Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Sidequest Superboss Part 2

Last time on Genius of Sappheiros Let's Play: We're now right before the final boss. I obviously not ready yet to fight the expansion final boss.

So let's take a detour for now and let's fight the other superbosses I haven't fought.

Oh dear, this is gonna suck.

BGM: Boss 2 (Even the BGM tells me this is gonna suck)

But I have to do it if I wanted to make 2nd ultimate weapons.

It's attack (and slayer against EVERYTHING) and speed will guanrateed that it will move first and then uses its all-targeting normal attack twice to overkill everyone for 1000+ damage and may gives physical weakness (overkill much?). Fighting it without any strategy will get you killed in 1 turn. If you look at its stats, you'll notice that it has only 0 RES. So, just debuff it's PATK and go to town. Have Satori unleash Mad Thunder, Pacthouli strengthens ELE power and kill it with thunder, Byakuren to debuff it's PATK and buffs everyone's attacks.

Don't thnk the battle is over once you debuff it's PATK. That thing have Vortex and due to its extremely small moveset, it will use it sooner or later. Have Byakuren buffs everyone's RES including the Terminator itself and hope that it doesn't dispel our buffs and debuffs.

Man, I gotta appreciate Satori more after this. I'm surprised I actually get to reapply ATK debuff after Byakuren buffs it's RES. I'm extremely lucky this time.

Come on game, could you give me more EXP than 65535?

Heck yeah! 2 Super Ajas.

I used it to make Sanae's ultimate weapon because it reduces her cooldown further. Now I can spam Wind of Miracles (EX buff) every turn.

I wanna test how strong it will be if I continually use it. Let's see... let's try buffing our Max HP since it's value is visible to us.

The final boss has 999 damage nuke. Alice has 10k HP. The final boss never stood a chance.

Huh? She can be a good attacker.

Let's grind Yuugi's material for her 2nd ultimate weapon.

Just like the uest told us, the boss can be found in B2 of the Underworld.

BGM: Boss 1

Might vs Might. Giant vs Giant. Titan has 38000 HP, 8000 PDEF, resists all physicals, and weak to earth. The Titan will use very strong strike and earth based attack and are able to inflict PATK down, PDEF down, and Paralysis. Have strike and earth RES, RES up (or alternatively, Paralysis) accesory, and either Sanae or Remilia as commander for healing duty. Then, continue to chuck a huge m-freaking Shuriken at his face since it slays Giant.

An easy fight if you can heal.

Too bad I didn't get a second copy.

Nice nice. Looking pretty good.

Berserker Soul = 8 attacks in a turn. Can you say 8000 x 8 damage in a single turn? And that's not counting her criticals.

Okay, time to face my fear and let's face this...Alien...? Demon...?

BGM: Boss 2

Angel...? I don't know what he's supposed to be. But he's going down!

He may have lower HP than most of the super boss, but his EVA is incredible.

He possesses very strong slash based attack and attacks from every elements (but light) in the game. He's also smart enough to only use attacks for the elements with high Land influence (he won;t use earth based attack if the Land favors thunder).Trying to fight him carelessly will get you killed fast (Or being paralyzed by his Mind Blast).

The strategy is as follows, debuff his ATK and DEF, buffs Sakuya's PATK and ACC, use Sakuya's Vyse Sword.

And go to town.

Overkill much Sakuya? I'm lucky in this fight because I got Sanae's Last Word and I buff it to kingdom come.

2 Obsidians, ready to be converted into very strong armors and weapons.

Since I now have Obsidians, I want to create Gungnir since it is very strong and incredibly useful in sidequest (like Satori's).

I've been witholding myself from trying Remi's sidequest because this quest is luck based without Gungnir.

They are easy to encounter since there's only 2 spawn point for these guys and it always at the entrance of stage 20. Now to get past all those pesky enemies...

BGM: Boss 1

2 strong transcendents versus 1 squishy vampire with Gungnir. Garbangol has 9999 HP, 60 EVA, greatly resists every elements but thunder and weak to thunder and pierce. And Gappuin (tentacle) has only 999 HP, but it has freaking 240 EVA and same resistance and weaknesses like Garbangol.

Your victory solely hinges on succesfully killing Gappuin before it kills you it one hit. And killing Garbangol afterward. The reason I need Gungnir because it has the highest ACC amog all spear.

Needless to say, once I kiled the tentacle robot, curbstomping ensues.

Two Fresh Bloods ripe for consumtion (Or to be converted into Pure Fresh Blood).

Back then, I said I don't ever want to try this quest. But since I have Gungnir, I believe Marisa can take her Yukkuri head on.

It can be found in stage 16, Genbu Lake. So get searchin' and try to avoid the enemies.

BGM: Boss 1

Lesser Darkonium only has 1111 HP, 90 EVA, immunity to all elements and resists all physicals. But you're fighting it with Marisa, our resident magician. It can attack for 150-300 damage, Marisa at best only has 350+ HP.  Your victory depends on the fact that it doesn't use the powerful Face Smash...

Or use Medullite Beam. That thing freaking hurts. Maybe someday, I'll learn it.

Or alternatively, there's an easier way to win. And it's called Yata no Kagami and Yasakani no Magatama.

We're allowed to bring full party... She really asking to die.

The entirety of SDM can be scoured in less than 30 minutes. You probably won't have any trouble finding her.

BGM: Boss 1

Flandre has 99000, 105 EVA, greatly resists every elements but mystic and light, resists slash, and weak to light. Like before, she can bombard you with very strong attack and Laevateinn when her HP is low. But now, Reimu can use her light magic without fearing her counter attack.

Same strategy still applies. buff Sakuya PATK, time stop, murder time.

Heck, I could wipe out more than half of her HP in a single Private Square.

Easy peasy, no problem at all.

Now do it 11 more times to make her ultimate weapon.

Glass Cannon formation, perfect if you want to kill things fast, not perfect if you want to live.

I'm running out of superbosses to fight. Looks like we have to fight this demon and boy, this is gong to be really sucks.

BGM: Boss 2

A fucking fuge demon with a little girl? This seems kinda familiar. The Spirit World Challenger has 200000 HP, 900 PDEF, 75 Divine Barrier, resists every element and physical but mystic, and weak to light. Since it is one of the strongest superboss, obviously Byakuren's debuff isn't gonna work on it (75% RES against variety). So, you're only left with Alice and Sanae's buff to defend against its extremely strong mystic, dark, and strike based attack.

That thing has more than 1000 PATK. it's normal attack means one hit kills for you. And it still has Vacuum Wave which can takes out 75% HP from heavily reinforced Alice.

Needless to say, I don't last long against that demon. And I stll haven't mentioned its mystic nuke.

Screw this. Let's get this over with.

BGM: Boss 2

Elder Dragon has 220000 HP, 1400 PDEF, greatly resists all 4 elements and stab, resists slash, and have no weaknesses.


Freaking hell!

THIRD TIER mystic single target attack!!!!!

Well, that was really quick.

I still needed to kill 1000 more youkai to get the next recipes.

Looks like I have to spend my time grinding for levels and kills.

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 27

: I see you have exterminated the source of the embodiment of hatred, the Existence Hater. I have heard that the Existence Hater was createdfrom all of Gensokyo. It is all of Gensokyo's malice and regret gathered together. Defeating it must have been a painful experience.

Yeah, it is. It once screwed me over with it's Elixir.

: Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

This is the moment we're all been waiting for. Now we got recipes for everyone 2nd ultimate weapon and armor.

We need the first ultimate weapon, 2 ultimate character material, and Super Aja from the scary Terminator. Ooookay...

Prioritize Sakuya (Exorcism 100), Sanae (cooldown -1), Nitori (slays more annoying species at the cost of not slaying Transcendent), Alice (50% RES to all element), Byakuren (Magic Barrier), and Yuugi (slay Dragon, Foreign God) first with Cirno having the lowest priority.

At least ultimate armor doesn't require Super Aja.

Prioritize Alice (better shielding), Satori (good PDEF, decent IND), Sakuya (multistrike), Byakuren, and Reisen (slayer enhance) above everyone else. Cirno having the lowest priority again.

All in all, I need around 24 basic character material to make their weapon and armor.

Just a little more and she'll get 600 PDEF.

Learning Kabuff +1 is kinda irritating. The crab resists Charm, so I have to buff Byakuren's IND first, then hope I'll get lucky and it uses Kabuff +1 the when Byakuren charms it (Even then, it's not guaranteed). Now Satori have better PDEF buff, not that she can beat Sanae since she has the invaluable RES buff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my lucky moment in my Let's Play. Getting Super Aja in Lithos' quest. I'm guessing the chance to acquire it is lower than 0.1%.

I use it to make Nitori's Anti Tank Cannon with kicks so much ass.

Upgraded version of Fujiyama Volcano. It heavily damages enemy at the cost of unable to spam it every turn. I guess it's better of random enemies.

BGM: Divine Temple

Welcome to the very definitely final stage of the game. Too bad there's no 24 hour non-stop rock in this stage.

As we head deeper into the Dark Space, the stage become more spacious and labyrinthine, and that darkness filter on the corner of the screen  lowers your field of vision.

BGM: Battle 3

You remember how hard the enemies are in Gorgon Barrier right? Well, the enemies here are like this. Only they're much harder to kill and far numerous in number, there's almost no enemies that have below 10000 HP.

Our first enemies are Lizard Lord and Resentment. Lizard Lord has 12700 HP, pretty good PDEF and EVA, resists earth, and weak to water. Their attacks deals above 350+ damage and they have the strongest strike skill, Breathless Strike. This will kill anyone that is not Alice. Drops Mokou's material.

Resentment has only 8000 HP, but it has 100 EVA and immune to every element, only physical can damage it. It's Void Cutter may be weak (only 200 damage x 3), but it has Mini Flare and Meteor, perfect for Satori to learn, not perfect for everyone's health. Drops Patchouli's material.

And then we have Grudge Centipede, it has 13000 HP, resists strike, and weak to thunder and earth. It has Earthquake (250+ damage to all), and 350+ physical skill that can debuff your PATK and DEF. Drops Remilia's material

Those 350+ damage right there? It's the bare minimum of damage that the enemies deals. Magicians such as Marisa, Sanae, Patchouli, and Satori will drop dead once if the enemy touches them.

