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Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 4

In the last stage, we got probably one of the best character in the game.

Alice has the highest HP out of every playable character, high MP, very high VIT and POT, and average in everything else. Her unique weapon is Boots? Why not Dolls? Anyway, it sucks offensively, the reason you will use it is because it grants defensive skills to Alice. As the sturdiest character in the game, she can equip everything, though it's recommended to give her your strongest armor and shield. She is not build to attack, she is built for taking damage like a boss. Indeed, all of her skills but one or two are defensive in nature. Her tanking skill can make boss battle 10x easier. Her Last Word is Alice Guard: It nullified any damage for 3 turns. Provoke the boss and go to town. (Beware, it does nothing to status effect)

Anyway, Alice's commander skills are:
Passive: Shield Activation chance +15%
Support 1: 7-Colored Puppet Shield: activation chance set to 100% (OP)
Support 2: Alice Formation Formation: bonuses doubled (Even those who reduce stats instead, not OP)

Her skill tree consists of Manipulation, Craft, Dummy, and Self-Destruct. Manipulation allow her to protect her allies even better (Shield EVA+ 1000% when covering allies???),  Craft enhances her HP, PDEF, and her shield's PDEF and EVA, Dummy enhances her support skills, but it mainly increases her RES and field effect duration, and Self-Destruct enhances damage, at least one tree I can ignore. You should ignore Greaves' skill tree as well, you don't need extra attack from her weapon.

Three tanks and 2 squishy persons formation eh? I could put Sakuya, Mokou, and Alice on the front and Patchouli and Byakuren on the back.

: I have heard that Ms. Alice is an expert magician and dollmaster. It must have been quite a hard-fought battle. Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration.

Don't forget, the best tank.

Anyway, talking to Akyu afterward gives you Alice's tier 1 weapon, Reimu and Aya's unique armor, and some accesories to resist elements and statuses.

Also, I grind Alice, Mokou, and Patchouli's level in Forest of Magic. (And got wiped out against those Angels).

The enemies don't immediately respawn when killed, instead it took a while before the enemies respawn again. So, if you commit genocide before, prepare to scour the entire map 2-3 times before finding enemies.

And I synthesize Reimu's armor, Sanae's first tier weapon, and a medium shield. Everyone else didn't get upgraded since I'm cheap.

Time to do the main event, Stage 4.

BGM: Former Hell

Gyser Center... Pfft...

Reimu.png: Do we really have to go through here...?

Sanae.png: There isn't any other choice. The passage to the underground is supposed to be closed after all. Right, Nitori?

: Yep. Yuugi apparently got too drunk and wrecked the passage twice over. It's off limits right now.

What a coincidence! Now I need to go through another stage before reaching the palace.

Reimu.png: Good grief, that Oni...!

: And because of that... We'll have to go through here to get to the Hell of Blazing Fires...

: This will be annoying, it'll be really hot...

Relax, at least this stage is easy.

Reimu.png: By the way, how did you know about that?

: Oh? This underground center is managed by the kappa and the subterranean dwellers. News about the underground naturally reaches our ears.

Marisa.png: Oh right, Kanako and the mountainers are connected to this place too, yeah? You two didn't know 'bout this, Sanae and Aya?

Considering they've created a nuclear bird...

: I didn't. The tengu aren't involved with this place at all. And we don't touch anything to do with the underground.

Sanae.png: I was not aware either. This underground center... It's true that Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako are the governors of it... But they do not tell me anything about it.

Sanae.png: So I do not have the authority to activate this elevator either. That's the way it is.

Reimu.png: Hmm.

: So we'll have to walk all the way to the Hell of Blazing Fires... Nitori, can you activate this elevator?

: Nope.

Reimu.png: Ah well. It'll be annoying, but let's start going through this.

At least I don't have any qualms beating Kanako and Suwako when it's their turn.

This stage is filled with lots of flames and lavas. Nevermind that ordinary people will be dead by now, as long as we don't directly touch it, we'll be fine. After all, this is a game.

The gimmick of this stage is this purple flames, they blocks our path and must be extinguished by pressing a switch.

The enemies here represented by... Is that a giant foot? The enemies just keep getting weirder and weirder.

BGM: Battle 1

More enemy analysis. Flame, they're have low HP, resists fire and weak to water. Marisa's water magic should kill them in 1 hit. They do have some single target and multi target fire skills that inflict around 20 damage.

Xing Tian, they have pretty high HP, resists blunt weapon and weak to pointy weapon. Their attack are so-so, but they can sometimes inflict multi-target curse (damage you if you damage enemies).

Note that they have shield in their sprite. That's not just for show, they actually equip a shield and will sometimes block your attack.

Hell Cobra, 230 HP, resists earth and blunt weapon, and weak to water and slash. They may poison with their attack? I don't know, I always use RES buff against them. Sakuya will overkill them easily.

