out.

Reimu.png: Patchouli's right. And besides, worst come to worst, we'll just force it out of her!

: 'Thinking is too annoying.'

Reimu.png: *punches Satori in the face*

Yeah! Punch that stupid character in the face.

: Oww!

Reimu.png: Geez...

Stage 5 completed.

Reimu brought Satori specifically as a lie detector right? Well, guess what? Any character that has a relevance in the plot will have some degree of resistance against mind-reading. So she's useless story wise.

Gee, and IND formation. Only 3 of my character actually needs IND, and this formation only increased it by small amount. So it's useless, just like Satori.

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