The enemies here have a decent to low chance of dropping characters material and then some good materials. This is why I wrote what they drops.

Like in Gorgon Barrier, this place is also overrun with minibosses, this time it's the weaker version of sidequest superboss. By weaker, I mean they have 33% less strength than the superboss version. For example, this cool multihead Hydra has 99000 HP whereas the superboss version has 180000 HP. But they're pretty rare to encounter, so there's that.

The treasure here are 1 copy of each character's basic and ultimate material and 1 Adamantite and Orichalcum. Useful if you wanna make their weapon and armors.

I would like to take a moment to make Remilia's weapon.

I like Remi's weapon, her Javelin is so freaking huge. Too bad I rarely use her.

This stage is so huge and confusing, it will take you a while to find yoour way.

Tell me if you can find your way.

BGM: Battle 3

We have a new set of enemies from here on. Our first set of enemies are Chandra (moon people) and Oldtype (CPU). Chandra has 11000 HP, 90 EVA, resists dark and weak to light. Their attack may be around  150-300 damage, but their Enervation and Time Stop are majorly annoying. Drops Byakuren's materials.

Oldtype has 11750 HP, high P defenses, immune to dark and light, resists stab, and weak to strike and thunder. HDD Crash is majorly annoying as well. Drops Nitori's materials.

Never bring a dragon in front of my face! God, I hate dragons. King Basilisk has 14000 HP, high defense, resists all 4 elements and dark, and weak to light. On top of its powerful attack, it have Poison Breath that is devastating should its Poison connects. Drops Sanae's material.

It's pal below there is Super Hipporit, it has 18000 HP, resists earth, dark, and strike, and weak to thunder, light, and stab. On top of its powerful stab based skills (300-400 damage), it can buff it's IND, and use petrify and Fire Breath (I think). Drops Alice's material.

Ninjas, haven't seen them since Eientei and I still not love them. Ninja has 11700 HP, 120 EVA, and weak to dark. His attack also falls above 350 damage on top of giving you Instant Death with his normal attack. He can also use poison smoke and smoke to poison and blind you. Drops Sakuya's material.

Oarfishes!!! freaking hate them! Lord Oarfish has 13500 HP, near immunity to water, resists fire, and weak to thunder and slash. Like Oarfish in Bhava-agra, it can counter any attack with tier 2 thunder breath that can borderline deals 400-500 damage. 2 Shot from it and you're dead.

I see you're here as well Obsidian boss. You know, I'm still scared fighting you, and I doubt I can beat you right now. Have 111111 HP compared to his superboss version which has 170000 HP.

I'm guessing you're the weaker version of Mind Flayer.

There's an enemy besides me. Can you see it? The enemy blends so well with the net? Webbing?

After many confusing room from hell, we come across this switch looking thing.

Looks like we have to activate all 7 of the switches.

BGM: Battle 3

Another Backbeard, great! Royal Beard has 18500 HP, resists all physical and weak to fire and water. While its Mystic based skill is nothing to write about, it's ability to reflect physical, inflict silence, and Vortex IS. At least we can learn Vortex from it. Drops Satori's material.

Great Marlboro has 17200 HP, resists earth, thunder, and stab, and weak to fire and slash. It can sleep, poison, debuff your defense, and use Holy. It's normal attack also pretty painful though. Drops Reimu's material.

Please no calling backup! The Last Bangoru (Really? Did the translator just outright translate the katakana?) has 14500 HP, high defense and EVA, greatly resists any element but thunder, and weak to thunder and stab. It has 1 Million Volt and 1 M Amperes, Damage Net, and can also call for backup. I don't need to face another enemy with 14500 HP dammit! I reset my game because of it twice. Drops Marisa's material.

Death Avenger (undead with 2 swords) has 19000 HP, very good PDEF, resists stab and weak to fire and light. It's Hp draining attack is strong enough to drop anyone that is not under Alice's protection. We're talking about 500 damage. Drops Youmu's material.

Great, the worst common formation in the entire game. Shuten Douji (huge giant dude) and Kirin. Shuten Douji has 49000 HP, 700 PDEF, resists dark, and all physicals, and weak to light. He has all sort of powerful strike based attack that deals 600-1000 damage. Only Alice can survive his strike well. Drops Adamantite and its shard.

Kirin has 27500 HP resists light and all physical and weak to dark. Aside from having attacks from all elements, it also has Mind Blast, Psycho Blast (Both of which disables you), and Death Breath and Neutral Breath (Both of which kills you). Drops Elemental Sphere and Sun Tzu's Art of War.

These two enemies is the only common enemy that I haven't slain yet.

Yeah, a freaking tank is an enemy here. The Main Battle Tank has 22000 HP, 900 PDEF, immune to light and dark, greatly resists all physicals, and weak to water. It uses its Main Cannon and missiles to wreck havoc on your party for 400-500 damage, and I think it's normal attack slays warrior and magician. It is really hard to kill because of its massive resistance against physical. Drops Reisen's material.

Great, that bird! Gap;s Gatekeeper has 20500 HP, 130 EVA, greatly resists water and earth, and weak to fire and stab. Like its brethen back in Palace of Earth Spirit, it can use Horus Barrier (Magic Cancel), followed with another attack. It's tier 2 water breath can ruin your whole party with 400-600 damage, plus that thing moves freaking fast there's almost no way for you to move before it. Mokou burn it to crisp. Drops Aya's material.

Why is this stage filled with the most dangerous and annoying enemies? King Shisa has 15000 HP, resists light, earth, and strike and weak to fire and dark. Damn! It's multi target buff, barriers, and magic reflect is so majorly annoying. Drops Yuugi's material.

Giant! You like Giant? Atlas has 40000 HP, resists physicals, and weak to earth (despite its earthly appearance). Like Shuten Douji, he can wreck your party strike based attacks and Earthquake (which fill up the Land to my favor). Thankfully, he has less skill than Shuten Douji. Drops Orichalcum and it's shard.

Okay, you light based knight who has Acala Sword, I didn't bring Sakuya with me right now, so we'll just have to meet again later.

So I'm just heavily abridged the exploration moment because it took me quite a ridiculous amount of time activating all the switches because this place is so huge and confusing as hell. Not helped by the fact that visibility in this stage is low.

In commemoration of my 100th hour of playing this game. Man, even with grinding until I can deals 70k damage, I beat FFX faster than this game.

After crossing through another huge- what is this?! Another looping corridor?

BGM: Battle 3

What the shit! It's the last angel type enemy and its an even bigger battleship. Ironclad has 25600 HP, 33 Divine barrier, immune to light, greatly resists all 4 elements, and weak to dark. If you want to fight a battleship with lots of Holy and missiles, be my guest.

The last type of Yukkuri!!! Yukkuri Emperor may only have 15 HP, but its defense is so high, even buffed Sakuya can only deals 0-1 damage. Since I don't have Sakuya, I guess I have to let it go. For now.

This corridor is corridor from hell. My objective is somewhere around the south-east corner, but the layout is just so confusing and I can't concentrate at all because the enemy keeps chasing me. It took me 1 reset and 15 minutes just to get out from here.

Finally we're done. The final boss is right up there in the north. But since this is the final boss, I'm not gonna fight it now.

Maybe we shouldn't go down here.

There's one more thing I wanna do before I close this update.

Nailed it.

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 26

So I stockpiled lots of basic materials and leveled up everyone to level 80s (except Remilia, Cirno, and Satori).

The entrance looks pretty cool. It truly like a gateway to a final dungeon.

BGM: Genbu's Swamp

Welcome to the second to last stage. I gotta say, this place looks pretty cool (even though it reused music from stage 16-17).

Like in stage 21, we're dealing with teleporter again. I think Strawberry Bose has been developing DoD when they are making this stage.

Holy shit! Mind Flayers again?!

BGM: Battle 3

Great, another naked dragon. Always need that. Ancient Naga has 10300 HP, and resists all 4 elements and strike. They damages you for 250-300 damage and I don't think they have charm anymore, so just paralyze them and slowly wail at them.

EDIT: They have Charm.

But hey, I got a Dragon Fang from them.

Gelatinous Master has 20000 HP, immune to all physicals, and weak to fire and water. They can absorb 400-600 of your HP. Just fire or water it to death and get lucky.

The enemies here are now as strong (or maybe even stronger) as stage 21's enemies.

Even great, the angels has become a freaking battleship. Destroyer has 12000 HP, very high defense, 33 Divine Barrier, immune to light, greatly resists all 4 elements, and weak to dark. Like always, it bombard you with light until you die. I just Ras Algol Maenad its face. So, this place hates Reimu I see?

Shirley Temple has 8200 HP, immune to water, and weak to fire and dark. They're like Furfur from Garden of the Sun, only weaker. Just as long as you don't let it fill the Land to water and nuke you with multi target water skill that's capable of dealing 300-500 damage.

Freaking great, another giant. That giant there is called Ravana, it has 16300 HP, resists dark, slash, and strike, and weak to earth and stab. It can attack thrice and capable of using extremely powerful slash, stab, and strike skill like Acala Sword to deals 500-1000 damage. Never fight it without Alice.

It's pal there is called Drought. She has 8950 HP, immune to light, resists all physical, and weak to dark. She's capable of using all sort light based attack, and a new multi target light spell called Sunshine that's capable of causing blind and dealing 200-300 damage. Like I said, this place hates Reimu.

Another wonderful enemy, a punk. Impellitteri has 9200 HP, and weak to dark. Despite what his sprite tells you, he doesn't use sword, instead he uses gun. His normal attack damages everyone for 300 damage and slays warrior and magician (definitely one hitting mages).

My first death ever since stage 22. This is why I hate punks. I just nuke him with Nitori, Sakuya, and Patchouli the next time I meet him.

There are 4 teleporter, only one of them leads deeper into the dungeon (the other loops you back here).

This teleporter looks different from the usual one.

I'll say it again, this place looks pretty awesome, in creepy awesome way. It looks like I'm in river of pure darkness.

We're now 1/3 into this stage.

BGM: Battle 3

New enemies. Petal of Resentment has 9700 HP, resists thunder and stab, and weak to fire and slash. It has a rather weak earthquake, sleep, and will sacrifice itself to inflict control when low on HP. Have Sakuya uproot it.

