July 16th, 2016


Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 10

BGM: Heart of Eientei (Commence Airdrumming)

: It seems we have emerged unscathed.

I put most of my heavy hitter on team A.

Byakuren: Yes, somehow or other. Ms. Reisen attacked us, but we somehow managed to drive her away.

: You all as well? It was Tewi for us.

Byakuren: Aiming at us seperately[sic] when our power was divided like that... It seems Ms. Kaguya and her companions are beginning to get serious.

Hey, at least they don't divide us into 3 teams. The game wouldn't do that, right?

: It appears so. It's fine as long they just send out rabbits... But adding Kaguya and Eirin to the mix will make things a little dangerous.

Byakuren: In any case, since we have beaten the rabbits... That means all that is left is Ms.Kaguya and Ms. Eirin. Let's do our best!

Welcome to Heart of Eientei, one of the few multistages that changes it's BGM. Unlike every dungeon, this one almost doesn't have any gimmicks to hamper us. It's just point A to B stages.

The enemy on the other hand is harder than anything you every face before. (I do not know what they are)

BGM: Battle 1 (The last time you will hear this BGM)

The enemies from Eientei returns with greater number. For new enemies, we have Low Ninja, as a ninja, they have 940 HP, 50 EVA, perfect dodge, and weak to dark. They can attack for 50-80 damage, can inflict poison and instant death with their attack, and have smoke bomb to blind you.

AAAAAH!!! Cassete Tape! This one is Scorpio, it has 1050 HP, immune to light and dark, resist stab, and weak to thunder and blunt. They still can raise their IND and HDD Crash (multi target Erase), but as I can't reliably wipe them out in 1 turn, I discover that they have elemental Hand attack as well.

Shit! Metal Turtles, it has 1700 HP, resists stab, fire and slash, and weak to ice. I freaking hate when it's covering it's teammates. Though it will takes multiple damage if I use multi target attack. And oh, it's attack is in the range of 100 damage.

Oh boy, another bad encounter. I'm not afraid of the Lycanthrope, instead, it's the Moon Race that I'm afraid. Lycanthrope has 1150 HP, resist dark and slash, and weak to light and earth. Like the turtle, its attack is in the range of 100 damage, it may occasionaly tries to Berserk everyone (Satori learns this skill). Moon Race has 999 HP, and weak to dark. Her magic is also on the range of 100 damage, her main problem is that she has Enervation (reduce P and MATK) and Time Stop (self explanatory), both have a good chance to hit even with Sanae's RES buff and deals around 40 damage to everyone. Satori can learn this skill, but it's a high level skill.

This is just great, another Lesser Demon, this one has 1800 HP, 25 Divine Barrier, resists all 4 elements, greatly resist dark, and weak to light. Yes, it can move twice, and it will deals 100 damage as well. I whip out all my nuke if I meet it.

This is just even great. Virtue has 2000 HP, 25 Divine Barrier, and has the same elemental weakness and resistance as it's demon counterpart, only with greater resistances. It's attack is not as damaging as the demon, but it is very very hard to kill and can increase the enemies' stats (with ALL up). Only Sakuya can deals 3 digits damage against it. And yes, the game will spawn Virtue more than Lesser Demon.

As you notice, most enemies here is weak to dark than light. And the most dangerous enemies are weak to dark as well.

Last we have Love Eggplant. With only 820 HP, resistance to thunder and weakness to fire and earth, it is the weakest enemy here. I don't know what it does since I kill them before it can move. But I bet it's up to no good.

Notice that most enemies has average HP of 1000.

Half of the treasure are hidden outside of view, at least it's obvious what they were hiding behind that curtain.

One way door, it'll be bad if you accidentally enter this door and have to back track all over again. Though it can be useful if you really want to exit.

Corridors filled with many rooms, some contains treasures while some don't. This will be the layout of this stage.

This mark the halfway point of this stage. The south door leads to treasure and one way door (that leads to the above screenshot).

Of course, as our objective is to beat the supposed culprit, we'll be heading deeper instead.

Filler huh. They are important to the plot after all.

: (I gave Undonge and Tewi the pivotal guard duties... I wonder how that will turn out...)

: ......

: By the way. What have you been doing this whole time, exactly...?

: Playing this game.

Famicom huh. Never actually seen them in real life.