Another Foreign God enemy, this time, we have Infant Demon with an axe. They have 310 HP and as usual resist dark and weak to light. On top of nasty dark skills, it also has nasty axe skills as well, this will hurts for 40-50 damage. Don't worry, there are no angel here.

Next, we have Hell Mendoza and Skeleton. Hell Mendoza has 200-ish HP, resist earth and dark, and weak to light and thunder. They have some fire skills and physical skill that hits for 20-40 damage. No JRPG is complete without Skeleton, it has 300 HP, resist dark and stab element, and weak to fire, light, and blunt weapon. Skeleton are just there... being a mook... attacking for 20 damage. Mokou, do your job. It may drop Gordon Freeman's patented Crowbar.

Later on, you will meet Hell Fairy. They have the lowest HP, resist dark and weak to fire and light. They're weak, moving on.

Hellhounds!!! They have 265 HP, resist fire, and weak to water and earth. Their normal attack is not dangerous, but they have Fire Breath, breath attack hits everyone (for now, it's just around 20 damage), partially ignores defense, and damages based on HP. If 5 of them use it...

This stone thingy is Sessho-Seki. They have 150 HP, resist slash and stab, and weak to light. They can inflict instant death at any times, thank goodness their IND sucks.

I may have missed an enemy, Salamander.

Luck is not with me today. I only got West Peak Sect Silver Spear (From Xing Tian), Heatwave Amulet (From Flame), Crowbar, Hell Prison Uniform (From Hell Fairy), Crescent Moon Shield (From stone thingy), Rock, Fire Shard, and Steel. I seems to have better luck obtaining equipment.

Looks like this path will be a shortcut.

Big flames needs  two switches for it to be extinguished.

Golden Door, we meet again.

On top of new status resisting accesories, we will obtain Rage Choker I (PATK +10) and some basic materials.

This time, instead of 10 feet, the key is located 2 rooms ahead.

Now we have a treasure actually hidden inside invisible path. Thank God for minimap.

After we unlocked the Golden Door, we're heading deeper into the Former Hell. you're going to meet Hell Fairies, Hell Hound and the stone thingy starting from here.

The boss room is located just beyond this door.

Another miniboss eh? I'm guessing you're like the last of them. Wait for a moment okay, let me restore my MP first.

BGM: Battle 1

Despite being a mini boss, Kisume here is actually really tough and will kill you if you're not careful. She has 1750 HP, high PATK, MATK and MDEF,  very high PDEF, resist fire, water, light, dark and weak to thunder only.

Her pattern is simple, she will charge her attack using either Store Power and Focus Magic.

And then slam you with really strong physical attack...

Or really strong water elemental magic attack. Coming unprepared will get murdered in 10 turns.

Do you know how to make this fight a breeze? Alice has a Provoke, Holland Doll (reduce physical damage by 90%), and Russian Doll (reduce magical damage by 90%). Due to the nature of her strategy, it is very easy to anticipate which type of attack is coming next and reduce it to below 10 damage.

Alice = OP!!!

And our reward is... A Bamboo and Gold. Well... It's actually not bad, I need more materials.

Anyway, we got the key and a new Large Shield for Alice.

We need to go back to the Golden Door and open it to finish this stage.

Save room!!! Finally! My MP has run out after all the fighting.

For the next boss fight, I will be using this party. And yes, this is the same party like before.

The lava pool erupts three times.

: The Hell of Blazing Fires is in good condition as usual.

: But since it's always the same, it's kinda boring. It's easy to get tired of it when you do this every day...

Everyone's opinion of full-time job. (Being a NEET is way better)

: And I'm getting hungry too...

; You look bored, Okuu.

Both of Komeiji's pets are here. And yes, it's another dual boss fight.

: Ah, Orin. Did you come for some sharred-up corpses?

; Nope. I'm just keeping track of these vengeful spirits. Are you fine just staying here though, Okuu?

: What do you mean?

; It seems we've got some unwanted guests here.

: Ahh, yeah. But it's probably just some random youkai that got lost and ended up here. It'll just get burned up and disappear as always.

I'm afraid they already killed all the Flames that tried to burn them.

; I guess so.

: Yeah.

: ...

They're pretty chill, despite being in literal Hell.

: Oh yeah, there's supposed to be something interesting going on at the surface.

: There is? The rumours say they've got some incident going up there. I'm kinda jealous. It's got nothing to do with us underground folks though.

: ...

Too bad, Reimu will make you guys involved in this whether you like it or not.

: I'm hungry...

: Yeah...

Reimu.png: Hm!? You're...

We interrupt this slice-of-life routine for an incoming boss fight.

: Oh, the big sisters!

: Uh... Who were you again?

Marisa.png: Hm, she's as bird-brained as ever.

Reimu.png: I don't have any food with me today.

No skipping this boss fight I guess.