Another seven people. Loitering Seven Boys have 21000 HP, greatly resists dark and stab, and weak to fire and light. They damages you for 250-300 and will try to inflict control. Always have Sanae when fighting unless you want your own party member to nuke you.

Did I mention I hate turtle as well? The Diamond Tortoise has 13800 HP, 800 PDEF, greatly resists fire, slash, and stab, and weak to water. Like always, it can use Deva Stand to cover everyone. One time I have it take 3 x 6666 damage from Ras Algol Maenads. Good time.

That bird over there is called Luna Bird. It has 7500 HP, 100 EVA, immune to earth and dark, and weak to light and stab. It has some generic bird skills that deals around 250-300 damage, and can inflict curse and blind. Moving on then?

You spin my fate right round right round~. Fate Spinner has 8720 HP, resists physicals, and weak to earth. I rather like it's name, Fate Spinner. But alas, all it has is some generic spider skill that inflict paralysis or slow and inflicts 200 damage. Such a shame.

I gained a large amount of Ostracons from all that encounters.

Looping maps... I have a map that trivialize it.

2 of the paths leads to Adamantite and Orichalcum respectively.

We open one of the shortcut. There are 2, and yes, this stage is pretty long.

A one use healing circle. Even this game acknowledge that this stage is difficult and long.

BGM: Battle 3

Holy shit again! A mass produced version of Machine Dragon Zero! The Mass Production Mech Dragon has 19000 HP, very high defense, 125 EVA, immune to light and dark, resists fire, earth, thunder, slash, and stab and weak to water only. When I fought it, it uses Constrict, and Blaster (150-300 damage). I hope it doesn't have Evolution Breath.

Thankfully I got it's accesory in first try.

And also, it's name is so long it overlap the bestiary's text box.

We also get 3 new armors, one for each type. The large and medium are good (Though the large armor is outclassed by my own store bought armor), and the small one sucks.

BGM: Battle 3

Just what I needed, more annoying enemy. Unicorn Legend has 9800 HP, 999 MDEF, and no resistance or weakness. As usual, Starlight Barrier. But this time, it prefers to use strong mystic based attack like Flare or Comet (200-300 damage) instead of stab based.

You never give me a break do you game? The recolored Hein is called Amon, the bad guy of Starcraft II and the bad guy of The Legend of Korra. It has 14000 HP and no resistance or weakness. Like always (again), it can use Barrier Change to change it resistance and weakness. I don't bother with at all.

That nine tails above is Tamamo-no-Mae (try speaking it out loud). It has 10100 HP, greatly resists earth and dark, and weak to light and slash. It has Time Capsule (All down), dark breath (200 damage) or what not. First this place hates Reimu, and now it's asking for her? I don't get this place at all (then again, I do have Sakuya).

I don't like this place. Over half of its enemy annoys me.

2 weirdly shaped rooms later...

And we finally make it.

I'm swimming on Ostracons right now. Is it weird that Ostracon, a seventh tier material is more common than Trapezohedron, a sixth tier material? I do take my time making fifth tier parameter raising accesories.

Finally, a better sword that outclasses Disaster Blade.

Sakuya finally debuted in boss battle after being overshadowed by Reisen and Yuugi.

Hey ugly ass monster, I take it you're our next boss.

Less talking and more ass kicking. I'm sure you'll agree as well.

Existence Hater: ROOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!

BGM: Boss 3 -OUT-

It don't intimidate me. look at its design, it looks like a totem pole with two pot-smoking crocodile. The Existence Hater has 150000 HP, 1500 PDEF!!!!!, immune to all element but mystic, and weak to all physical. Even if it's weak to all physical, it's massive PDEF is more than enough to make most physical attack deals 0 damage.

Its two crocodile mouth is Denagaku (top) and Shinakiraku (bottom). Both of them have 15000 HP, half the PDEF of Existence hater, and 160 EVA. Denagaku greatly resists water, thunder, and stab and weak to fire, earth, and slash while Shinakiraku has  reversed weakness and resistance.

Its attacks are pretty meh. Existence Hater mostly uses mystic, dark, strike (Face Smash), and inflict sleep, petrify, poison. All of which can be tanked with Alice. Denagaku can buff its own attack and whack you silly with its attack, and Shinakiraku mostly heals. The one you want gone is Shinakiraku since it has Refresh (10k heal), and Elixir (full heal). Don't wipe all of its helper.

Because the Existence Hater itself will get pissy and use Hina's nuke (which I completely block, and it's curse can be cured easily by Reimu). And then use Raise Dead twice. So just kill Shinakiraku and leave the other mouth alone.

Like Hina, it's defense is pure hell. With it's immunity to magic, and 1500 PDEF, the only way I could get past its massive defense is to buff Sakuya, nuke its defense (it's weak to defense down), and use Marisa to spam mystic. And then damage it slowly until it dies.

There's also 3 other strategy is kill it. One involve using Marisa and Satori to slowly mystic it to death (over my dead body, Satori!), one involve Youmu being awesome (I haven't found much use of Youmu since the final boss), and one involve Lithos spamming her last spellcard, fixed 9999 damage (but my Lithos' still at level 85). So I use my own strategy which combined Marisa's Mystic with Sakuya's power..

Oh yeah, it also has Vortex to screw your debuff and buff.

Turns out Denagaku can use Refreash as well. I learned that Shinakiraku can use Elixir the hard way. Once it healed 90000 of Existence Hater's HP. I didn't get the screenshot because I was too shocked to press the capture button.

So after that, I just use Sakuya to use Colloseo World to kill all healing and have Mokou revive should my character fall.

You need to watch its HP as it fall to 25% HP, which is hard to do unless you count damages dealt against it.

Should its HP fall below 25%, it will use Tsunami of Hades, a void based attack that deals fixed 999 damage to everyone and penetrates Reraise. Trial-and-error. Hate that mechanic.

Block it like a boss. Yata no Kagami is so overpowered. Nitori's camouflage and Satori Starlight Barrier may block it as well. But that involves using Satori.

Whew, finally beat it. Thank God its Vortex failed to dispel my own debuff.

100k EXP! Holy crap!

Marisa got stronger version of her magic just now?

So I defeated this dude with crocodile as arms.

What's next? A bull boss that will crap on you? A narcissistic fish with a mirror?

Anyway, a path to the Depth of Resentment has been opened for us to enter.

The last mission of the game. The fate of the entire world depends on us.

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 25

That armor looks so awesome. It even got higher PDEF than Alice's armor.

Muenzuka, the place where we'll end this incident.

BGM: Muenzuka

Welcome to Muenzuka again with its brown, green, and red color palette.

BGM: Battle 3

Right, enemy analysis time. Queen Avalon here is the weakest enemy here. They have 6750 HP and no resistance or weakness. At best they can annoy you with their weak magic spell and debuffs. Unless they use Mad Thunder.

Ah, the Goby. We met you back in Palace of the Earth Spirit, right? It blow you ass away with Fire and Water Breath for 300+ damage. I always paralyze it's ass when encountering it.

AAAAAAAHH!!!! Scary wheels! Rusty Wheel has 7700 HP, immune to light and dark, resists stab, and weak to earth and slash. They kinda hit you for 250+ damage and has Fang Crush (2 hit) and Hit and Run.

This place creeps me out. The Zombie High Tengu has 9400 HP, 80 EVA, greatly resists dark and stab, and weak to fire and light. They kinda harass you around with 250+ damage on their hand, occasionally it tries to daze you with Tornado.

Tiger VI has 8900 HP, and weak to fire and earth. This tiger can slays warrior and magician for 300+ damage, it can also use Main Cannon to damage everyone for 250 damage. Kill them quick.

Is it just me or did the enemy deals less damage? Or maybe I'm getting stronger?

Instead of dropping basic materials, those guys drops Adamantite and Orichalcum Shard at high frequency. By the time I finish this dungeon, I have enough of them to make 2 Adamantites and 2 Orichalcums.

This dungeon is even shorter than Garden of the Sun 2 and even easier to navigate than Muenzuka 1.

The only gimmick in this place is this one way slide. Once you go down, you can't go back up anymore. Such a simple gimmick, designed to be a quick shortcut for those looking for quick exit (when I can just press F12 to exit).

I think this marks the halfway point of this dungeon.

BGM: Battle 3

The enemy from previous is saying hello right now. Our new enemies are Namahage (giant) and God Mantis. Namahage has 12000 HP, resists strike, and weak to fire, earth, and stab. Uuuuh... It kinda hit you for 250-300 HP. Definitely weaker than Rakshasa from Garden of the Sun.

The God Mantis has 9900 HP, resists slash, and earth and weak to water. Like before, it can attack you twice for 250+ damage.

Mind Flayers?! I thought they don't exist anymore after stage 21?! Mind Flayer Lord has 9500 HP, 125 EVA, greatly resists every element except mystic, and weak to stab. as always, it'll try to Mind Blast you for 250 damage and paralysis and Instant Death you. Since they're really annoying to kill, I always run when I encountered them.

Holy freaking shit! There's Yukkuri King here?!

Now we're on top of that slope. If you're low on MP and bomb, just go down and refill. And then work your way back here again.

Something that isn't character's material for once. This small armor is actually pretty good.

This map's too big for its own good.

Once you fall from that slope, there's absolutely no way to get back up. But no worries though.

Because the save room is just a short walk after that. In expansion stage's fashion, there's an optional room. But I won't bother going there as its treasure is just basic character material and the enemies are just plain not fun to fight.

Reimu is borderline required in this fight, as always. I changed my commander to Mokou though for reason that I will tell you later.

And I need lots of INT.

And fill all of Reimu's Spirit Attack tree. Trust me for that.

Okay Hina, time to come out and face us.

Holy shit! An actual dialogue?

: It is the thoughts of evil!

Evil's thoughts is evil.

: It's way bigger than any of the others that we've seen.

: It seems we've finally caught the tail of the culprit.

Reimu.png: Looks like it.

Reimu.png: All right!

???: Heh heh heh. I wasn't expecting you to appear so quickly...

Ladies and gentlemen, the face of evil herself.

: You're...

: Hina Kagiyama...!?