: A game?

: One of the Inabas bought this from Kourindou. It's from the outside.

I wonder what's the recipe for making a Famicom.

: That kind of rubbish again... Good grief.

Why does everyone keep saying that anyway?!

Eirin senses something again. I bet it's us.

: This...

: What's wrong, Eirin?

: It seems... Udonge's group has fallen.

: Hmm.

: At this rate... Those girls will be arriving here soon.

: Hmm.

: ...

: Ahh! I died...

: And they call this treasure map? There's nothing there! What a crappy game!

That's what you get for playing a game that is created by someone who hate video game and a troll. I believe that game is Takeshi's Challenge.

: Honestly, she's...

: By the way, Eirin.

: ? Yes?

: The Hakurei shrine maiden is a big matter...


: ...They are dormant so far.

: i see...

: As long as they do not act, there is nothing we can do.

: Yes.

Are you guys talking of the real culprit perhaps?

: All we can do now is to await and receive the Hakurei shrine maiden.

: Indeed.

: (Now, come, Reimu Hakurei. We will welcome you)

Oh boy, I'm so not looking forward for it.

Argh!! Immediate ambush!

BGM: Battle 1

Bad combination!!! Dragon Maid have 1200 HP, resistance to all 4 elements and weak to dark. Their attack is also in the range of 100 damage, and they have Cold Breath, but unlike the fish, their breath is actually painful (at 100 damage and partially ignores DEF), if they both use it, I will suffer a wipe out.

As you can see, there are not a lot of enemy variety here.

Well... I was looking for the Yukkuri Sisters actually, and I only found the basic one. Oh well, at least I got 2 of them.

I hate this formation. It always ambushes you, set up Damage Net, and kill your squishies without giving Alice a chance to defend. It's only because Mokou wipe them out in the next turn that I was able to prevent wipe out.

I am pretty unlucky today. I don't get much equipment, only materials. The lists are: Sun Tzu's Art of War, 2 Magic Medals, Iron, and Full Moon Shield.

I want to get Sword Mastery, but the one holding it is Virtue. No thank you very much.

Repeat the corridors, room pattern all over again.

I don't really need Sunflower Seed that much right now. But sure, i'll take it.

Is this the gimmick here? Dark room?

Nice try. I got mini map.

I believe this switch will turn on the lights.

Indeed it is. It's also spawn the enemies however.

Come on, come on. Save room, please... (That door below is one way)

Yes! Do you know how many time I changed teams?

Oh boy, I am not so looking forward for the next boss fight.

Our next opponents is the Brain of the Moon for God's sake.

: We have been waiting, Hakurei shrine maiden.

Reimu.png: The culprit's finally here. We've finally reached our destination...

Nah, we're still at level 30s.

Reimu.png: Admit to it, Eirin Yagokoro!

: My, what should I be admitting to?

Reimu.png: You're feigning ignorance even at this point?

: She wouldn't admit it to it so easily, naturally.

Sanae.png: There is still something I cannot understand. You have been everywhere to help the youkai, yet this incident affects only them...

: I feel the same. How would it benefits you...?

: It must be...

: Ehh...? Are you serious?

: Just what kind of person do you think I am... I wouldn't do such a thing.

It makes sense though.

Marisa.png: Ahh? Then why would ya do all of this? Or are ya still tryin' to act innocent?

: Heh heh... I had no plans of doing that from the start. Indeed...

Something's still doesn't add up though.

Reimu.png: !!

Reimu.png: So you finally reveal your true colours!

: N-No way...

: So it was you all... And where's Kaguya? I don't see her anywhere...

: The princess is...

: Did I keep you waiting?

What? You think this will not be a dual boss?

Oh dear...

: You're here... Kaguya Houraisan!

: You were very late indeed. What were you doing?

: Writing down that password took a lot of time.

Why would old games use 16+ digit password anyway? Could they use around 5-8 digits? There's already a lot of combination.

: (You're really...)

: Completely at ease, huh...

: Ah, the much-rumored-about grilled chicken storeowner.

: Hm? you mean me? What rumours are you...?

: 'Shock Revelation! Lies or Truth!?' ''Grilled Chicken Saleswoman in Night-Sparrow Meat Scandal!'

: S-Scandal...!? That's a house of lies! Who would spread such rumours...!?