: Unya~... Too bad, I'm so hungry too...

: So, what are you all doing here?

: We're here to meet Satori Komeiji.

Sanae.png: The usual path is closed at the moment. So we decided to take this roundabout route to get to the Palace of Earth Spirits.

: Ahh, I see.

: ...But you came all the way through the Hell of Blazing Fires just for that? I smell something fishy...

: That's true...

Marisa.png: (If... we tell them the truth, that ain't gonna let us pass, huh?)

Have you learn your lesson back in stage 1?!

Reimu.png: (Mm... Probably.)

: (Shall we distract them with some food? They're pets after all, that would surely be enough.)

Wait... you have foods!?

Reimu.png: (That sounds great. But I don't have any food on me.)

As I thought.

: (If cucmbers would do, I've got a bunch with me.)

Do birds and cats eat cucumbers?

Reimu.png: (Let's use those then)

Nitori gave Reimu the cucumbers.

Reimu.png: Ah, please excuse our behavior.

: You're a good person! You can go through!

One down, one to go.

: (She's not the brightest...)

: Don't be swayed so easily!

Reimu.png: Hm.

: Ah!? W-What was I doing...

Ah, dammit! Can I skip this one, please....

Reimu.png: Oh, don't worry. I have your share right here.

: You're a good person! You can go through!

Thank you...

: (They're quite alike, aren't they...)

: O-Okuu...!

: Ah!? Ahh, that was close... I almost got taken in too...

Guess we do this the hard way... as usual.

: You're making fun of us, aren't you!?

: You're definitely suspicious! We won't let you pass!

: So in the end, it comes down to this...

Reimu.png: Bah! This is so annoying!

: If that's what you're doing, you're in for a surprise.

: We'll show you the terror of the Okuu and Orin combo!

Nah, their combo is as good as Sakuya and Patchouli's

BGM: Boss 1

Last stage boss has 1500 HP. Now you must fight 2 bosses with 1500 HP and 2000 HP.

You can use brute force to win this fight. Okuu has 2000 HP, resist fire, and weak to light. She also has 30% Physical Barrier, and yes it is what you think it is, reducing physical attack by 30%. Orin has 1500 HP, resist fire, and weak to water. She instead has 30% magical barrier.

For the offense, there's nothing special about them. Orin will mainly use fire attack combined with status effect such as Blind, Poison, Curse, etc (heloo... multi target RES buff). Okuu has generic bird skills and Flare, a strong mystic attack. They can deals around 30-50 damage. Okuu hits harder than Orin. Be careful not to let your party member dies, if there's anyone die, Orin will turn them into zombie and turn her against you... She should be your first target.

Get out from here before I brought my shotgun! Freaking zombies! I hate it!

You need to make sure not to let Okuu's HP below 33%.

Because if her HP is below 33%, she will use Mega Flare, a freakishly strong Mystic elemental attack, it's as fast as Fantasy Heaven, meaing she will cast it before you can even move. This can deal 300+ unresisted, my HP are still haven't reached 100 yet.

So, here are our first introduction to TPK skills. There are actually a few ways to handle it. Alice's cover helps, Mokou's 3-Bomb commander will leave you at 1 HP, Sakuya can stop time (though she doesn't has MP for it now).

Or you can just take out half of her HP in 1 turn. Using all of your nuke in quick succession will be enough to do that, particularly Fantasy Heaven. Failing that, you can use Aya's 3 bomb commander skill two give you a second chance.

Thanks for the nuke, dicks!

If you don't have enough hammer, bring more! Hammer solves everything.

Reimu.png: Victory is ours! It's time for you to get out of our way!

: Ooh... Fine, but...

: You're not going to do bad things to Lady Satori, right...?

Reimu's nose become longer.

Reimu.png: I won't do anything violent.


: Ahh... I wonder why that doesn't sound convincing...

Marisa.png: Well, we're just gonna take her with us as our lie detector. No need'ta worry.

: Right now, there's an incident at the surface. But the main suspect is someone who would not be cowed by normal means.

: So we just wanted to bring Satori along to see through any of the suspect's lies. That's all, so take it easy.

: Hmm...

: If that's the case...

: So you're not gonna be a danger to her?

She will bring Satori to the outside world where all the youkais will kill her many times over. So yeah, we're not.

Marisa.png: Ehh, we won't be. We're here for information.

Reimu.png: Now then to the Palace...

: As a word of warning... You two should stay away from the surface.

: Unyu?

: The surface is currently ccovered by a mist that affects youkai negatively. It's just a word of caution. If you want to stay safe, don't go up.

Instead, your master will.

: Ahh, I see.

: Thanks, we'll be careful! Then once the incident's dealt with... We'll go to the shrine for more food!

Reimu.png: (They ate all the cucumbers up...)

Reimu.png: ANyway.

Stage 4 completed.

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