Yeah yeah, I know you guys wanted to have a line in this cutscene. But no need to complete each other sentence like Anna and Prince Hans.

: Hehe. Good day, everyone.

She's pretty civil about all this.

: Why would the goddess of misfortune be doing...

: ...Misfortune?

: Ahaha! I see you've caught on, Lithos Medusa Gorgon.

Reimu.png: What's going on...?

: At a guess... The phenomenon behind the incident... These thoughts of evil... Perhaps they come from Lady Kagiyama's misfortune control. To summarize...

: She's the bad guy!! I think!!

No shit?!

: Thanks for elaborating, rabbit.

: Well then, how was it?

I really like her scene as a bad guy, even though she only got 2 up until now.

: I see, so this was your doing all along. We haven't caught the tail of the culprit. We have her by the scruff of the neck.

: Even then, it's rather hard to imagine... That someone like you could come up with, and cause such a large-scale incident...

Everyone had their good day. Can you see she's having fun as a bad guy, right now? You of all people should now right? The fun of being a bad guy?

: But whatever the case.

At least this time, you're taking things by your own hands.

: Full agreement here.

You will be missed Yamame and Parsee.

I thought Reimu was selfish.

No one cared!

: As you have clearly seen... The malicious incident you caused has been troublsome[sic] for all of Gensokyo. As one of its guardian deities...

Your sister, Bio did already enjoyed her soup of TPK. Wanna invite Anastasis as well? She got plenty for everyone.

: Hehehehe...

: Such tremendous hatred... I can feel it all. How exhilarating!

: You of the living, keep giving in to your negative emotions! Then destroy me, and the entire world with it!

I see no reason to hate you. There's not even a reason for me to be mad at you.

Marisa.png: My Master Spark's gonna grant you the wish you want so badly.

3 shots. You only got 3 shots before you ran out of POW. And that's not sufficient to kill her.

Reimu.png: This absurd incident has gone on long enough. I, the Hakurei shrine maiden, shall put an end to your deeds.

: You think you can!?

Look, look. She's underestimating you Reimu. Don't you feel angry right now.

: Then I shall show you right now...

Don't disappoint me, Hina.

BGM: Boss 2

Look at her smug face. You can clearly tell she enjoys being a villain. Hina has 120000 HP, high amount of defense, 120 EVA, 999 regen on dark, immune to dark, resists slash, and strike and has no weakness.

She's the first boss (second if counting lunatic Three Goddesses, but there's no point fighting her) in the whole game to not have any species. That means you can't slay her at all.

On the offensive side, she put up a decent light (dark) show that deals... 0 damage. Alice has absolutely no trouble blocking her attacks (Well, she can deals 450+ damage should you fail to block her attack). Aside from that: Dispel, Curse, Instant Death, 1 Million Amperes (multi target HP to 1). That can be prevented using Sanae's RES buffs.

Attacking her though, is a complete nightmare. While I can first try the last 3 bosses, I can't do that with Hina. She has 2 barriers: Mirror of Malice and Implacable Dolls. Mirror of Malice makes her reflect physical and immune to magic while Implacable Dolls does the inverse. Which means you can't damage her at all if she put up the barrier... unless you have someone who can dispel (like Sanae, or Reisen), or you someone who can penetrate her reflect, like Reimu (She can't however, penetrate her immunity). While she's immune to a certain attack attribute, you can still gives her debuffs (Byakuren = magic debuff, Reisen = physical debuff), and you can dispel her barrier that way using attack element that she's immune to (otherwise, the dispel is just gonna be reflected to you). Sanae has magic dispel while Reisen has physical debuff.

Hina has resistance to attack down, so you can't just plain debuff her attack, even if you did, it'll only stay for 1-3 turns.

Stacking debuff for Reisen to slay. The game never said anything about stacking positive debuff, right?

That's not how Reisen's variety slayer works, isn't it?

So yeah... that happens. If the battle went on for a while, eventually she'll use Pain Bond, the attack that deals more damage the lower her HP is. She has 120000 HP, do the math. This screwed me the first time around. That's why I brought Mokou instead of Nitori.

After a good number of turns of taking her HP down, I brought her to 10% HP. She'll stop receiving damage should her HP be at 12000. And she'll begin her final phase after that.

Only Reimu could damage now. And you have to wipe out all 12000 HP in 1 go.

Otherwise, a shit like this will happen.

We're good girls, right? Good girls don't get nuked aren't they?

Okay Reimu, you do this correctly. I don't want to restart this battle again.

Whoa, she could do it after all. I'm very impressed.

The end of an interesting villain.

She's the only boss who ever drop an item. Surprise surprise, it sucks.

EDIT: Disaster Blade also gives you Auto Curse, something I learned the hard way.

Reimu.png: This is it, Hina! Now put an end to the incident!

: Ooh... Ohh... Ahh...

Marisa.png: W-Wha...? Hina's misfortune is...!

Hina misfortune is gone.

Such a melodramatic, she has a full frames of animation of her falling down.

: It... disappeared?

Mission complete?

: If it's gone, that means...

: Incident resolved!

Hooray...! Thank you for watching my LP every-

: N-No...

What? It's still not over?!

Reimu.png: Hina...?


: What did you say...?

: So you haven't learnt your lesson yet!?

: You all have gotten the wrong idea.

: The wrong idea...?

I thought the Embodiment of Hatred was those cute little snake thingy with very high EVA.

: Embodiment of Hatred...?

Marisa.png: The heck is that...?

: To put it plainly, it is a 'grudge'.

: The negativity from the youkai in the the Blue Gods incident used my misfortune as its intermediary. This incarnation it takes feeds on negativity all over Gensokyo to grow... It is the one preforming the evil acts behind the incident.

: As miserable as it sounds, my misfortune was a mere slave...

Poisoning every youkai in Gensokyo... It such a great idea for a prank isn't it, Lithos?

: I see. I thought the reasoning behind you being the culprit was off to begin with.

Too bad really though. I kinda like if Hina ended up as the villain instead of weak ass grudge of doom.

: So that is what we had the wrong idea about... I can accept that.

: ...

You should sit in a corner and think about what you did.

: So, what's the objective of this Embodiment of Hatred thingamajig...?

Reimu.png: Complete destruction? That sounds so crazy...

Yep, complete destruction. Every generic villain's motive.

: It is merely the incarnation of all sorts of negative emotions. Reason does not apply to it. It simply obeys its urges. It destroys whatever is the target of its hatred.

: The negative emotions that it naturaly emits also affect others around it... As if sucking everyone else into the same whirlpool of hatred that it created. This incident must be stopped before it gets too late.

Yeah yeah.

: ...

: So the incident is not yet over... Where is the incarnation now?

Reimu.png: Lithos?

: This incident was caused by the incident we sisters started... I feel responsible for it... Thus, this incident...

Reimu.png: Don't forget about us. The Hakurei shrine maiden has patents on incident resolution.

: Hehe, of course.

: The incarnation continues its growth in a dimension that it constructed. If the path that they took to escape is forced open... The space can be entered... You can enter the incarnation itself.

We're gonna go to a new dimension? Cool!

: There is a bit of its energy remaining. I can force it open currently.

Spin Hina! Open the portal to the next dimension.

Definitely looks like a final stage.

: Everything is prepared, then.

Wait, let me get everyone (except Cirno and Remilia to level 80s)

Reimu.png: You can rest here, Hina. We'll clean up the remainders.

: I'm counting on you.

: Yes!

Well, stage 25 complete.

Last story quest of the game.

Hey! I beat an important storyline boss and I still don't get anything?!

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 24

With the help of Yata no Kagami, Yasakani no Magatama, and Remilia. I finally able to legitimately clear Cirno's quest. Yes sire, Cirno's become a one-fairy army.

Just in case you don't believe me.

I'm so awesome even Akyu is surprised.

: I see you have exterminated the embodiment of hatred running rampart in Gensokyo. I have heard that the embodiment of hatred... Infects others with their own thoughts of hatred, and makes them lose control. Defeating them must have been a painful experience.

Not really, I did fight harder bosses than them.

: Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

You get the expansion characters' 7th tier armor alongside some shields.

Since I got some Steel from the previous stage, I'm gonna make Reisen's, Sanae's and Marisa's armors (Though I burned a large amount of Steels doind that.).

Yeah, Yuugi's 7th tier is Suika.

And yes, Yuugi did use Suika holding a suika (watermelon) as a weapon. This is Suika's only appearance in this game.

Back to the sunflower garden again.

BGM: Garden of the Sun

I never got bored listening to that song. I once wanted to make this BGM my alarm (Now my alarm is Patchouli's theme).

BGM: Battle 3

Speaking of enemy, the enemies here is kinda easier (and has less variety) than the one is previous stages. The sunflower fairies are back with more stats and less skills. The Great Sunflower Fairies have 6400, 7900, 8000, and 8100 HP respectively from staff, sword, spear, to axe. The magic one is just so weak (150 damage) that I don't notice them at all while the physical fairies can deals 200-300 damage with their weapons, though they only have first few weapon skills. Strangely those fairies have Byakuren single target buffs.

Those guys have a high chance to drop their materials. I fought 3 enemies and all of them drops a material.

You see this skill? That's Cirno's last skill. At least I won't use her again outside of special circumstances.

Geyser that eliminates your color once you passed them?

Yes, this stage has the same gimmick as its previous version.

Goddamit! I have to go around this whole stage to take down this flower (and activates the switch)

BGM: Battle 3

Butterflies... Nothing's good come from them. Abyss Buttefly has 7400 HP, 70 EVA, resists earth and strike, and weak to thunder and stab. They sorta poison the whole party a lot or rarely they'll attack you for 300 damage. Stop them with Sanae or Poison Shield formation.

Eugh...! What is that?! Hundred Eyes has 8100 HP, resists water and strike, and weak to fire. They water your face or hit you for 250-300 damage. Right, moving on.

Oh goodness! Foreign Gods! Furfur has 15800 HP, 33 Divine Barrier, immune to water and dark, resists earth, thunder, all physical, and weak to fire and light. It's water version of Ifrit, hits really hard with water based attack and will TPK you if you let it fill the Land to water.

Well, at least I got 2 Ostracons from them.