: It was written in the Bunbunmaru Newspaper.

: The Bunbunmaru Newspaper...

: Isn't that the newspaper that Aya publishes?

I once did that to my mother. I got slapped in the face for my trouble.

: That's nothing to 'Tee-hee-' about!

: Gyah!? I-I'm so sorry!

: Perhaps I will add grilled crow to the menu...

Crow is not really good. Sparrow is better.

Sanae.png: M-Ms. Mokou, please calm down for a second...

: Oh yes, she wrote about you as well.

Sanae.png: Ehh?

: Eeeeep!

: 'The Moriya's Wind Priestess: Her Naked Truths Revealed!' Superhero Series-style Doll Discovered as her Personal Property!

Sanae.png: Wahhh!? N-N-N-No one is supposed to know about that secret of mine! How was it...!?

: Ehehe~...

Sanae.png: This is nothing to 'Ehehe~' about!

: Eek!?

: They fall out so easily... Such horrid teamwork...

: Really...

Unfortunately, that is true. I have to set up the team myself.

: (That cannot be denied...)

Shut up Satori!

Reimu.png: Oh, shut up! Once you all admit to it, this'll all be over!

Reimu.png: Now be good and give yourselves up already!

Unfortunately, the filler's not over yet.

: You're just letting your anger take over now.

: Before that, I'd like to ask one thing. Why would you start an incident like this...?

: My, are you trying to gain the advantage?

: If you want to know the reason, then ask the best way you all know, by force.

Hammer time!

: How irritating!

Marisa.png: Hey now, you're tryin' to paint all of us like that?

Reimu.png: Then just as you suggested, we will force it out of you. But in a way besides what you all might imagine.

Oh, please don't tell me...

: ...

Sanae.png: Satori, please.

I'm betting $40 Satori won't be able to read them.

: Understood.

: .....Uh!?

Sanae.png: W-What is the matter?

: I cannot read her mind!

Told you. She's as useful as horse's excrement.

Reimu.png: What did you say!?

: If you consider Yuyuko, perhaps your power cannot be used on greater youkai...?

: Um, we're not considered 'Greater Youkai' too?

Greater Youkai has 4+ digits HP. We're still struggling to reach 300.

: Ehe! Lady Yuyuko is a special case!

: (It's useless. Eirin has protected my mind with her trick. Although... It's a little sad hat[sic] it isn't my own power.)

Damn! She's good at Satori abuse. I wanna learn from her.

: Kyah!?

: You are... Satori Komeiji, correct? The master of the Palace of Earth Spirits who reads minds.

She antiacipated Satori huh?

: H-How did you know...!?

: It was not difficult at all with my information network. Even if you can read minds. If I don't let you reveal it there's no need to worry.

: Like right now!

: Ooh...

: (I would rather not have to show off my skills like this... But it would not be easy to act as a foil here...)

Marisa.png: So basically, we can't take the lazy way out. This sucks...

If we can, we'll be skipping a lot of boss.

: Now then, shall we? We will be your opponents.

Oh dear.

Reimu.png: As you wish. At any rate, you must still be punished regardless.

: Indeed. Remi has sent us to punish the culprit behind all this.

: I shall slice you two to tiny pieces in place of Milady!

: Heh heh... Feel the fear of my weapons as you fight!

Reimu.png: We will fully punish the ones behind this incident! Prepare yourselves!

: Ehehe, this looks more interesting than a game.

: In that case, show me the power...

I can't boast right now, I know I can't win this easily.

BGM: Boss 2 (If you're hearing this song, that means you're screwed)

From the beginning, the game difficulty has been steadily increases. But right now, this bosses' difficulty is just miles above anything you face so far. In previous stage, you have to fight two 10000 HP bosses separately. Now, you have to fight two 11000 HP bosses at the same time. Plus, they don't have any weakness to exploit, just 75% resistance against light (for Kaguya) and dark (for Eirin). Eirin also has 50 EVA, half of Sakuya's will miss since her ACC is not so great.

Their strategy is very simple, but extremely effective. Kaguya will acts as support and will buffs herself and Eirin with her skills, she has P and MATK buff and P and MDEF. buff Kaguya's also has Heal, but hers can heal around 600-1000 HP. Eirin will rain hell upon your party, at first, her damage is only 50-80 damage, after being buffed, her damage will skyrocket. Kaguya can still attack, but her ATK is much lower than Eirin's so she can be ignored.