COCKATRICE!!! King Cockatrice has 9800 HP, resists earth and dark and weak to thunder, light, and stab. Petrify everywhere! resist it using Sanae!

What's that? That sunflower over there? Sun Red Flower have 8700 HP, resist thunder, and weak to fire and slash. Honestly they don't have much kicks compared to its previous version, only dealing 250 damage. It's Sunburst is not as awesome anymore.

The puzzle is just easy it's not worth covering about. Anyway, I'm now at halfway point of the stage.

BGM: Battle 3

Oh dear lord, a Raksasa! Rakshasa has 11300 HP, resists dark, slash, strike and weak to earth, and stab. He's probably the second toughest enemy here just below Furfur. That giant there is capable of dealing 350+ damage twice. Just can't take it out fast, just pray that he's not attacking the wrong person.

Hmmmm.... How about no.

Attacking 8 times for 2 turns is nice and all, but I can't control which enemy she'll attack (next boss also has Embodiment of Hatred), and it costs 99 MP.

Finally, something that isn't an elemental crystal (there's a lot of it here). There are 3 moderately useful armor here.

Yep, finally reached that switch.

Deactivating the geyser. I don't see the point of this shortcut since the save point is just 2 more maps.

In the last room, you have to use both orange and purple geyser in tandem in order to put out all the flowers to traverse forward.

Was that it? Had I not actively hunting the enemies, I could've finish this in just an hour. But there's still more though. Do you see the path on the left?

First, you need to be wrapped in orange geyser to enter it. This optional map contains the hardest set of enemies and...

Oh hey, a hidden generic spear that I wouldn't possibly care about.

Before going through this stage, I only have 5 Steel and I'm low on Bamboo. And now, I'm swimming in basic materials.

Second debut of Yuugi with Kusanagi.

It was a dark and ominous day.

Oh hi there you cute little Embodiment of Hatred. Want me to cuddle you?

Oh come on, don't be so hard on this cute little creature.

BGM: Boss 1

YOU'RE NOT CUTE AT ALL! The Foreign Demon with tentacle is Abyss Demon. It has 100000 HP, immune to dark, resists all 4 elements and physicals, and weak to light. While it's PDEF is smaller than the Dragon, it's MDEF is high enough that Reimu won't be able to even deal 1000 damage. So it's Yuugi's turn again.

The Embodiment of Hatreds still have the same stats and behavior as the last time. Only this time, it has 275 EVA, making extra sure that physical attacker can't even touch them.

In this boss battle, you need to watch out for the Land. You need to make sure the bosses don't maxed the Land to Dark (which is incredibly easy to do since there's 5 dark user on enemy's side) as the Demon will use Fix Land to make the Land don't change anymore. If you by off chance max the Land into light (which you won't do unless you have party of light user), the Demon will eat the Land to restore 10000 of its HP.

The Demon will only use lots of dark based attack. So you can cut its offense by equipping lots of dark resistance. It doesn't have a nuke whatsoever, so you don't need to worry too much about defense. It does however, can turn dead character into zombie (easily prevented by not dying at all), and it can use Instant Death (Can be blocked easily using Sanae's RES boost).

Didn't take me too long to kill it.

I don't bring MATK buff this time though, so I need to weaken all the Hatred before I nuke it. Once I did that...

This took me less than 10 minutes. Wanna see what I can do in 1 hour?

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Well, I can only beat one boss in NoR. And sometimes, it takes me more.

Whew, piece of sliced cheese cake.

Finally, we're gonna meet face to face against the perpetrator herself, Hina.

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 23

Serela's right. I can do lots of damage to the Hydra if I stacked Poison alongside all 5 debuff. (Well, I only get 3 debuffs and poison in this screenshot. But I do able to deals 88k damage with stacking slayer effect).

Now I've completed the elemental resistance set.

Nothing can touch Alice now. Nothing. Yes, that includes Void element. Yata no Kagami resists Void.

Now, our next stage takes us to Forest of Magic 3. (And they use the 2nd version of Forest of magic)

BGM: Dark Forest of Magic

Welcome to the Forest of Magic again, arguably my least favorite stage.

Oh hey, a secret treasure right at the beginning of the stage.

BGM: Battle 3

The enemies are kinda irritating at best, dangerous at worst. You just can't fight these enemies without bringing Sanae. Our first two enemies are Melusine and Small Thunder (I think you know which is which from their names). Small Thunder has 6000 HP, immune to thunder, resist strike, and weak to earth and stab. They attack you with all sort of electric attack for 200-300 damage. Nothing to dangerous unless they use multi target thunder spell.

Melusine has 7500 HP, good defense, resists all 4 elements and weak to dark. She's kinda annoying, she will try to inflict Charm to you and blast you with water breath for 300 damage. Plus, she's hard to kill. My strategy for her just boil down to paralyze her and wail at her.

This stage still has the same gimmick, but with a twist.

Let's talk about the enemies first before we talk about the stage gimmick shall we?

BGM: Battle 3

Our next set of enemies is those jerks from Bhava-agra, Super Expert (warrior dude) and Great Mountain Man (old man). The Super Expert has 7000 HP, and weak to dark. He has all sort of dangerous physical based attack (including Instant Death) that's capable of dealing 300+ damage twice. Try to kill him fast or paralyze him.

The Great Mountain Man has 6500 HP, and weak to dark. He's not all that dangerous, just incredibly annoying. He'll counter magic attack with Silence and physical with Blind, plus he has 80 IND. You got one shot to hit him before he disables you.

Then we have Manhunter, Gundam-slash-slayer. It has 12700 HP, 500 PDEF, immune to light and dark, resists slash and stab, and greatly weak to thunder. It has the highest PATK amongst all enemies, and it's slayer is bad, end of story.

Gandharva has 8000 HP,  and no resistance or weakness. He uses all sort of Zapper based attack (that includes Death Zapper) for 300 damage.

Another Golden Door. Back to hunting Golden Key again?

The gimmick here is that some of the pipe is a one way pipe that leads to the start of the stage. We want to head deeper underground, so let's not enter this pipe.

We found our Golden Key.

Now we enter the second half of the stage and meet some new dangerous enemies.

BGM: Battle 3

Great, another Beholder. Death Beholder has 9000 HP, very high MDEF, greatly resists any element but mystic, and weak to stab and slash. While it's nasty looking saw can deals 300+ damage, he rarely use it in favor with magic cancel, and kinda meh Mystic based spell. It's most dangerous aspect is that it uses Death Zapper on counter.

It drops a great accesory that resists Variety effect, try to get it to drop it.

Ah, insect version of Gundam, eh? Aura Battler Bug has 8250 HP, 400 PATK and DEF, and weak to water only. It just sorta attack you for 300+ damage or something? I think it has Instant Death attack as well.

Yeah, lots of Instant Death. Bring Sanae or else.

Yeah, I'm not suited to defeat light based enemies right now, so could you go away from my face right now?

Great, the most annoying enemy in this stage. Aguriko has 4500 HP, and no resistance or weakness. While its attack are nothing special, it's support is. It has all sort of support-based spells including status buffs, Deva Stand, Starlight Barrier, and many more. Kill them quick!

Oh hell no!!!

I need this skill against the next boss. 20 more level and she will turn into goddess of destruction.

We head back to the upperground. I like this gimmick.

See those grass? Do not touch them at all cost! Else...

AAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Enemies everywhere!

Easy... I don't want to spawn the enemies.


You see this pipe? Don't enter it. It'll sent you to the start of the stage.

We found another Golden Key after passing through maze of invisble path.

This time, I'm gonna dodge all the grass.

You cheeky bastard, think you can hide the exit from me?

We may have reached the save point, but there's a path we haven't gone to yet. You see that in the last map, there's a path to the south right?

On top of containing 2 good shields...

BGM: Battle 3

Every enemies encounter here will always have Death Beholder. Perfect place to grind it's accesory.

I do get lots of Water and Earth Shards alongside Steels.

This is kinda way too many don't you think? Though I do ended up getting Border of Life and Death (Double circle RES to Variety) from this encounter.

It's Yuugi first debut at boss fight.

Note: 2 years ago, it took me 3 days to find the right strategy to face this boss.

Ooooooo... It's really spooky.

An Embodiment of Hatred has appeared! What are you going to do?
A. Fight
B. Run
C. Ignore It
D. Cry

Answer: A.

BGM: Boss 1

Oooooh... Aren't you a spooky dragon. Every boss from now on will be accompanied with the Embodiment of Hatred themselves. The Abyss Dragon has 90000 HP, 1200 PDEF!!!, greatly resists all 4 elements and stab, and weak to light.

The Enbodiment of Hatred have 9000 HP, immune to dark, resists all physicals, and weak to light. You just can't plain attack the Hatred wih physical, aside from its resistance against physical, it also have 255 EVA. Plus, they respawn after a few turns if kill kill it. Yeeeeah....

The Enbodiment of Hatred harasses you with mediocre physical and magical dark based attack, and debuffs and status effect. Their attacks may be weak, but those damage will pile up, and they can fill out the Land to dark in just 2 turns.

It's the dragon itself you need to watch out from. It's light and breath attack hurts really bad. It's capable of dealing 400-600 damage. and it's fully capable of using high tier magic spell.

It can also charge itself before using stronger version of its breath attack or using Medoroa or Meteor, both are very dangerous. This jerk is smart enough to use Vortex to dispel your party before unleashing its attack. So, I use Alice to cover everyone so that she'll absorb it's attack. With double circle resistance against all element, these attack will amount to just tickling her 5 times.

For offense, physical attacker obviously cannot hope to damage it. So I'll just have Byakuren nuke it's defense.

Followed with physical nuke from buffed up Yuugi.

That way, she can deal ridiculous damage against it.

The battle is not yet over once you kill the dragon. There's still those Hatred left.

Okay Reimu, show us your skill.

BOOM! BANG! Reimu's impressive light show kills all the Hatred in 1 turn.

Thank you watching everyone. See you again.

Quest completed.

Looks like our quests will bring us to Garden of the Sun, my favorite stage in this game.

Stay tuned for my journey back to the Garden itself.

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Sidequest Superboss Part 1

From this point on, if you want to access the next stage. You need to accept the story quest.

Okay, we got our last expansion character. Her build is simple. She has extremely good STR and VIT, very high HP and shit in everything else. Her unique weapon is Rock, a strike type that is powerful, contains exorcism, but has shit accuracy. As you'd expect, she can use all type of armor and shields. Her gimmick is the simplest of all character: Hulk Smash! All her skill except for Berserker Soul are offensive skills (that uses bomb). Her Last Word is Oni's Roar: It will increase all allies offensive power by +50% on that turn.

Her commander skills are:
Passive: Physical damage dealt +5%
Support 1: Oni's Wall: This turn allies take less damage from physical attacks
Support 2: Barrier of Mt. Ooe: This turn allies take little damage from physical attacks (Again, those supports are the same skills but with different power)

Her skill tree consists of Strongarm, Iron Shell, Sake, and Hell. Strongarm massively increases her PATK (and barely any ACC), though it's not as good as Remi's. Iron Shell  greatly increases her defensive capability by giving her massive PDEF, strengthening her shield, and gives her Physical Barrier. Sake enhances her critical and bombs (which she needs because most of her skills uses bomb). And Hell increases her other attributes, especially HP (this skill tree also allows her to deal more damage when berserked). Her Rock skill tree gives her high PATK and low ACC boost, on top of allowing her attack to penetrate shield and strike resistance, its skill are meh though, but its her only skill that does not use bomb.

Hmmm.... Sakuya got +135 PATK from her skill tree, Yuugi got +180 PATK, and Remi got +195 PATK. Wish Remi doesn't drop as easy as Cirno though.

: I have heard that she is an Oni with preposterous strength. She will surely be a strong ally.

: I would like to offer my meagre assistance as well. I hope these recipes will be helpful in resolving incidents.


And then, the sportfield turned into a crater.

After clearing stage 22, all the sidequests are opened. We can get mid-to-uber tier material by completing these quest. The good thing is, all of it are located in Kourindou, which mean you don't have you scour dungeon for the boss. The bad thing is: these bosses are TOUGH. The 7 star quest's bosses has the strength of just behind the final boss.

And the 8 star quest's bosses has the strength of the final boss, except you have to beat them multiple times. Oh boy, this is gonna suck.

Hmm... I can get Orichalcum if I beat a Hydra that can be shut down using Aya. Oh yeah! Let's do this!

Princess Jellyfish... I never read any josei (adult female demographic) manga.

The only person who visit Kourindou is just me and all the superboss. Kourindou must be a great place to hang out.

BGM: Boss 1

Wow, they didn't even make a new sprite for it. The Great Hydra has- You know what, let me just show you its bestiary.

For the record, it has more PATK and PDEF than Yuugi. And 180000 HP with no weakness? Oh boy.

As you'd expect, it will use tier 2 elemental breath attack over and over again. But unlike the regular Hydra, at first, it only moves twice. As its HP gets lower and lower, it will get more turn. And it will use Fang Crush (essentially 2 normal attack) more often as it's HP gets lower. Without Aya, you can't survive its breath onslaught. As for the Fang Crush, even if you had Alice defend you, let's just say you're gonna feel its attack (It can deals 200 damage to Alice for goodness sake!).

I can just reduce its PATK and DEF using both Byakuren and Reisen. With both of them together, they can stack those debuff in no time.

This is what happen if I give Reisen Kusanagi (Dragon slayer) and slays that those 4 varieties I gave it. Wish I could inflict Berserk, but I'm, not risking it.

After a long grueling battle, I finally beat it.

Even if I hate those sidequests, the prospect of me beating the superbosses thrills me.

1 Orichalcum.

2 Orichalcum! But still... that boss is freaking hard.

I might as well make this Shield and Nitori's ultimate weapon Shade-High Power using that Orichalcum I obtained.

Holy crap! That's an anti-tank cannon! I love its damage.

BGM: Boss 1

I'm going to make a little detour first. You remember that Elite Yukkuri has Medoroa right?

I said Medoroa! Not Face Smash!

Back in stage 12. What did I say about Face Smash?

Kanako can charge her power, then Face Smash you into oblivion. This is learnable by Satori. The only difference between them is that Satori is a petite useless satori, and Kanako is a Goddess of War.

Oh, right. Useless satori.

Finally! Medoroa!

Most Void based skills are undefendable, but those MP cost though.

I admit it's really powerful, but when Satori could deals 3000 damage with 99 MP, Marisa could deal the same damage with less MP. At least it doesn't use bomb though.

Oh boy, a Mind Flayer as a superboss.

BGM: Boss 1

Believe it or not, this boss is actually the easiest boss.

A boss with 150000 HP is the easiest superboss...  Oh boy.

This boss is damage rush boss.

It only has 3 moves, attack with instant death, Mind Blast, and Meteor. Meteor also deals undefendable damage. Getting hit by Meteor once will immediatelly TPK you. So, why is this boss is the easiest superboss?

Simple. It's weak to Instant Death.

Fastest 65535 EXP ever, right?


I thought I could get more of it though.

That's 2 easy to obtain Emerald.

Hmm... Satori can learn Meteor at level 60 with 10% chance. She's already at level 70. So let's get it!

No! Not Mind Blast! Meteor dammit!

After cycling through the quest 5 times, I finally encountered it again and finally learn Meteor. All that left is to win the battle.


There! I finally got it!

And it's shit, very expensive shit. End of story.

By the way, Cirno has the worst Last Word portrait ever.

Normally, Cirno's sidequest is really hard.

So, let's play really dirty!

After finding the boss, gather both the normal enemy and the boss together. But instead of touching the boss, touch the enemy instead.

Win the normal fight using the sidequest's requirement, and immediatelly touch the boss. You got less than 1 second to do this.

And voila! Quest completed! Basically, I make the game thinks I just finished the boss battle.

Yay! Free material! Do not touch the boss after this though, it'll crashes the game.

I'll make it drop. I'm an expert.

BGM: Boss 1

I dread this enemy, it's Evolution Breath scares me.

That defense!

You can defend against all of its attack, except Evolution Breath, that will deals 600+ light damage undefended. This is why I brought Aya again. It can also use Camo, a field effect that gives it Perfect Dodge and Magic Barrier, override it with Aya. Taking it normally will take a lot of time.

That is why it has a fatal weakness, namely it can be Petrified. It's not WEAK to petrify mind you! It's just CAN be petrified (and I think it resists it). It took me a lot of try to inflict it even with Lithos and Byakuren both buffed. Once you did though, you just turned a superboss into a glorified punching bag.

You've finally... entered my range, MACHINE DRAGON ZERO!




I admit, I'm just really lucky this time.

Diamonds are harder to obtain than the Emeralds. At least it's unbreakable.

I don't have Imagine Breaker on my right hand. So, I expect I'm going to have a good luck against it.

BGM: Boss 1

Well, a brand new superboss with a new intimidating sprite!

No defense, but lots of attack, and extremely high HP...

This is yet another damage rush boss. You're expected to use Mokou in this fight.

You must Burn this monstrous plant at all cost.

Else it will buff itself and deals up to 2000 damage undefended. It's either you burn it, or you dead. As it's HP gets lower, its chance to be burned gets lower.

At this point, use Sakuya to stop time and hope you can kill it during her Time Stop.

Looks like it's your misfortune, Godeater.

Fukou da (不幸だ), that's how you spell "such misfortune" in japanese, right?

Getting Adamantite is even easier than getting Orichalcum, too bad I'm low on Steel right now.

But I can make Yasakani no Magatama with that Adamantite. All that's left is Yata no Kagami.

That's enough dilly dally shilly shallying, time to visit the next stage and meet a non-humanoid boss for once

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Stage 22

I've been delaying this for so long. Now, it's time to visit new stage.

Lithos' ultimate rapier has better PATK than Kusanagi.

Once you start a story quest, you cannot try other side quests and you'll have to finish it.

Well, you can actually cancel the quest, but the stage will be gone and all the enemies respawn once you touches the quest board, essentially restarting your progress.

BGM: Former Hell

Welcome to the new stages with recycled BGM and layout (This stage's essentially Former Hell with no flames). Look man, they spend most of their budget at shit like new characters, and superbosses, they even don't have the budget to make one more character. Give them a break will ya.

Recycled enemy that almost blends in with the enviroment. But hey, new BGM. Gather your headphones folks and let's judge this new BGM.

BGM: Battle 3

Well, the BGM's still downer, but at least its catchy enough.

Our first enemy is Hell Mandragora, it has 5150 HP, resists thunder and stab, and weak to fire and slash. While it can use status effect against you, it prefers to Tentacle you to death, Tentacle can deals up to 300 damage to character with low PDEF. Sakuya's slash it to pieces.

And then we meet Hell Anaconda, it has 5700 HP, resists earth and strike, and weak to water and slash. It can paralyze you and its attack are laced with poison on top of 300 damage. But other than that, meh.

Hell Pincer have 6470 HP, very high PDEF, greatly resists fire and water, resists slash and stab, and weak to thunder. Offensivelly, they're meh. Defensively, they have Kabuff +1, a PDEF buff that is on par with Sanae's buff. Get it of it quick.

Yeah, almost all enemies here have "Hell" in their name.

Purgatory Mendoza (hey, enemy with no "Hell" in their name) have 6800 HP, resists earth and dark, and weak to thunder and light. They can inflict status, and use Tentacle Dance, the multi-hit version of Tentacle which again, can deals up to 300 damage to anyone with low PDEF.

Oh Great, Ifrit. The strongest enemy here. It has 17000 HP, immune to fire and dark, resists earth, thunder, all physicals, and weak to water and light. It can attack twice using fire based attack that deals 200+ damage, the moment it tilts the Land to fire is the moment where it can use its stronger fire based attack and kill everyone. No, I am not kidding.

Both of them has "Hell" in their name. Hell Oni has 7180 HP, resist strike, and weak to stab. Its mace can deals up to 400 damage, thankfully, it has low ACC, anyone with decent EVA can avoid it (which is only Aya, Youmu, or Kusanagi user).

The Hell Gashadokuro (skeleton) has 14000 HP nearly immune to dark and stab, and weak to fire, light, and strike. It's attack can also deals 400 damage as well. Kill it with Muscle Revolution before it kills you.