So, since Kaguya is support, you may think it's best to kill Kaguya first. The thing is, if you kill Kaguya first, Eirin will use Hourai Elixir to revive her to full HP. Yeah...

They also have a nuke. Kaguya has Dragon's Necklace -5 Colored Shots- as her nuke.

It's a strong Mystic based magic that deals 150+ damage to small area.

Expect a lot of tries when you're fighting them.

You're going to need to put a lot of thought into your team. Everyone must have the optimal weapon, armor, shield, accesories, growth points, and skills.

Let me introduce you to the ultimate jack-of-all-stats strategy. Poison Shield with Alice as Tank, 2 supports, and 2 attackers. I use Satori as an attackers because I'm feeling suicidal right now. Alice will shrug almost all of their attack.

Note: Youmu is useless as a commander as no bosses will be sane enough to let their RES to be cut in half. Use Mokou instead.

There's actually a way to make this battle easier.

Kaguya is actually weak to Mind Control, Byakuren with buffed IND and IND+20 equipment should be able to Control her.

Now we can use her buff to buff ourselves instead. Combining Byakuren ATK buff with Kaguya should give Sakuya enough PATK to tear them apart. It is useless to attack Eirin with Kaguya, Eirin will shrug Kaguya's attack.

Note: Boss has a chance to just plain shrug a status. In fact, she can and will shrug it immediately after you Control her. Plus, every time an enemy is inflicted by a status, they will slowly built up a resistance against it. At best, you only have 2 chances to control her, after that, it will be next to impossible to control her anymore.

The reason I use Satori in this fight is because I want to learn Heal from Kaguya. She is the only enemy that has Heal in her controlled state. The rest of the enemies won't be so kind to Heal us when they are controlled. I think there's actually two separate Heal, one exclusive for her, and one for her controlled state. When she is Charmed, Kaguya's Heal can still reach 1000, when controlled...

But of course, I won't have enough MP to beat both of them. In fact, Sakuya's MP ran out long before Eirin is killed.

Screw healing! Let's replace Sanae with Marisa. She can slay Warrior and Magician, if buffed with Byakuren, she can almost deals 1000 damage against them.

Eirin's nuke is Apollo 13.

It is very strong dark (I think) attack that deals 200+ damage to everyone. It can also pierces Alice's defenses if you're unlucky. Unfortunately, Byakuren is killed by this attack, so I have to continue the battle without her.

Yes! Eirin's dead. Now the battle is as good as won already. Sakuya's ATK buff only have around 5 turns left. Let's hope I can defeat Kaguya before it ran out.

She heal herself back to full... Byakuren has died, my MP is drained and my buff has ran out...


Come the fuck on! I still haven't set up my buffs yet!!! Turns out, Eirin has 2 nukes.

A lot of things can go wrong in this battle. I have Kaguya fucking shrug out control immediately after I control her. I have Eirin fucking paralyze Byakuren before she can buff Sakuya.

Fuck you! You piece of shit! Fuck your Hourai Elixir! Go burn in hell!

Activate Sakuya's Colloseo World. Do not let Kaguya heal!

Fuck you, you good for nothing NEET. Fuck your support buff! Fuck your full heal! And FUCK YOU!

And no one got a fucking level up. Where as most boss fight took me around 0-2 tries, this fight took me around 10 tries.

I hate this game!

Haaah... haaah...

Reimu.png: That's settled. Kaguya, Eirin! Victory is ours!

: I know, we've lost...

Reimu.png: My, how obedient. Since you're being obedient, stop this incident now.

: That's impossible.

Marisa.png: Ahh? Wuzzat supposed to mean? Ya don't know when'ta give up?

Sanae.png: What do you mean by 'impossible'...?

Who would have seen that coming?

: Huh? What did you just say...?

: You said earlier that 'this incident was arranged by us'!

: My apologies. I was just putting on an act.

: Why would you... Is that true, Satori?

: ...She seems to be telling the truth. Although I can only read Ms. Eirin's mind...

: Even at this point, you are still...

: (What do you expect? The trick hasn't been solved yet.)

: An act... huh. Will you tell us, then... Why you performed such an incomphrensible act?