Axes right now only have ACC of around 40. Any enemy with decent EVA will evade it effortlessly.

Okay, there's a switch here. Obviously it will not open the gate below.

But instead, it will open the gate on the left that contains Adamantite Shard.

And this switch does not open the gate as well. Instead it opens a hidden path on the right.

BGM: Battle 3

Great, Hell version of stage 21's dragon. Hell Dragon has 13000 HP, great PDEF, and resists all 4 elements, dark, and stab. On top of having no weakness and great PDEF, it can deals 400 damage. Best to run away from it.

No thank you very much.

Nice to see you again Gold Key.

We now reached the last part of this dungeon.

BGM: Battle 3

You'll meet enemies from the quests from here on.

Another dinosaur?! The Dreadsaurus has 14800 HP, half the PDEF than Hell Dragon, and resists all 4 elements and stab. It can also deals 400 damage with its attacks, and it even tougher than Hell Dragon. And this dragon is from the quests. Guess I'm lucky enough not to encounter it before.

It's obvious whose material is this.

That is not a long dungeon at all. I even got it in one try.

I would like to point you in this room.

You can meet the enemies from the quest in that room, albeit in greater number. There are two rooms. One contain the enemies from the first half of the quest. The second one contains enemies from second half.

I really loves this party configuration am I?

You know how much I didn't like the story right?

Apparently, the dev knew that as well. So we cut straight to the boss battle with no dialogue whatsoever.

I'm not complaning at all. So, let's rock and roll!

BGM: Boss 1

Okay bro, let's do this! Yuugi has 88000 HP, great PDEF, greatly resists earth, resists all physicals and weak to light and dark.

Yuugi fights like Anastasis. Her attack is incredibly powerful, capable of dealing 500 damage, and she can attack up to 4 times. But that's all her strategy is, Hulk Smash.

Her spellcard is Knockout in Three Steps.

It's a series of 3 extremely powerful punches that is capable of sending anyone flying and deals 1500+ damage. And you can't have that many HP even if you at level 99.

So, how are you gonna defend against that?

Just like Anastasis before her, her massive offense is also her weakness as you can shut it down with Byakuren's debuff. But this requires her to have both +60 and +30 IND boost as she have 100 RES.

Once I debuff her attack and defend and properly buff Sakuya. I can stop time and unleash Full Moon Revenge.

I want to do this because Yuugi will use Berserker Soul at 25% HP, a skill that gives her Berserk and allows her to hit 8 times.

Sakuya's Durandal slays Youkai, Bird, and Giant.




In hindsight, I don't need Youmu in the first place.

No need for the compliment. All I did was disable your strength after all.

Reimu.png: This is no time for praise! Dealing with an oni in this manner is no joke, that's for sure!

Reimu.png: But at least you're back to your old self.

: Ahaha! I was completely beaten!

: Was dancing in the palm of someone's hand.

She played you like a damn fiddle, right?

: So you were taken in by this abnormallity that has been spreading.

: That's right. I ended up betrayed by it too. Yamame and Parsee are both victims of this incident.

They're so unpopular that they isn't even get an appearance in this Strawberry Bose's game. Even Kisume got a mini boss battle.

: That would make this faster. Do you have any clue who the culprit might be?

: Sorry... But no. Well, I don't know exactly who it is... But based on its evil aura, I can feel that it's returning to the surface.

In true GoS fashion. Back to scouring Gensokyo again, looking for the culprit for the second time.

: So the culprit is now within Gensokyo...!

Reimu.png: We should return as soon as possible.

Sure, let me save my file. And then reset it. This is way faster than walking back to the entrance.

Reimu.png: Yuugi, will you help us in resolving this incident?

: The surface bores me. But if the aura has gotten this deep, it's something I can't ignore. I've got to pay it back for making a fool out of me too.

: I will crush anything evil to pieces. Once the culprit is smashed, I'll be able to enjoy my sake again.

I trust you with that.

Quest complete!

Now that Yuugi's here. Anastasis can go drop herself from the story altogether.

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Character Quest Part 6

This will be the last time I'll be bothering on this stupid character side quests. One thing I haven't mention is that the quest randomly cycles when you complete it. So when you don't find the quest you want. You just have to try other quest to cycle it again.

First one, Reisen. Bring Mokou along to right area of Eientei.

Goddammit Motherfucker! Stop chasing me you dumb suicidal shit!

The boss can be found somewhere near the house.

BGM: Boss 1

Okay, both of them has 10000 HP. The Bamboo Monster resists earth, thunder, light, dark, and stab, and weak to fire and water and Decapitating Rabbit is weak to fire and earth.

See why I told you to bring Mokou? You really should target the Rabbit first as its attacks can inflict Instant Death and it also has 150 IND. Bamboo can grow itself to buff all of its stats. Destroy it with Fujiyama Volcano after you deal with rabbit.

Does Udonge Dream of Red-Eyed Rabbits? They should turn this into a movie or something. I'm thinking it should be called Bunny Runner.

It may be easy, but I spent 15 minutes minutes searching for it. At first I found them really easily, but then I forgot to take a screenshot. So I reset, and their spawn point has been changed. So I spent a lot of time running 2 laps across the entire Eientei, running from enemy, restarting when those fucking tentacle machine use Damage Net until I found them again. I don't like how 5 minutes mission can be stretched to 15-30 minutes  because of the enemies and bad spawn point.

And they didn't gave me Ostracon or another Suppository. Fucking cheapskate!

More recipes for us!

: Congratulations.

: Though these incidents are minor, they could be linked to the resolution of major incidents. Allow me to give you these recipes in commemoration. I hope they will be helpful in resolving the incident.

Yes, this is what I've been waiting for. Now I get the recipes for Trapezohedron, Ostracon, and the fifth tier of status raising accesories (requires tier I, II of that accesory along with Ostracon).

I just happen to stockpile lots of Magic Medals in preparation for this. By the way, Ostracon costs 6 Magic Medals.

Hopefully, I can get more materials and equipment.

This is what I wanted. A +40-60 boost to a certain stats.

BGM: Boss 1

Oh great. This will be boring.

Anyway, the boss can be found at the halfway point of Muenzuka.

BGM: Boss 1

*sigh* Prepare for the most boring mission. Great Laughing Tire has 15000 HP, immune to light and dark, resist stab and weak to sword. While it can't touch Alice, Alice's lack of offensive option makes her unable to damage it as well. Gives her a sword (preferably Kusanagi) and just auto battle.

The problem is this battle really takes a long time. When I do this mission, I just set it to auto battle, mute my laptop, and I go to toilet to relieve myself. When I returned, THE BATTLE IS STILL HASN'T END!

Another 5 minutes of my life wasted.

Let's try Youmu's next.

The boss can be found somewhere in Netherworld. I don't where the fuck is his spawn point. So it took me 30 minutes of running 3 laps across Netherworld to find him since it's one of the biggest stage (And yes, 30 minutes is correct, I counted it).

BGM: Boss 1

Mano-a-mano! Dual wielding samurai vs Dual wielding samurai. The Super Expert has 20000 HP. He can attack twice for total damage of 200 damage. He can also use Petro Cloud to inflict petrify, so petrify RES. Have it. One of Youmu's Katana skill allows her to heal, Sanae can also heal as well. Just beat him a lot, and occasionally heal if you're low on HP.

Boss' still boring though.

Not a good reward.

This is one of my most despised mission.

The bosses can be found on the first 3 maps of Garden of the Sun. The real problem is actually fighting them.

BGM: Boss 1

Here's the deal, Cirno needs to one-fairy army 9 fairies with 3000-4000 HP. Whereas Lithos is more than capable of one-woman army, Cirno does not. Perfect Freeze may be able to freeze them all, but she can't use every turn.

With her low HP and incredibly low defense, what do you is gonna happen huh? Mind you, this is ON FUCKING EASY!!!

So I came back, with a lots of vengeance!

Doing this will fail the mission (failing mission do not cycle the quests), you see...


At least this mission allow me to get 3 materials at once.

I think they can be found in the last half of Youkai Mountain Summit.

BGM: Boss 1

Okay, it's on! Those Three Nurikabe Brothers has 10000 HP, extremely high PDEF, resists thunder, light, dark, and stab and weak to water and earth.

Use Tengu Newspaper Dealine Day to buff your EVA.

Change Nitori's attack to water elemental, Sanae PATK, PDEF, EVA buffs and have Nitori alternate between her Zero Kelvin Buster (water spellcard), and Spitfire.

This is not difficult at all, only tedious.

And I only got Sanae's material. Greedy bastard.

Let me ask you a question: Which invader do you prefer? The Squid Man?

Or Squid Girl.

It can be found in B2 floor in Hell of Blazing Fire.

Since Satori'll be fighting a Mind Flayer by herself, bring a lot of RES+ and lance.

BGM: Boss 1

I'm pretty sure you guys agree that there are no place for Squid Man in Gensokyo, de geso~. The Veteran Flayer has 25600 HP, greatly resists all elements except thunder and weak to stab. As you'd expect, it tries to inflict statuses and debuffs to you.  It's only attack capable of dealing damage is Sunburst and Holy (have light or fire protection).

That said, you can learn a lot of skill from it.

The rest of the battle involves Satori solving poking it to death while occasional healing should her HP fall below 150 HP.

Losing to the second worst character. Man, you must be really suck, de geso~

I won't try it again until I have Gungnir (strongest spear, need 1 Obsidian).

I think it's time to head to stage 22 proper.

Let's Play The Genius of Sappheiros - Character Quest Part 5

Let's continue from where we left off.

There's a reason why this quest has 6 star. No, you can forget this quest exist.

Let's instead try a much more fair quest. At least, this time Strawberry Bose knew that Patchouli can't defeat the boss by herself. (Also, \n? That's the code to make a new line. If it's looks like yen+n in my screenshot, that's because I used japanese locale to play)

Anyway, the boss can be found in the attic section of Great Library.

BGM: Boss 1

Let me ask you a question. Whose character is good with slash type weapon?

And you have the answer.


I never make Patchouli's book anyway.

New armor for Alice to make her invulnerable to everything.

I didn't know Sanae has that weapon. And Sanae is not built for physical combat.

I want you to take a look at Mokou's power level and next level. Right now, she need 500 power to level up.

You knew it was coming. Who doesn't love Remilia? (Though Youkai Mountain has more character than SDM)

They can be found somewhere in SDM.

Expect to meet Scarlet Cap at every encounter.

Finally, I get Reisen to comfortable level. Man, it took a long time. (By the way, after level 60, she stops learning new skills)

I wonder whose material this is.

BGM: Boss 1

Hey Flan, how's it going? Both of them has 55000 HP, great resistance to all 4 elements and dark,and stab (Remi) or slash (Flan) and weak to light. Both of them has respectable EVA.

This fight is another damage race. Both of them capable of dealing high damage with their spellcards. Remi's capable of charming you and Flan's Laevateinn absolutely destroys anyone without fire resistance. Also, you can't absolutely use magic here as they will immediately counters with their spellcards. So, how do you fight them?

Vyse Sword, slays Transcendent, you stop time and beat them a lot.

That was quick. Any way, after one of them died, the other boss gets pissy and will starts to use new toys.

At least it's not Laevateinn or Meteor.

Yeah, anticipated that.

6000 x 3 x 3.Yeah.

And that is how we roll.

Flan: All that kicking and stomping, geez!

Sorry, I'm really drunk with power.

Reimu.png: I guess we went a bit too far. Are you okay now?

: Yes, more or less. Reimu, Lithos. Thank you.

: Hehe, we did nothing worthy.

Is it just me, or is Lithos is more heroic than Reimu?

: More importantly, were you controlled by a dark mind?

: Yes... You could say that. I felt a sudden surge of anger, and lost the ability to control my emotions... It felt like my mind was shrouded by someone else's.

: Someone else's mind... Who could it be?

It's Hina. She wanted to spread her love to everyone. Did I say love? I mean hatred.

Reimu.png: It doesn't matter who it is. In the end, it's all about exterminating the source of this angering mind. That'll finish things up.

: That sounds rather fun. Bring me along with you. You're going to resolve the incident, right? I'm not going to back down now.

Flan: ...An incident? Reall? This thing poking at my chest is an incident? But an incident shouldn't feel so good!

: Flan. Then are many things you are unaware of.

Like the words 'there', 'really' or 'masochism'.

Flan: ...?

: Anyway, let's go.

Oh yeah! (By the way, since Flan only appears in this cutscene, she only have defeated and standing pose)

Compared to Reisen and Cirno, she's not too gimmicky. She has low HP, average MP. She has ver high AGI and STR, but low VIT and DEX though. Her unique weapon is Javelin, a very strong stab type weapon with shit accuracy, you could say it's like gun. At least she's naturally resists all 4 elements and dark (her light weakness can be covered easily) because she's definitely need it. She can only equip small armor and shield. From her stats, can you see her build? That's right, she's built as a Glass Cannon, her skills are all very fast, very powerful, able to absorb HP, but she dies if the enemy sneezes at her. Her Last Word is Spectacle of Destiny, it changes the destiny of all enemies (by turning them into Yukkuri). .

Her commander skills are:
Passive: Perfect Dodge +3% (I'll take what I can get)
Support 1: Red Vampire: Allies can drain HP from attacks this turn
Support 2: Scarlet Devil: Allies can drain lots of HP from attacks this turn (Those two are the same shit with varying power! Meh)

Her skill tree consists of Supernatural, Fleetness, Noble Lady, and Vampire. Supernatural greatly enhances her offensive strength (Sakuya has +135 PATK from 2 of her tress, Remi can have +150 in 1 tree), Fleetness gave her Perfect Dodge and increases her SPD, ACC, and EVA. Noble Lady greatly strengthens her M ATK and DEF, RES, and also gives her Magic Barrier. And Vampire increases her HP and MP by small amount on top giving bombs and lives. Javelin Skill tree? It doesn't increase her PATK and ACC as much as Supernatural, but it does reduce physical skill costs and charges her Last Word quicker.

She can have that much PATK at level 1. Even Sakuya does not have that many at level 1.

Don't forget to talk to Akyu.

: I have heard that she has mastery over fate... And that her physical abilities are absurd, even amongst vampires. She will surely be a strong ally.

Her survivalbility sucks though.

: I would like to offer my meagre assistance as well. I hope these recipes will be helpful in resolving incidents.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. You're supposed to be playable before you got dummied out.

6th and ultimate weapon and armor.

Youmu, our favorite samurai.

She can be found in the first few maps of Netherworld. Though I'm sure they can only be found in the underworld section.

I only found one new enemy. Yasgrypon has 12800 HP, 100 EVA, immune to earth, resists light, dark, strike, and weak to thunder and stab. Do you remember the bird with this sprite back in stage 20? It's like that, except with more power.

I'm not sure I want a Frozen Frog found in the underworld.

Let's hope +90 death resistance is enough.

BGM: Boss 1

Okay, this time I'm more prepared against Yuyuko's bullshit. Youmu has 60000 HP, 70 EVA and weak to all 4 elements. Yuyuko has 45000 HP, 510 MDEF, 160 EVA, resists light and dark, and even weaker to all 4 elements.

This fight is yet another damage race. Yuyuko will now use Instant Death based attack at every turn, combined with her high IND, sooner or later, she'll connect her Instant Death. Even if it's doesn't connect, her attack still hurts a lot, it's around 400 damage.

As for Youmu, her spellcards absolutely murders you. If left for too long, she'll start using Paschal Moon Reflecting Slash, which from my experience, could kill 2-3 members. If you doesn't kill her after that, she'll starts using Konpaku Flash, which is her Last Word and has a very high chance of inflicting Instant Death. Same goes for when Yuyuko's the one to die first.

How do you fight them? Have Mokou spam Fujiyama Volcano every turn, and Sakuya to stop time (Because she won't be able to touch them at all if not)...

And do the Full Moon Revenge again.

She needs a little more persuasion than Remilia, but eventually, she's dead. Yuyuko doesn't get pissy when Youmu's dead, and Fujiyama Volcano capable of dealing 10000+ to her.

Did she still has her bullshit fuck you, when she's dead? I'm not risking my life to find that out, and just kill her during time stop.

Yeah, Sakuya completely wrecks the last part of the quest.

: You were really serious...

I don't want to get inflicted with Instant Death.

Reimu.png: You two were infected by something or other... And ended up being conrolled by evil. I know already.

Hina is EVIL

: My honor is in tatters...

Now wield my Kusanagi and try to restore your honor.

: The problem lies in what that 'something or other' is. Do you have any idea?

: Um, not especially... What about you, Lady Yuyuko?

: It's the same for me. Well, if you don't mind vague conjecture...

: That something or other did not feel like any normal human or youkai.

Is it a god? Or a doll?

: What do you mean?

: It was an unbelievable amount of hatred... Those feeling of grudge and malice infected our minds. It was not something at all simple... Or controllable by any single god or youkai.

So, you're telling me Hina got overloaded with the embodiment of hatred and becomes a dark lord villain?

Reimu.png: In other words, the danger this incident presents is the stuff of legends...

Reimu.png: We're currently trying to resolve the incident occuring. Will you two help us out?

: Most certainly. Though I cannot leave Hakugyokurou at present. I will give you Youmu in my place.

That's fine. I'm sure she'll be the MVP for the final boss again.

: Understood, Lady Yuyuko! I hereby pledge to uncover the true identity of the culprit and punish him or her!

Come here you nasty little samurai.

Nazrin, I want to finish your quest as fast as possible. The last thing I need is for you to fucking buff your PDEF!!!

Since the next stage already open, can I not recruit Satori and just go straight to stage 22? I guess not.

A 4 person formation that increases SPD. You're supposed to talk to her again again after reaching Lakebed Temple. But since we have her on my party...

Giants, Birds, Youkai. This game really wants Sakuya to wreck the last 2 quests.

Where's Okuu and Orin?

Satori can be found in the last half of the Palace.

Okay, Mokou leveled up her power level, now let's see the next level after this.

Yeeeeeah... After power level 77, the power next level immediately doubles. Now, unless you grind for it. You won't be able to reach power level 85.

BGM: Boss 1

Can you believe the most useless character actually has the most trickier boss battle? Satori, Okuu, and Orin has 30000, 40000 and 30000 HP respectively, Okuu and Orin greatly resists fire, and Okuu is weak to light while Orin to water. Okuu EVA's actually pretty high.

Orin has status and fire based attack and Satori just there... being sucks and supporting her pets. While now you can survive Okuu's Mega Flare, she now has Giga Flare which will ruin anyone without mystic resistance (which Sakuya's sword happily provides).

Elixir, it completely restore one's HP and permanent effect on top of being able to revive anyone to full HP. You're going down first Satori!

How to prevent her Elixir? You stop time.

And wail on her a lot. Sakuya's Durandal slays Youkai, Giant, and Bird.




Excuse me, was that supposed to be a boss battle? Geez, no wonder NoR have the boss' species changed to NoR EnemyIcon Unknown.png so that this shit don't happen again. Even if the boss is a warrior, magician, youkai, or whatever the fuck they are.

At least she now has access to elements other than mystic or light.

: That hurt...

: We always get beaten up!

: It felt like you were controlled by hatred.

: It is embarrassing to admit, but it was basically that.

I don't expect much from you since you sucks.

Reimu.png: Isn't managing things like grudges your everyday work?

: What we manage are spirits with grudges.

Reimu.png: Isn't that the same thing? Yeesh.

No it's not. You see, the hatred is carried by a god, not a spirit.

Reimu.png: Anyway, since you're experts in these kind of things... Do you have any idea who's been spreading all this hatred around?

: Well, all thatwe know...

: Is that this hatred is as strong as the hatred in the former Hell. It's a truly terrifying amount.

: The former Hell, you say... This is certainly something that we cannot be taken lightly.

Reimu.png: It seems it would be best to resolve this incident quickly... Will you all help out too?

: Yes, I don't mind. This is a very personal affair for all of us.

You make a good meat shield for us.

: Utsuho, Rin, please handle the management of the palace while I am away.

: Mm, I'm looking forward to working with you, Satori.

10 hours later and Lithos later regret working with her.

At least now Satori is the second most useless character.

Looks like our last character quest also doubles as stage 22. I would like to visit that now, but that's a story for another day.