: Well, you see.

Reimu.png: ...For me? What do you mean...?

: I'll explain from the start.

: As you all have hypothesized, this mist is indeed similar to the princess's Hourai power.

: However. The power of Hourai is entirely unique. There is no possibility of someone else having the exact same power.

: So you're saying that the perpetrator with a different power is till on the loose?

: That is one part. The problem is the other.

: The other part...?

: If someone were to have a power like the Hourai... There is only one possibility,,,

: Which is...?

Not those cheating bastard! Leave Lunarians for... um... is there a game that features lunarians?

: So we could not act recklessly.

: Oh yeah, you all came here to escape from the moon in the first place.

: Then, we came to a realization about you, Reimu.

Reimu.png: Ahh... I think I know why, though I wish I didn't...

: The Hakurei shrine maiden incident resolution expert, would act in our place.

Reimu.png: So to sum it up, you're all like Yukari...

: But if that was really the case, then there was no need to fight us.

*sigh* I hate pointless battle.

: You're right, it was not necessary at all.

: But you see. You all may end up fighting the people from the moon in our place. We wanted to test the power of the Hakurei shrine maiden. That is why I played my role fully.

Reimu.png: Good grief, you're all such nuisances!

This time, I agree with you, Reimu.

: My deepest apologies. However, there was one other objective.


Reimu.png: What objective?

: This battle may have attracted the real enemy to view it.


: !?

Oh hey, Organization XIII member.

: This is bad!

WHAT?! Organization XIII?! This game better not be a crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Touhou.

: We did not prepare enough...

Marisa.png: Ahh!? Who wuzzat just now...!?

The real culprit?

Reimu.png: Don't tell me they are...!?

: Mmhmm.

Marisa.png: New enemies, huh... So that means...

: That Kaguya really wasn't behind this...


Reimu.png: This was a waste of time... It's getting tiring...

: I'm afraid I must ask a favour even if you are tired, Reimu.

Reimu.png: Even if you didn't ask, all who peep on the actions of Reimu Hakurei... Will be pursued to the ends of the land, and punished. But, yes. I will do this favour for you at least.

: Hehe, thank you.

: Oh yeah, go with them as well. Mokou.

Well... she did join us back from stage 3 onward.

: What...!? What foolishness are you...!? Why would I do any favours for...

: With this Hourai link, you cannot say that it does not involve you. Furthermore, you have no connections to the moon. Investigate our enemies as a representative of Hourai.

: That is my request to you, Mokou.

: ~!

: ...Bah. Fine. I'll go with them.

It's not like you're going to leave us halfway through the game.

: Thank you, Mokou.

: Hmph.

Sanae.png: If Eientei is not the place, then we are back where we started...

Halfway through the game and we're back to square one. Wonderful

: Where is the culprit...?

: We aren't exactly back where we started, Sanae. It's not hard to figure out if you think about it.

: What do you mean...?

: Up till now, we've been travelling all over Gensokyo, right? So,,,

And beating everyone.

: The process of elimination would be effective, then?

: Don't take the good part like that~!

: I see, that is reasonable. Which means, the remaining places...

: That is the only one.

Sanae.png: Oh, I highly doubt that the culprit could be there...

Starting the understand the pattern?

Reimu.png: the Lunarians, Tenshi, Suika, Kanako, the tengu and the kappa... We don't know who the culprit is. So we have to go to the Youkai Mountain.

Sanae.png: It cannot be Lady Kanako, surely.

But we still have to fight them. Call it a hunch.

: At the point we're at, we can't rule it out. After all, that's the only place remaining... And knowing their personalities, they may well be lying to you.

: So we will not be excepted either...

Going to the Youkai Mountain...~ With the hard way~

: it seems so...

: Anyway, we can find the truth at the Youkai Mountain! Maybe.

Reimu.png: Right. Let's get going, then.

Finally! Stage 10 complete!

Hey Reisen, I don't know you are a member of organization XIII!

: ...It seems to be just as you said... ...We shouldn't take them lightly...

: Uh huh.

: ...

: ...It seems we will need to act more directly...

: Yes. :Let us announce and display our power...

Go ahead. Announce your evil plan to us! It makes it easier for us to find you.

Reverse Poison Shield!!! Why would I choose this when I already have Poison Shield.